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    Interesting read. My takeaway is that there are differences in amps, but that when the differences are eliminated with various techniques, it is much more difficult to hear a difference between them. It makes me wonder what it is, specifically, that makes me prefer the SET amps that I’ve built over the PP tube amps I’ve built and the SS amps I own. I’m always looking for a sense of “being there” when I listen to music at home. I get this with my SET amps, and with the SS Class A amps I own, more than with other topologies. Stereo is an artificial construct, it gives us localization cues that, at the end of the day, are not the same as the cues created by a musician playing in real life in front of a listener. It isn’t “real life”. That said it’s the best thing I/we have available at the moment (I haven’t given multichannel audio a go yet), and 95% of my music is stereo recordings. Maybe expecting stereo, as an artificial construct intended to recreate real life, to provide this reality is asking too much. It could be that strict linearity, and truthfulness to the source, shouldn’t be the goal at all. The goal should be recreating the “reality” of a live performance despite the limitions of the construct we call stereo. I don’t care about linearity per se, I care about what I hear in my listening room when I put music on my system. A SET amp sounds more “real” than any other topology I have used in my set up. If that reflects a limitation, distortion or unlinearity created by my preferred topology, so be it. Clark’s test tells us that when you make two different amplifiers sound the same, they end up sounding the same. I don’t see how this is helpful. It’s not what most people actually do. When you go out and buy an amplifier, you don’t then take it home and put in a resistor and a equalizer to make it sound the same as the amp it is replacing. Amps sound different. Clark’s adjustment of the amplifiers in his challenge is a confirmation of this fact. Some amps sound more “real”, when playing the stereo material that most of us listen to, than other amps when their differences are left intact.
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    If your steps are carpeted, you can lay the speaker on its side along the edge of the steps and push. It will with a bit of effort, slide up. The same can be done if its still in a box. If the speakers are being delivered, perhaps, you can offer the guy a few bucks to help you get them up the stairs.
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    Double LP's back to back this evening. Asking for punishment! Robert Plant & Alison Krauss with "Raising Sand."
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    Even after contemplating the question, Nigel did not understand and was confused why the interviewer didn't understand his point.
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    Nigel: "You see, most blokes will be playing at 10. You’re on 10, all the way up, all the way up...Where can you go from there? Nowhere. What we do, is if we need that extra push over the cliff...Eleven. One louder." DiBergi: "Why don’t you just make 10 louder and make 10 be the top number, and make that a little louder?" Nigel (after taking a moment to let this sink in): "These go to 11." Nigel was fooling himself. Perhaps all audiophiles are fooling themselves. Does it matter?
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    Yes and, if I understand it correctly, this will vary from speaker to speaker as the variable impedance of a speaker is going to vary according to the design of the speaker. So, amplifiers will sound different depending on the variable impedance of the speaker used, and the way that the amplifier used reacts to this variable impedance. What you are saying is that different amplifiers sound different from each other because of the variability of the non-linearity created by this interaction. Doesn't this mean that given a particular set of speakers, different amps will sound different when used with these speakers? As in "amps don't all sound the same"? Also, doesn't this mean that an amps synergy with speakers is an important consideration when picking amplifiers because of the more variable nature, and the much more flawed linearity, of speakers? While I would like to better understand the perspective and position of the other side of the argument, it will have very little bearing on my future choices. This quote from Lynn Olson, although a bit out of context, pretty much sums up my perspective on the amplifiers and speakers that I use for my own pleasure.... "And 85~89 dB/meter audiophile speakers sound flat and dead once you get used to the sound of high-efficiency speakers. Even the Ariels at their modest 92 dB/meter made it hard to enjoy conventional audiophile speakers that are 3~5 dB less efficient. You just hear more, and it sounds more beautiful. Like direct-heated triodes, you don't go back. It's about surrendering to the emotional experience, just letting go, no more thinking and analyzing, just allowing yourself to be swept away by the music. Not all audiophiles can do this. I've seen some of them, in my own listening room, hold their arms tightly across their chests, fighting off their emotions. Maybe they didn't like what they heard, but the sound quality was ravishing, far above anything at an audio show, and was certainly affecting me and Karna. I'm kind of letting the cat out of the bag here, but I design audio equipment so the listener can have a deep emotional experience; the technical parameters are simply a means to an end, for the system to get out of the way." For me, after a long trip through audio land, this (mostly) means SET amps and horn speakers for the flawed construct that we call stereo. My goal is to have my experience of listening to a stereo recording be as close to a real life event as possible. This is based upon what I hear when I listen to my setup, and how it allows me to connect to the music on an emotional level. So maybe this means, "when listening to the flawed construct we call a stereo recording, all modern amplifiers engineered to be linear sound the same, and SET amplifiers sound better and are more emotionally involving". If so, so be it.
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    Chillin w/a lil Tedeschi Trucks Band... Sides 1- 4 and Susan is just killin it!
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    Ignorance on that cover, know it's not Southpark's man-bear-pig is it ape-man-cat?
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    I have the 440C as well and it sounds awesome. It sounds better then my smaller B&W center channels speakers (CM S2 and 600 S2) series. Clearer vocals and better dynamics and power handling. I also own the 64III which I just got delivered and will be hooking it up next week at my beach house. You won't regret buying it. The only reason I got the 64III is because my new LG TV doesn't fit on the 440C. Otherwise I was extremely happy with it.
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    I have a B&C price list. There are 4 versions of the DE75 listed. One of those is the DE75PK. I can find data sheets for all of them except the DE75PK. I suspect that is the one Klipsch uses. Bob Crites
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    I recently picked up the 50th Anniversary edition of the Beatles White Album. Its a remaster by Martins son, Giles Martin. It's really really good. But was is more than really good is that in the deluxe edition, there is a third CD "Esher Demos" These are all acoustic demos recorded on a reel to reel at George Harrison's house in Esher. It is FANTASTIC. Basically the 4 of them playing songs to each other. There are 27 tracts including an all acoustic While my Guitar Gently Weeps. Incredible stuff. Even the thebes among us would have to admit to a degree of talent being demonstrated on these demos!
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    As I said, some here are violently opposed to beans in the chili. Not me. Once I've eaten a bowl or two, I put some in for variety and to stretch the goodness a bit. And I keep some around for those who want them. Beans are Texas, too, donchaknow. Beans and rice, beans, white onion, and cornbread, YEAH! Back in the day, Dairy Queens around here had all you can eat beans and hush puppies for a dollar at lunch. Dave
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    The 5.5s will definitely have a lot more bass output and will probably have a more lively sound to them. Klipsch has tamed down some of the brightness associated with horn speakers on their more recent designs. If it were me I'd go for the 5.5s.
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    Friday bump. Price adjusted for Forum members. Anyone is welcome to come look at them in person and take a listen. I also have some homemade stands for these if the buyer wants them. They are filled with sand and probably weigh about 100lbs each.
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    It's not only about DAC performance. There is analog circuitry attached to those DACs. That said, it's also not only about SNR and harmonic distortion. Otherwise, the amplifiers with the best SNR and distortion would sound best. Years ago people used massive negative feedback in amplifiers to reduce distortion to tiny numbers. You don't see those amps around any more because they didn't sound very good (at least not in subjective evaluations).
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    I’m sure the test is legit. This begs the question of whether or not it is relevant though. It has nothing to do with what sounds better in the real world. In the real world pretty much no one has Clark available to make every amp sound the same as every other amp, and beginners go out and buy an amp and speakers and put them together in less than ideal rooms. This is presumably a forum for hobbyists that are interested in getting the best sound out there system, right? Other than the common thread of everyone being interested in Klipsch and Klipsch inspired speakers, we all find our way to what sounds best to us. If I were to advise a beginner who appears to be a budding audio enthusiast what to buy, I am going to advise them to buy something that works for me. Even though I use SETs mostly, my advice was to buy an ACA. That’s because I have heard it, it sounds good, and it is reasonably priced. I am not going to advise them to buy something I haven’t heard or something I’ve heard and don’t like. My annoyance with the OP has mostly to do with his advising against/slagging equipment he hasn’t heard in the real world, a world where Clark isn’t standing there adjusting equipment so it all sounds the same. In the real world, it doesn’t sound the same. Some amps and topologies sound better than others because of their synergy with the far more imperfect speakers they are paired with.
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    I'm sorry, but that is not correct. Audyssey does not do anything like that. It does not act as an active crossover to separate woofers and tweeters in a "bi-amp" situation using an avr. I'm not trying to argue, just stating the facts. Audyssey acts as an eq, sets speaker distances, level matches individual speakers (not individual drivers), sets low end crossover points for speakers and high end crossover points for subwoofers.
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    It makes perfect sense, and I agree with you. If my 2-way speaker has a HF XO point of 1500 Hz, what happens if the AVR in Bi-amp mode decides the HF XO point is 2500 Hz? It doesn't meet with my common sense how that would work. When I did my testing of the Bi-amp mode and hooked up only the HF section to my speakers with the binding posts connected, all I heard was those squeaks and squawks you hear with only a partial sound. Properly setup in Bi-amp mode I could hear some additional clarity in the mid-range, but I really had to listen "hard" and it was really subtle. There was no difference in the dynamics or SPL that I could detect.
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    Yes, but while playing music, the tweeter channel amp is not affected by the reactance of the woofer's EMF. Also, auto calibration (Audyssey, MCACC, YPAO, etc.) can fine tune each channel more precisely. All 5 speakers in my surround sound system are BI-AMPED. Because of your statement, I just had to go and switch the HF and LF wires from my Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 to my passive bi-amped speakers. Seems that both HF and LF outputs are full range with the split passive crossover doing the filtering. I want to try my Onkyo in the garage later when I have more time.
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    If you are close to Wilmington, NC I'll give you a hand.
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    New model LS II AK5, soon to be released in a hotel room ABOUT the size of your room. They sounded incredible.
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    …. o O (in the name of science) please proceed to the closest Band Saw with your camera in close proximity 😀
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    Instead of saying "all amps sound the same" (as coined only by the skeptics, BTW) it'd be better to say "all modern linear amps operating linearly (will) sound the same (under the same conditions)." Call the first phrase A and the second B. What's largely been going on is one person says "B" and folks jump in arguing "A" is just not true. Well, that's obvious: A ain't B!
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    Long term satisfaction is worth reading about.
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    Do you own or can you borrow a fridge mover with secure straps? Wb
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    This link is off my phone, so you might need to look her up. Molly Tuttle plays smokin' hot acoustic. Love this style of recording and how the musicians balance everything themselves. Bruce
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    I'd bet your input wires with the blue tape are causing your issue. That's a twisted mess and needs to be sorted out.
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    thanks for the link, but too far from where i am now... although i was born & grew up right where that is. looks like you & @Westcoastdrums are in or close to my old stomping grounds! i would like to buy new but my sub budget doesn't allow right now, well it does but i wont let it. i have seen these used for half the price of new, many times with warranty still remaining. i just missed 2 deals locally on dual sb2000's for $450 single & $800 for both but they were gone by the time i replied. theres one on audiomart for $400 but he doesnt have original box for shipping which would be risky. if i had more $$ to spare i would consider other subs but i think the sb2000 will be fine for my needs.
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    Pulled, Put it back in the system with OB Lowthers and sounding Fine.
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    Depending on my 95 year old mother's condition at the assisted living facility. Want to head down then on to Phoenix, so thinking about 3 weeks AWOL. Gonna give it my bestest shot. Cruising in solo hopefully.
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    P = 1976 need to get rid of the dust and whatever that blue stuff is where it says tweeter midrange woofer and input you need to loosen those screws and retighten on the 2 input screws make sure no loose wires are touching anything else
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    Fine, we will accept pictures of the girl
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    All the money I have spent on Networks, drivers and wiring, the first thing that went on my Indy LS's and K's were the fuses. Don't want my signal going through them with pressure or spring related contacts. My ignorance works and helps me sleep at night.
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    Priorities, priorities, move some junk out of the room if needed i always say. If you spend lots of time using the system it makes good sense.
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    My diet as dictated to me by my doctor: 1...no sugar 2...no salt 3...no ice cream 4...no cake 5...no cookies 6...no pies 7...no candy 8...no pasta 9...no white bread 10..no white potatoes 11..no white rice 12..no processed food 13..no lobster 14..no salad dressing 15..no red meat 16..no egg yokes 17..no soft drinks 18..no booze 19..no shrimp 20..no liver I am now so skinny I have to turn sideways for people to see me. JJK
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    Sheesh... just finished two of these ... time for bed... they are 500 ml each and 6.9%... Good night my friends
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    Still loving this setup. No new changes worth mentioning.
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    So there really is someone, I didn't think it was true.
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    How about a trade up... send in the original k-510 for the new one with mumps?
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    Klipsch FB page "Reference Wireless wins best of #CES 2019. Thank you @avsforum! "
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    Well done to the lucky person, another piece of exceptional history going to a loving home Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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    Cool Rammstein cover
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    If it makes me smile when I listen to it, then it's good! For me, that's what matters. Currently I have three 2 channel systems. All three are vintage Pioneers driving vintage Klipsch speakers (1989 La Scalas, 1978 Heresies, and 198x KG4s). They all sound different, but they all make me smile. Sometimes I just sit and listen while I read, sometimes I listen intently to the music. But, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I didn't buy my gear to impress other people. It's for me.
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    Thanks @garyrc But, never mind the sonic comparisons. Were the screws attaching the switch and outlet covers in that Victorian house symmetrically oriented?
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    Some pics of my new PC case. I'm using this rack for tri-amping my C, FL and FR, and also crossing to 5 subs that are individually time aligned and level matched. The PC case didn't do anything for sound, but sure looks nice. I highly recommend everything else in the rack though because the amps and processors did improve my sound and measurements over the consumer gear I had before.
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