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    I just couldn’t wait another moment to see my new speakers even though we’re not ready for everything. Man they look nice in this space.
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    Imma just gonna leave this here. I'm STILL shaking my head...
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    Hey BSM. We've got time, well until 5:00 anyways.
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    5lbs boneless beef short ribs . Rubbed with salt , brown sugar , habanero powder and cumin . Will be cooked in Coca Cola under high pressure for 35 minutes and rested for 25 minutes .
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    Saturday nights are surely different now. Mine is a `73 and should have a more quiet background now.. also a cd. got a half dozen I have to go though by this guy that I've always liked his slow tunes: this one is a keeper!
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    I am currently spinning one of my 3 copies of DSOTM Just testing or re-familiarising the sound quality again This pressing is the 2001 EU Remastered reissue 180gr https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-The-Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon/release/3211255 In my opinion it is very close to the 1977 reissue - that is excellent https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-The-Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon/release/4139588 But not as good as the 2016 EU Remastered reissue https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-The-Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon/release/9287809 Artist - Pink Floyd ‎ Title - The Dark Side Of The Moon ID - SHVL804
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    The first LP by Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship released in 1970 had some big guns in it. Grace Slick naturally but added CSN&Y, Jerry Garcia and many others. EVERYone put their heads together crankin this out then hung out and recorded David Crosby's debut album after. The way it was! Today? Not so much. Jefferson Starship released "Sunfighter" in 1971. Kantner & Slick, remaining members of Jefferson Airplane, members of the Grateful Dead, CSN and tossed in "The Tower of Power" for some horns! "Dragon Fly" Jefferson Starship's debut album was released in 1974 on their own Grunt label and the turning point for the band itself. Hit #11 and certified Gold in less than 6 months.
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    I'll be working up towards a big one tonight. Know not everyone likes the heavy stuff that I roll through here with sometimes, guarantee I''l have additional generes in the future. Another of the Blues Project records this one is more "musical" than far out like Planned .... is. You'll recognize a couple of the guys from another band I enjoyed the other night. So you could guess the era this record came from while listening, but that isn't a negative observation at all. Geeze the previous owner took good care of a large percentage of what I've already seen!
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    & if I hadn't deleted the "E" I got on it I might re-post it. Doubt anyone is bothered by your ramblings Mr Man, they're how we know you!
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    "Flu is much more dangerous and kills many more people." Could be, but this kind of footage is not what we see when the flu comes to town. This looks very serious, and something smells rotten in Denmark China.
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    Here’s the fireplace/mantle I built
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    What you got cooking today? Brisket was on @ 07:30 This morning... Wrist watch check...
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    With all the political jokes I couldn’t resist. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I live on Long Island NY. We are moving and thinking of selling my speakers. They are Klipsch RB75 fronts, RC7 center, and RB61 sides and one I believe it's an RS62. (I will have to take it off the wall to confirm.) What do you think the value is?
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    Found mine in Texas one week ago. Same price.
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    nobody's complained about my rambling ... to my face there's usually a point to it, if I remember and get back around to it. the source of my intermittent static is in the computer. I need to have the sound card tweaked/reloaded. Was trying to listen to some music the other day and it started. The static continued thru the computer's on board speakers when I disconnected the headphone. If I reload the page, it tends to quit. Fortunately, we have a tech in town and he uses Linux. Wife is going in for a consultation concerning her cataracts Tues. They said it would take 2 -3 hours. I asked her if they were doing the surgery at that time? A 2 - 3 hour exam/consultation seems quite long. May need to press a friend into service. The Olds is OK for the trip, except the heater doesn't work and it's sposed to hit 45 - 50`F as a high. Was just thinking. The heater in the car is a design flaw. I had another Olds [same yr/model] with the same problem.... along with the front windows being very sluggish [binding in the tracks]. The old car has some quirks [like its owner], but is very reliable. Turn the key, it starts. Get 30mpg with a 6cyl. The seats are good and, as long as you don't mind heater/AC being optional and not available in the unit.... In reality... it is our spare car. It goes to the dump, lake, woodcutting and when water on the roads might present a problem. It's been in water deeper than it should have been in. Splashing on the hood.... The weather is surprising me. I have a stack of good firewood and the weather is sposed to turn cold next week. Seeing a day or two with highs barely making 50`F. What surprises me about that is the fact that I have a pile of wood. OK... I'll shut up now. Completely forgot where I was going with this....
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    Change up! Hear them beating on the trash can in the dug out??? 😂 Had to! Soooooo good!
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    Would but all my Beatles first issues are gone now. When I changed over to Kansas, Aerosmith & Scorpions I lost interest. Brother said their were lots of them but he's got an idea there is big $ in them and he knows best. Told him catalog at discogs, learn the sales trends put a price on them and wait. John Butcher is on right now and it reminds me of Miami Vice.
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    Do like I did... I'll be gone and whoever gets it will have their work cut out for them unless they just move in! Can you imagine my oldest daughter movin in and gamin on a 60" w/it running thru my Prima Luna into the LS? Lawd have mercy! The youngest stays in Phoenix she'd have to ship it all there? Ok, we're dealin! Anyone interested? hahahahahaha!!!
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    Keep the gems that represents your musical path - even the obscure ones 🤟
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    Or maybe 8 Miles High Believe I'm going to have a serious late 60s collection by the time all of this is finished, just can't see letting go of all these VG to NM LPs.
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    Best way to listen to DSOTM is - under the influence I can’t conform or deny that is the case today ( wink ) 🤪
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    I KNOW I have two but I prolly couldn't tell the difference even if I had all 3. Ya have to be able to hear don't ya? Ugh! 😂
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    You nailed that on the head exactly. It was the last project the Historian/Curator, Jim Hunter, ever ran for Klipsch. The project was killed, pulled, whatever, I don't know about the particulars, but I suspect the hight cost/quality of what they put in would put it as a price, as you say, that wouldn't yield "sufficeint quantities to make it a viable" option. Only 10 Console's were made, Jim has the provenance on each and every one. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History just acquired one through the very generous donations of one of it's members. (The IRS stills allows favorable write-off/tax incentitives of items to bonifide 501(c)(3) Museums). The Museum hopes to have it on display and playing at one of the events it is hosting during Pilgrimage. Stay tuned. Travis
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    I don't know whether it is some sinister plot (which I kind of doubt), but the videos are pretty telling that this ain't your seasonal flu.
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    Just finished my first speaker build ever. I feel like I've earned this beer. Not sure if I like the name better or the beer. Pretty creative play The Clash album. Dundalk is the city of the brewery.
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    } Ramble Ramblin’ man Ramble Ramblin’ man
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    Ok. Here's one: Each part was played but the play was not shown Everyone came, but they all sat alone Name that tune, or at least the band...
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    I was in Las Vegas in 1988 attending a technical conference. The magazine I was writing for had sent a lady there as a representative for the conference. I met her and her husband and we hit it off very well. Turns out he was in the record business, in town as a sponsor for Willie Nelson, so all 3 of us had free tickets to sit in the VIP booth at Willie's concert at one of the LV venues (I forgot which one). Willie bought us a bottle of champagne and came over to say hello after his show. He was with us for only about a minute or so, but I did notice how many FRECKLES he had on his face and arm when I shook his hand (he was only 54 at the time), but that's not the best thing I remember about the experience. When he was on stage, he sang the hit song, "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" as the only voice, even though the original recording was a duet with Julio Iglecias. In the studio recording, Willie's voice was pretty "straight up" while Julio's was pretty darn heavy on the REVERB, which, any Audiophile worthy of the name, would have clearly noticed. So when Willie sang Julio's part, live on stage, he turned "Trigger" (his acoustic guitar) backwards and sang into the Hole to get as much acoustic reverb effect as possible. I laughed my butt off at that casual maneuver on the part of Willie Nelson, but apparently I was the only one in the crowd that got the joke. Funny stuff!!
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    That's a tease. You showed us the flat on the weber, then it wrapped in the cooler? There should have been a "before rest" pic!
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    Wine barrel sub project. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/2981510-wine-barrel-sub-table.html
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    You'll never hear a woman say this, but.......................The shorter, the better.
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    I use a hearing aid. My hearing loss is bilateral but worse on the left. Originally they set me up with bilateral appliances but it was too disorienting. So I kept just the left unit. My device is tuned to augment my tested frequency deficits and it is supposed to be ‘musically’ capable. In reality music is less satisfying because the appliance picks up sounds more from the rear than common for hearing. It maybe that I simply cannot adjust to its settings or orientation. But I do not ever reach for the hearing aid when I desire to hear music. In fact I remove it for music. I use it for conversation or watching the ‘stupid’ box. For me it is more of a practical tool than a musical amp device.
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    Maybe. Or maybe it's just a (bad) policy call. Wuhan is a large metropolis of around 11 million, according to what I read. They were probably hoping to avoid major disruption by quelling early "rumors" (which turned out to be true this time).
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    But they hide everything and anything they like. SOP in China.
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    The CF-4 horn is the same exact horn minus mumps as what is used in the new Cornwall iv. As far as drivers go I really like the A55-G from Crites I'm sure there's better out there but I'm familiar with this one and it can be used in place of the stock Chorus II driver without any changes to the crossover. My goal is to make this as easy as possible and have it look factory with the grill covers in place.
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    Hey Steve, good to hear from yas. We were wondering about ya. I'm up too early, again. Fresh coffee in the pot and a loaf of bread in the machine. It's a race to see if the pot of coffee is gone before the bread is done. The bottle baby kittens are having a milestone day. Going in to be "fixed". A real repair would be a lobotomy for them... geeze... the get wild. They're trying to get me to feed them. Sorry... no food from midnight last night. And they are getting ornery. watching fishing shows to kill time. Need to do some digging today. It's a real "poco poco" process. Not that I need to dig that deep... The jujube trees are in the way. Cut down/dig up. And they have thorns. Suffering thoughts of transplanting a few of them. ...more digging involved...
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    Wtf just happened?
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