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    Thanks for everyone’s help an advice. After six months of trying to get some Chorus II’s back in my life, it finally happened! I would have never found them with out the help in this forum! Thank you guys! Bought them Thursday and have already started a restoration on them. Going for the new forte III white oak, lambs wool grill cover look but instead of oak used a walnut. Thinking about doing some short risers bases with a slight tilt back. Similar to heresy’s. If you have any suggestions please share! Heres some pics, I’ll keep posting until complete. Are you still looking? If so we can leave this up for you, if not please reply and let us know "found". I am still looking for a nice pair of Chorus II’s or La Scala’s. I declined this purchase for the same questions others brought up. I also checked with Bob about the woofers. Information did not match up and the seller got defensive an I chose not to engage and continue my search. At this point, if it is best to take this post down an I repost for my search let’s do that. Whatever is best for the group. This one kinda blew up.......
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    I made it this far... 20" pizza . . Gia did not want any...
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    My neighbors have heard it but have no idea what brand, I guess. Except for one neighbor who is here enough to know, he knows about Pilgrimage also. Closest neighbor is about 900' away (a guess) and he said we listen to the same music because he can hear it sometimes. I doubt he can hear the inside speakers much but when the yard speakers are playing I know he can hear them even though I point them away from him. Never heard a complaint, but you can also walk outside and shoot a gun and no one would think twice...............I love living in the country. Love the 396's
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    I've got a bunch of those yellow Dewalt tool bags in the garage with actual tools in them. When a tool-head comes around and notices them they criticize Dewalt tools unprovoked. What gives with that? Keith
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    I've always been a huge Magic fan, he just seems like a genuinely nice guy. I'm sure you're seen it, but I really enjoyed an ESPN special about Bird/Magic, and how they hated each other until they did a shoe commercial together. Bird met Magic's Mom, and said "she was just like my Mom", and they've been best friends since. Bird claimed he retired the day that Magic was forced to retire.
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    Ice is bad news. Back in 1995 we had an ice storm here. Some people nearby were without power for almost a month. We were lucky and had our power in six or seven days. It started out looking pretty and then the trees started breaking apart. Last one that fell on my house punched a hole through the roof. A wood stove is a great backup to have.
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    Nice Dtel. They are some of the more colorful flowers we can have up north. Here is another one.
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    Each day lily bloom lasts about a day. My house in Wisconsin has a large day lily garden with over 100 varieties of them. We also have tree frogs that like to take residence in them and catch bugs.
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    Not sure I fully understand But ... had an Onkyo NR676 and had the same problem. About a year ago I upgraded to the RZ810 which does have full preouts. Added bonus was that it forwards HDMI channels - but only HDMI 1-3. I use the "Zone-2" out to drive a 2-channle preamp into a Crown K1 amp with KPT-904 speakers. Haha; awesome There are very good (and very expensive) AV preamps out there ... probably an AV upgrade would be much cheaper. And you could feed your 5-channel HK with it. HDMI splitter? I have split HDMI signals before and had no problem. There are HDMI to 5.1 audio "extractors" available ... example https://www.amazon.com/1080P-SPDIF-Digital-multi-channel-Decoders/dp/B01CQ8AWVA ... just no clue if they are any good. Cheers, Emile NewEgg also has some ... maybe worth a try, but ... haha; how good can it be for $40???
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    Last song Is Beth Hart doing a cover of Purple Rain. Incredible.
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    Reference is cranking tonight.
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    I don't believe this is true. Most owners seem to like the original RF-7s just the way they were designed and my guess is the RF-7IIs/IIIs are more of a lateral move.
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    National Pizza Day http://www.day-finder.com/when-is-national-pizza-day-2019.php
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    You guys are absolutely killing me! I'm starting to feel like a squirrel foraging for nuts after a forest fire! I'm sure the grocery stores around here would have everything you speak of. NOT! Also the visuals of oldtimer and Dave standing over my shoulder laffing at me... Double UGH! 😂
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    ok I missed it, what is @windashine building?
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    I will say that I liked the paste style better than just peanut butter applied to the bun. The chef made the paste by melting a small amount of butter in a pan, then added peanut butter and diced up jalapeños. I have not tried to make this at home, but now I think I'll give it a shot. I wonder what else it might taste good on?
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    I love water lilies. My favorite lily was actually the Stargazer lily.
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    Odds are you do not need a subwoofer at all. A general rule of thumb is to cross the mains to the subwoofer about 10 Hz or 1/2 octave above the bottom limit of the main speakers. For the RP-8000s I would suggest 40 Hz if they are against a wall and 50 Hz (~1/2 octave) if they are not. The sub should be in the corner to achieve the low frequency performance Klipsch specifies. Buy a decent sound meter to calibrate/check the balance between the mains and sub. If your receiver has Audessey, try it. It sets my sub crossover to 42 Hz for my La Scalas, too low.
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    Just having a Heresy fest in the lounge room at the mo.
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    I've become kind of a nut about privacy/anyonymity/security. I understand that if someone wants something they will get it somehow , so it's not fool proof. I use a VPN and entware on our home router to encrypt data and remove trackers. I use an open source varaint of Chromium and duck duck go, Proton email. I run an open source custom Android ROM on my phone without any Google apps. No Facebook yadda yadda. I usually encourage friends and family to ditch the "convenience" and take back some of their privacy. The people who say they don't care usually don't know how much is tracking is being done and how much is stored. The argument of I have nothing to hide is silly. Would you allow all the businesses or people claiming to be in business stare in your home windows because they will be able to better take care of your needs or ....better exploit you. What about letting them open you mail? Only the junk mail, medical bills, is there a limit to what you would allow? Or does one not mind the above example? People are usually unaware until someone shows them. Google tracks and store your location, errands, route, time and places it on a calendar ...every day. It stores your voice command as well as recordings of errantly enabling those feature. Go and dig into your Google data and see what's really there. It's accessible although not always easy to locate and delete.
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