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    The only vines we have tried were Morning Glory, this is what 2 small packs did to the front of the bar. I don't always do that, they don't climb/cling you have to have something to hold them up which is a pain to fix every few days as they grow, I put a few little temporary nails. I need to find something more permanent that will not take over and can take full sun and winter.
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    Thanks for everyone’s help an advice. After six months of trying to get some Chorus II’s back in my life, it finally happened! I would have never found them with out the help in this forum! Thank you guys! Bought them Thursday and have already started a restoration on them. Going for the new forte III white oak, lambs wool grill cover look but instead of oak used a walnut. Thinking about doing some short risers bases with a slight tilt back. Similar to heresy’s. If you have any suggestions please share! Heres some pics, I’ll keep posting until complete. Are you still looking? If so we can leave this up for you, if not please reply and let us know "found". I am still looking for a nice pair of Chorus II’s or La Scala’s. I declined this purchase for the same questions others brought up. I also checked with Bob about the woofers. Information did not match up and the seller got defensive an I chose not to engage and continue my search. At this point, if it is best to take this post down an I repost for my search let’s do that. Whatever is best for the group. This one kinda blew up.......
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    Yes the only way to live. My neighbors shoot guns all the time and I shoot and play music and we don't get huffy about what each of us is doing. I hope I never have to live in a city or town again and I pity those who do have to live there. I have respectful neighbors and not yard and sound police for neighbors.
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    Which is why I pretend to like triple frappe latte with Macedonian cacao nibs and extra virgin milk from Irish bred cows raised on golden barley imported from a single Peruvian family estate. Top that with just a touch of artisan elite hand whipped cream froth with baristas schooled in Luxembourg and flown in by special arrangement with the Pope. At $42.85 (plus tip) for a venti per day, those Jubes are looking affordable.
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    I made it this far... 20" pizza . . Gia did not want any...
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    Good to hear. So you are in process of helping to debunk that pro amps suck... (limiting my comment to the K series) How are you digging it's FAN NOISE!!!!!???????? WHAT? I can't HEAR you!!
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    I think we've all read someone say they're going to buy (insert speaker) which is fairly inexpensive and "work their way up" buy buying a larger pair later and ostensibly, a larger pair later on... I try to tell them their logic (in my opinion) is backward. Just get the "right" one for you and don't worry about it. I don't recall what I paid for my LaScalas (probably $1,200??) but, let's just use a round number of $1,500. Taken over 40 years, that's a whopping $30 per year. Had I instead, bought some Heresy's..... "moved up' to some Cornwalls.... then bought some LaScalas... I can almost guarantee that I'd have more net dollars in the LaScalas than by buying them straightout. (at least this is my opinion that I'm sticking with!)
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    Ice is bad news. Back in 1995 we had an ice storm here. Some people nearby were without power for almost a month. We were lucky and had our power in six or seven days. It started out looking pretty and then the trees started breaking apart. Last one that fell on my house punched a hole through the roof. A wood stove is a great backup to have.
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    Nice Dtel. They are some of the more colorful flowers we can have up north. Here is another one.
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    My "new to me" khorns are on casters so up off the floor a few inches. Is this a bad thing since they use the floor and walls to complete the horn? Casters are really convenient, but obviously not at the expense of performance. Thanks in advance.
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    Haha; love the K1 so much, just bought an XLS 402 ... 300wps at 8 ohms. Going to try it with a set of Epic CF-3's ... if this darned seller comes through Send him 3 "page size" emails ... all I got sofar by email from him is "walnut; 2.5" ports." Yesterday hooked up my Music Hall TT via a Nikko Beta II preamp to the Crown K1 and my KPT-904's. Never heard my TT that good Cheers, Emile
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    Greetings! I am in the market for a Klipsch Academy center shelf speaker. Hoping to find the clear or oiled oak finish to match for my Forte 2s. I am in the greater Chicago area and would be happy to pick it up if not too far. Otherwise, shipping would be needed. Thanks, Paul Academy-brochure.pdf
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    Nad, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, parasound, hegel, primare, pioneer, roxan, rotel, yamaha etc is available for me I guess i should just get a cheap preamp with streaming (yamaha wxc-50) , and a poweramp like the parasound nc 2125 or marantz mm7025.
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    I have a KG SW WAL OIL and need to know the power requirements , thanks, it looks just like the one from BRANDON78 in the thread
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    There’s magic in the 402, took me a little while to get mine dialed in, but when you do it is a different level of music.
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    I have decided no more sales of heavy items over internet. Been burned by either dishonest or stupid people. With eBay, Audiogon, and Paypal the buyer is the king. I paid shipping, bought some unneeded drivers, shipped drivers, and lost my speakers last year. Done. One item I have picked up on. If they email with a problem 15 minutes after delivery you have been had. Usually there is a crook on the other end.
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    here's another pic. Trying to insert a vid but cant get it to go.
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    my 67 Barracuda in the pic.
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    I agree with the last three posts. You’d be better off with a separate DAC. If you start with an inexpensive one you can always upgrade, which won’t be an option with the built-in DAC.
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    After serving in the army my sister and her husband said that I could store my stereo at their place, a modest 14 x 70 foot mobile home. We never thought much about how far the music would travel. I think it was a holloween party that finally brought the police over. I guess it was pretty late bc the cops had to shine flashlights though the windows of the trailer to get our attention. On that Monday my sis had to pay her lot rent and was told that the park manager received 85 #$@!!! complaints about that #!@#!!! stereo!
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    The sub is boxed and postage is applied. It’ll go into the mail on Monday. A PM was sent with the receipt and tracking number. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Please let me know when it arrives.
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    It’s happened more than once. They’re being nice by only telling me about the one time. We get along well, talk regularly and I help them at times, so they tolerate my Klipsch. I’m considerent not playing my main large Klipsch system late hours. No one’s that tolerant. I play my secondary smaller system late hours.
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    Well I suppose the writer is correct. Once having obsessed over amps, sources, Dynamat, capacitors, ....... It became quite tiresome. I now find myself satisfied and with a system that moves out of the way, presenting music and movies realistically enough that my Brittany barks and charges the door at the sound of a doorbell. And *if* I obsess, it is now over the quality of the recording. If a power cable changes your sound, your electronics are crap no matter what they cost.
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    Thank you too @dtel , not much of a change in direction, that is, the big horn, I've got this theory, lol, just a second (refreshment pour)… somehow I want to hear how @Tarheel can hear without a cabinet, it's interesting... (that Spatial M3) but that's where the sawdust enters the picture down here -
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    OK, that's quite a change in direction, hope it works out as planned. It's fun making sawdust.
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    lol, practicing cutting 11 ply Baltic Birch to the dimensions of a Cornwall... but that's where the plan's change... I'm going to make in inverted motorboard with a Heil AMT (Air Motion Transformer) on the top of the cabinet... curiosity shared in another technical modification thread started by @jwgorman … I started with a 1958 Stephens Cabinet I found on Craigslist for $50.... but stopped disassembling it and started on this CW1 project, I guess mainly, to eventually hear the volumetric cabinet differences, and mess around with crossovers, with a Thanks to ChrisA, using his metrics... then I'll mess with the port's and bracing, because it seems logical... then stains and veneer stuff, without ruining a real Cornwall in the meantime.... or the other thread subject, until I get this thing rolling lol. I got the Stephens cabinet to put my '54 Klipschorn components in it, eventually... I have a LX103 and the University SAHA and an old Mid T tweeter which sound fantastic, but for the age and things I listen to, I want to save them, and change to some Crites supplies in the '54.... ahhhh, what am I doing... Drinkin now, It's Saturday lol
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    === Weather? Here? // Sucks — I have a close acquaintance soon moving to a very temperate area, close to the ocean. Hoping to rent a room there, enjoy the weather and all his nice Klipsch speakers — I believe he has Khorns
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    My apologies Bop, but "anyone"...what? I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just not sure what it is you need, or what you are asking. If you mean your original question in Post 1 of this thread it I've never tried to add an integrated amp to an AVR. FYI I have an Onk 717 from 2014 which has preouts for all seven channels. I bought it under powered with pre-outs knowing that some day I might add a power amp. Last year I found a good deal on a used Emotiva XPA-5 200 wpc which is much stronger than the anemic 110 wpc from the 717. In my opinion if you want more horsepower, get a bigger horse.
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    Not positive about all of this, but RMS is an average which is somewhat below the peaks of the waveforms. I'm thinking RMS x 1.4 = peak (it's been a while...). So you could express the peak power as 1.4 x the RMS power and be correct both ways. Dynamic power can be either representative of clean power before the less-regulated power supply gets dragged down, or it can be less-clean power; possibly both. The "standards" are being a little elusive tonight via web search...
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    Lucky you. I would love to have an over the top system outside if I were in your shoes. I think the 396s and an 1802 would be more then enough
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    Last song Is Beth Hart doing a cover of Purple Rain. Incredible.
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    Haha ... when I turn "up" my Pro Klipsch speakers they come to the house and drink our wine
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    I would like to "bump" this thread, in February 2019. I have worked with 6AQ5 and 6005 amps, off and on, for the last eight years. Here is what I have found necessary for highest performance, and what I prefer: a) a directly-coupled amp, over any using a coupling cap, or interstage transformer b) a two-stage amplifier only, over all amps with three stages c) tube rectification, directly heated, 5U4GBs being one excellent choice d) choke input filter, using dual series choke/cap sections, eg: L1/C1/L2/C2 e) I find it critically important, that chokes have a DCR of 10 Ohms or less, and it does not need to meet " critical inductance ", what-so-ever f) triode connection of the 6AQ5/6005, even if it has less power g) no capacitor larger than 50 uF, and all film caps, no electrolytics h) Military Spec internal wiring, copper and silver plated, teflon jacketed. The equivalent of 8 AWG for ground returns ( three wires in a bundle, paralleled ) i) conservative plate dissipation / operating points , typically about 62% of maximum ratings j) no feedback A SE version of the above will only put out 0.25 Watts clean, and 0.33 Watts maximum, so it will NOT be good for a Klipsch speaker. A Push-Pull version of this design will put out maybe 2 to 4 Watts, and be appropriate / superb for a similarly re-wired / well-wired Klipsch vintage corner horn. In the coming next two months, I will design and prototype this, work out the values needed, and give it a whirl. Two stage, P-P 6005s. I love the 6005, it is a " firecracker " of a tube. IMHO, I find it totally and easily SMOKES any NOS Type 45 DHT Finals tube I tried. ( I have NOT used the $$$$$ EML s ). Amps, not good speakers, in my own opinion, are the weakest link in high performance audio. Have fun, I sure do. Jeff
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    Good question, so Windashine what your building, we won't tell?
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    Done a lot of orphan training, but first write up. Since I am "stringing" for the Gazette I will do more...next one, as mentioned, will be the art of milk gravy. Almost forgotten art! Dave
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    I will say that I liked the paste style better than just peanut butter applied to the bun. The chef made the paste by melting a small amount of butter in a pan, then added peanut butter and diced up jalapeños. I have not tried to make this at home, but now I think I'll give it a shot. I wonder what else it might taste good on?
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    I love water lilies. My favorite lily was actually the Stargazer lily.
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    Odds are you do not need a subwoofer at all. A general rule of thumb is to cross the mains to the subwoofer about 10 Hz or 1/2 octave above the bottom limit of the main speakers. For the RP-8000s I would suggest 40 Hz if they are against a wall and 50 Hz (~1/2 octave) if they are not. The sub should be in the corner to achieve the low frequency performance Klipsch specifies. Buy a decent sound meter to calibrate/check the balance between the mains and sub. If your receiver has Audessey, try it. It sets my sub crossover to 42 Hz for my La Scalas, too low.
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    The three cats you just mentioned rule! The Diz, Bird, and Monk are still inspirational. Bebop is my favorite form of the genre. If some think they killed jazz, then it is only because they represent the pinnacle of the art form. Between them and the also mentioned Cobham and RTF, I grew up (for the most part in North Central Texas--went to both TCU and UNT) constantly listening to and emulating those guys musically. Personally, the popular big bands our parents and grandparents listened to were mostly dance music in the realm of "popular music" of their day, with some notable exceptions like Count Basie, and perhaps Woody Herman. The rest hardly count as "jazz." I suppose that's why they are often put in the category of "swing." Later, Maynard Ferguson did his best to combine the best of combos and the big band sound, and hired a lot of North Texas educated monsters probably on the cheap because they were young and were honored to perform with the man. By the way, Bebop is not fully improvisational, it has a form which includes places for improv.
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    There was a couple of different stereo shops in the Flint area, one being a Klipsch dealer. The other one wasn't, and if you mentioned Klipsch in that store, they would do the same cupped hand thing. Luckily I ignored them and bought Klipsch anyway.
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    That is the correct woofer or woofers.. And with a reworked aa networks..
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    Love them both for different reasons. I always say the Cornwall IIIs have a "warm sound". The Forte IIIs are a bit brighter! That being said I would get in touch with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters aka Cory Harrison in the Klipsch Owner's Facebook group aka Batman! 😂 He's a certified Heritage dealer and can offer you excellent advice and service....and his pricing is difficult to beat.
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    It goes deeper than that. What the deal with Cambridge Analytica exposed about Facebook is that people's information was being used in a psychological profile knda way and they were being spoon fed things that would manipulate them into action. Of course the same could be said about television, but now with the internet folks are being conditioned and trained to pass on propaganda and without really discussing anything. I really think most Facebook users will say they weren't affected but I think the proof is in what was accomplished.
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    they use ground sensors, too. They can tell foot traffic from livestock. You can go for a hike and never be alone... and the drone. you can hear it. Sounds like a lawnmower and a mile away. Can't see it. Just know it's there. Tell ya what I find even scarier than them spying ... the kids, nowadays, think it is OK and voluntarily give it up. Don't care that their i-phone pics have gps coordinates encoded in them...
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    That is absolutely gorgeous Mike! Your build quality is phenomenal!!! Regarding the sound, William recently mentioned that he noticed a huge improvement in the sound of his "Sweeties" by switching over to Orange Drops for the coupling caps between the drivers and output tubes. If you happen to have a pair around with the correct value, it may be interesting to try them and note any changes. In any event, I'm glad that the amp met your expectations!!! Maynard
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    Thanks @Tarheel. But those brands is not accessible to me in Norway. 😕
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