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    The only vines we have tried were Morning Glory, this is what 2 small packs did to the front of the bar. I don't always do that, they don't climb/cling you have to have something to hold them up which is a pain to fix every few days as they grow, I put a few little temporary nails. I need to find something more permanent that will not take over and can take full sun and winter.
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    Thanks for everyone’s help an advice. After six months of trying to get some Chorus II’s back in my life, it finally happened! I would have never found them with out the help in this forum! Thank you guys! Bought them Thursday and have already started a restoration on them. Going for the new forte III white oak, lambs wool grill cover look but instead of oak used a walnut. Thinking about doing some short risers bases with a slight tilt back. Similar to heresy’s. If you have any suggestions please share! Heres some pics, I’ll keep posting until complete. Are you still looking? If so we can leave this up for you, if not please reply and let us know "found". I am still looking for a nice pair of Chorus II’s or La Scala’s. I declined this purchase for the same questions others brought up. I also checked with Bob about the woofers. Information did not match up and the seller got defensive an I chose not to engage and continue my search. At this point, if it is best to take this post down an I repost for my search let’s do that. Whatever is best for the group. This one kinda blew up.......
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    St. Louis has been a hotbed for Stereophiles since post WWII, and both of my main mentors knew tons of people. Now I just have to work on passing on some of the museum, so others can enjoy it as much as we have. It is nice to know it is going to new owners who will enjoy listening to it for decades to come. 🤓
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    Yes the only way to live. My neighbors shoot guns all the time and I shoot and play music and we don't get huffy about what each of us is doing. I hope I never have to live in a city or town again and I pity those who do have to live there. I have respectful neighbors and not yard and sound police for neighbors.
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    We use 2 different sets of speakers fo outside depending on how crazy is required. 396's alone can easily get you in trouble One is just a set of Heresy's in the garden tiki bar (permanently), it gets used the most outside Two is for when we need to get serious, this can also be set out by the bar if needed or out in the yard. It's MWM bottoms with DIY split LaScala tops and can fill this 6 acres and more. It can run like in the pic or separated one top one bottom, either way sounds good. Old pic, people are probably tired of seeing it..........there portable
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    Which is why I pretend to like triple frappe latte with Macedonian cacao nibs and extra virgin milk from Irish bred cows raised on golden barley imported from a single Peruvian family estate. Top that with just a touch of artisan elite hand whipped cream froth with baristas schooled in Luxembourg and flown in by special arrangement with the Pope. At $42.85 (plus tip) for a venti per day, those Jubes are looking affordable.
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    I always enjoy telling this story. So, the setup that used to be in the living room was an SVS 20-39 PC cylinder sub in the right front corner and an SW-10 behind the couch with my 5.5's up front, KV3 center, and Infinity RS-425's as surrounds with a Marantz SR-880 running the show. Was at the neighbor's across the street at their son's birthday party. The Dad and I got to talking about various things and somehow the subject of music came up. I mentioned that I'm a bit of a music fan and he said, "I know." I said, "What do you mean?" He told me, "When you're cranking it over there I can feel it in my basement." I almost cried. I was so proud. Considering he's across the street and his basement is 4' in the ground. My components have moved around since then. Now I have two sealed UMAX 15's in the main listening area but they're aimed at the back of the house. Trying to be a little more 'neighborly'.
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    I made it this far... 20" pizza . . Gia did not want any...
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    Good to hear. So you are in process of helping to debunk that pro amps suck... (limiting my comment to the K series) How are you digging it's FAN NOISE!!!!!???????? WHAT? I can't HEAR you!!
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    It would be great if you had a dealer/dealers that would allow in home demos. I used to get a few and bring them home and try em' a few days or week. The good places are gone or further away here ,now. I learned alot about different sound and what I liked though.
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    @Fish Nad, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, parasound, hegel, primare.. and more is available to me @billybob Thanks, Yeah the yamaha is allright, but its boring. I need more power, more bass. I think the speakers need/deserve better electronics to perform their best.
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    Must be those new age plants, they require wireless internet to bloom.
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    I think we've all read someone say they're going to buy (insert speaker) which is fairly inexpensive and "work their way up" buy buying a larger pair later and ostensibly, a larger pair later on... I try to tell them their logic (in my opinion) is backward. Just get the "right" one for you and don't worry about it. I don't recall what I paid for my LaScalas (probably $1,200??) but, let's just use a round number of $1,500. Taken over 40 years, that's a whopping $30 per year. Had I instead, bought some Heresy's..... "moved up' to some Cornwalls.... then bought some LaScalas... I can almost guarantee that I'd have more net dollars in the LaScalas than by buying them straightout. (at least this is my opinion that I'm sticking with!)
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    ONCE? You sure you love your klipsch more than they?
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    They like me, but not my Klipsch as much as I do. They told me once their items on their walls were rattling.
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    A long time ago when we did live in a subdivision we wanted to have a big party in the house and backyard, we decided to also invite all the neighbors. We figured the parking was going to be a problem not even counting the noise. There was a really old couple a couple houses away but they had a daughter who came so they did not complain.
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    They collect the chronically offended out there for some reason. I think it has to do with all the fault lines. The Earth Mother as a living being when fractured affects all those sensitive people and they too become fractured and the closer you get to San Andreas the weirder they get. I notice Memphis and St Louis are the same way and they are over the New Madrid fault line. 😉
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    My neighbors have heard it but have no idea what brand, I guess. Except for one neighbor who is here enough to know, he knows about Pilgrimage also. Closest neighbor is about 900' away (a guess) and he said we listen to the same music because he can hear it sometimes. I doubt he can hear the inside speakers much but when the yard speakers are playing I know he can hear them even though I point them away from him. Never heard a complaint, but you can also walk outside and shoot a gun and no one would think twice...............I love living in the country. Love the 396's
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    I've got a bunch of those yellow Dewalt tool bags in the garage with actual tools in them. When a tool-head comes around and notices them they criticize Dewalt tools unprovoked. What gives with that? Keith
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    I've always been a huge Magic fan, he just seems like a genuinely nice guy. I'm sure you're seen it, but I really enjoyed an ESPN special about Bird/Magic, and how they hated each other until they did a shoe commercial together. Bird met Magic's Mom, and said "she was just like my Mom", and they've been best friends since. Bird claimed he retired the day that Magic was forced to retire.
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    Ice is bad news. Back in 1995 we had an ice storm here. Some people nearby were without power for almost a month. We were lucky and had our power in six or seven days. It started out looking pretty and then the trees started breaking apart. Last one that fell on my house punched a hole through the roof. A wood stove is a great backup to have.
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    Nice Dtel. They are some of the more colorful flowers we can have up north. Here is another one.
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    Each day lily bloom lasts about a day. My house in Wisconsin has a large day lily garden with over 100 varieties of them. We also have tree frogs that like to take residence in them and catch bugs.
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    Not sure I fully understand But ... had an Onkyo NR676 and had the same problem. About a year ago I upgraded to the RZ810 which does have full preouts. Added bonus was that it forwards HDMI channels - but only HDMI 1-3. I use the "Zone-2" out to drive a 2-channle preamp into a Crown K1 amp with KPT-904 speakers. Haha; awesome There are very good (and very expensive) AV preamps out there ... probably an AV upgrade would be much cheaper. And you could feed your 5-channel HK with it. HDMI splitter? I have split HDMI signals before and had no problem. There are HDMI to 5.1 audio "extractors" available ... example https://www.amazon.com/1080P-SPDIF-Digital-multi-channel-Decoders/dp/B01CQ8AWVA ... just no clue if they are any good. Cheers, Emile NewEgg also has some ... maybe worth a try, but ... haha; how good can it be for $40???
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    Haha; love the K1 so much, just bought an XLS 402 ... 300wps at 8 ohms. Going to try it with a set of Epic CF-3's ... if this darned seller comes through Send him 3 "page size" emails ... all I got sofar by email from him is "walnut; 2.5" ports." Yesterday hooked up my Music Hall TT via a Nikko Beta II preamp to the Crown K1 and my KPT-904's. Never heard my TT that good Cheers, Emile
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    Nad, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, parasound, hegel, primare, pioneer, roxan, rotel, yamaha etc is available for me I guess i should just get a cheap preamp with streaming (yamaha wxc-50) , and a poweramp like the parasound nc 2125 or marantz mm7025.
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    Welcome to the forum! I have a pair of the 280Fs and have tried them with tubed Quicksilver 25 wpc mono amps as well as 150 wpc ATI 1502. A nod to the ATI. Both are hooked up to a tube preamp.
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    here's another pic. Trying to insert a vid but cant get it to go.
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    OK, that's quite a change in direction, hope it works out as planned. It's fun making sawdust.
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    === Weather? Here? // Sucks — I have a close acquaintance soon moving to a very temperate area, close to the ocean. Hoping to rent a room there, enjoy the weather and all his nice Klipsch speakers — I believe he has Khorns
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    If you can get either of them for the same price I would suggest the RF-7 II. It is a newer model and should sound good as it is. I would normally advise getting the RC-64 but from reading the posts above the guys who own both are advising you get the RC-7. It sounds like you can't go wrong with either one.
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    Actually I can get RF7 II at the same price as RF I, but if you tell me that they need to be modified to play with RF7 II, it means that RF7 II sounds better than RF7 I ??? Otherwise why should I modify RF7 I? .... p.s. In Italy there are several old Klipsch, the most difficult to find are the KLF 20 and 30.
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    Last song Is Beth Hart doing a cover of Purple Rain. Incredible.
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    I don't believe this is true. Most owners seem to like the original RF-7s just the way they were designed and my guess is the RF-7IIs/IIIs are more of a lateral move.
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    National Pizza Day http://www.day-finder.com/when-is-national-pizza-day-2019.php
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    You guys are absolutely killing me! I'm starting to feel like a squirrel foraging for nuts after a forest fire! I'm sure the grocery stores around here would have everything you speak of. NOT! Also the visuals of oldtimer and Dave standing over my shoulder laffing at me... Double UGH! 😂
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    ok I missed it, what is @windashine building?
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    I will say that I liked the paste style better than just peanut butter applied to the bun. The chef made the paste by melting a small amount of butter in a pan, then added peanut butter and diced up jalapeños. I have not tried to make this at home, but now I think I'll give it a shot. I wonder what else it might taste good on?
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    I love water lilies. My favorite lily was actually the Stargazer lily.
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    Odds are you do not need a subwoofer at all. A general rule of thumb is to cross the mains to the subwoofer about 10 Hz or 1/2 octave above the bottom limit of the main speakers. For the RP-8000s I would suggest 40 Hz if they are against a wall and 50 Hz (~1/2 octave) if they are not. The sub should be in the corner to achieve the low frequency performance Klipsch specifies. Buy a decent sound meter to calibrate/check the balance between the mains and sub. If your receiver has Audessey, try it. It sets my sub crossover to 42 Hz for my La Scalas, too low.
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    Just having a Heresy fest in the lounge room at the mo.
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    I've become kind of a nut about privacy/anyonymity/security. I understand that if someone wants something they will get it somehow , so it's not fool proof. I use a VPN and entware on our home router to encrypt data and remove trackers. I use an open source varaint of Chromium and duck duck go, Proton email. I run an open source custom Android ROM on my phone without any Google apps. No Facebook yadda yadda. I usually encourage friends and family to ditch the "convenience" and take back some of their privacy. The people who say they don't care usually don't know how much is tracking is being done and how much is stored. The argument of I have nothing to hide is silly. Would you allow all the businesses or people claiming to be in business stare in your home windows because they will be able to better take care of your needs or ....better exploit you. What about letting them open you mail? Only the junk mail, medical bills, is there a limit to what you would allow? Or does one not mind the above example? People are usually unaware until someone shows them. Google tracks and store your location, errands, route, time and places it on a calendar ...every day. It stores your voice command as well as recordings of errantly enabling those feature. Go and dig into your Google data and see what's really there. It's accessible although not always easy to locate and delete.
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