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    One of my all time favorite records is the soundtrack to the movie Goin Surfing by the late Bud Browne. Back in the 70s they used to show surf movies in various cities at civic auditoriums. The only place to buy this record was at the movie event. I searched the world for this one - paid $50 for it and a year later found a copy of it at a neighboring garage/record sale for $2 - one of my favorite all time records
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    🦃Happy Thanksgiving everyone!🦃
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    My TT has built-in RCA cables that are very short. I could relocate it but would then have to get two female to female RCA adaptors and add an additional length of RCA cable. Otherwise the TT would have to sit directly on one of my subwoofers which I'd rather not do.
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    In the old days at Indy when the stock block rules existed, it was easy to tell when one of Dale Coyne’s stock block Chevy V-8s rumbled by. There was no mistaking them for the high revving purpose built racing engines. I read somewhere that Dale started with the blocks from retired school buses, as they were “well seasoned.” It was fun to see the looks on people’s faces when I started the car in my avatar. Instead of the sound of the expected four banger, there was the rumble of a 3.5 liter Buick V-8.
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    Tis the season Some say that this is the best Christmas album of all time And features many stars of the day on some tracks in accompaniment Artist - Bing Crosby Title - Merry Christmas
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    "Tis the Season" yes, indeed !! Probably the time of year my TT is most active with spinning classic Christmas tunes such as "Charlie Brown" for the youngster in us and "M Steamroller" to really exercise your audio system....
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    You're right, a TT on an SW would not work out well. However, my Technics SL-1210M5G is like that, too, with non-removable phono cables. I use a couple of female-to-female adapters, and another length of stereo RCA cable. It works just fine. If I wanted to eliminate one connection, I could look for extender interconnects, male on one end and female on the other, but I'm satisfied with the current setup. If you use a quality interconnect and adapters, you'll never hear the difference, unless you're running a really long interconnect, like 20 feet or something.
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    Here's another great one way before and different category than Mark Levin. Put my small turkey in the oven and pulled this up, will search for Bing, Burl and Doris when this is over! Happy Thanksgiving Folks!
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    @Full Range While they celebrate here today you already have in Australia, Yes Yes .... you are always well ahead of your time.
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    I did put my turntable on a middle shelf, back when I had one of those 22-inch-wide Yamaha CR-1020 receivers that wouldn’t fit in any tall audio cabinet I saw, and I had to lift off the dust cover every time I wanted to spin a few LPs. As soon as I got a more typical 17-inch-wide receiver, the turntable went on top of the cabinet. Now all that’s in the cabinet is LPs on the bottom, the TV “set-top” box that won’t stay on modern TVs, a bunch of CDs and DVDs, and the long-unused cassette collection in a slide-out drawer on one side. As the system expanded, I got a proper audio stand, and now all of the stereo electronics are on it. The turntable is now six feet away from the electronics stack, but it seems happy there, and I never have to shift the cabinet to get at wires and cables behind it. Why not look into locating the turntable on a shelf or stand by itself? Otherwise, what about making up a little strut to hold up the dust cover when you’re playing records? Holding a record in one hand while paying attention to something your other hand is doing can only lead to tears and/or cursing.
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    If you decide to drill holes in the ceiling and hang your turntable just remember, cabled wire will resonate. Fishing line does not
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    @wuzzzer or build yourself a wall mount for your TT
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    I never said life is easy...
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    I tried that same thing for a while, believe me if only this once... a cover is easier to dust than an entire top of a turntable. For me the TT has to be on top so... Hang the TV.
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    The sleeve is the inner piece that you store the lp inside of what is called the jacket. Some will protect the jacket with a clear cover for extra measure. There is a technique for taking an lp out of the sleeve without touching the grooved surface, where you end up with the edge perpendicular against the base of the hand, and the fingers on the label in the center. Replacing is essentially a reverse of the process. Clean hands are all that is necessary. Also, the sleeve is placed into the jacket so as not to be open to the opening of the jacket. I put mine in the up position.
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    Hey, it was a legitimate question. I've almost dropped records several times trying to hold them with one hand and open my TT cover with the other hand. My TT is on the middle shelf of my TV stand and the shelf isn't high enough for the cover to stay up on its own. If I used a microfiber glove I wouldn't have to worry as much and I could hold the record more securely without worrying about touching anything other than the edge or the label.
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    But of course I use extra vinyl gloves for putting on records, once used you have to dispose of the glove immediately, so that no microorganisms soil the surface of the record or even damage the needle. Did I already tell you that I put my TT in an antiseptic, free of micro dust particles, with a constant room temperature of 73,4 Fahrenheit, Cleanroom.I always wear a protective suit before I put on a record . Since I did that my TT sounds $ 5.000 more expensive
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    I know, I know, I know The feeling grows I see, I see, I see That it’s got to be I can do, what you do You just do it better I can cry, like you cry It just makes me sadder Great Lyrics Great Album Incredible Band RUSH!
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    Ever hear of a beaver moon, I had not, well now you did..............no pictures Dirtmudd "(Gray News) – November’s full moon sneaks in before the end of the month, putting a wrap on the long Thanksgiving weekend. The beaver moon rises early Monday, reaching its peak at 4:30 a.m. ET, NASA says. The November full moon was traditionally called the beaver moon by both colonial and Native Americans. “This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. “During the time of the fur trade in North America, it was also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.” Viewing conditions for the full moon will depend on the weather and skies in your area. The moon will look full a day before and after its peak."
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    Watched a Ferrari tech in a suit "tune up" and F-1 once @ the Porsche dealership while I was waiting on something to get done to my old 928. He took the hatch cover off, plugged in a puter, broke out his lil screwdriver set in the briefcase and tweeked this and that while watching the puter. Thing smoothed right out and was done! The owner's gardener and wife crawled back into it and drove back to Cleveland. The tech closed his briefcase and drove back to Detroit. Total cost? $4k for the 15-minute tweek and an over night for the tech and a drive back to Detroit. I offered to take it back to Cleveland for that gardener. Was even gonna let them take my 928. Talk about a beautiful ride.
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    You're welcome to come here. I make a killer peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Though I did make a killer pumpkin pie (my life's first favorite) and a killer cherry pie. Wife wanted pumpkin made in her fluted 9" and the cherry was baked in cast iron.
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    Think that is one female to male. They sell stereo patch cables.
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    You might consider removing the cover and just keeping the table clean, or take it off the hinges and delicately removing the cover when using, if you dare.
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    Hi @JBCODD Everything is right in what you say, but if you want really high-end speaker, use AOP (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) olive oil from my region 😎 https://www.aoc-lesbauxdeprovence.com/le-terroir/la-vallee-des-baux-de-provence.htm Van Gogh himself loved them so much, when he was in Saint-Remy-de-Provence
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    Since I'm usually not muddy and sweaty anymore when I'm putting an LP on, I touch only the edges when possible @wuzzzer. Wash my hands prior since I ultrasounded the whole lot earlier this year. Lots more handwashing the past year here. I have a few that are so tight in the thicker paper or cardboard sleeves that I have to touch the surface to get them out... and I've pondered that recently. It's weird when the pictorial sleeve is next to the LP in it's slippery plastic type sleeve. I usually read some or marvel at the art but it's not around the record anymore. Didn't spend ten seconds on that put them back in like I found them.
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    I have a friend who hangs his head out the window when I take my car out and he sounds just like a souped up Prius.
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    Which jackpot is that I wonder? 🤓
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    Final coat is "Hammered Copper", which will blend nicely with the silky oak veneer. This is 3rd coat......will let these dry overnight & do a final coat tomorrow.
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    Last week this was $46.02. Today it's $66.02 -- just in time for Black Friday deals!
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    PB & J....................................Love it, you forgot the cold milk
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    I opted to stay home this year. I have a Little Caesars 3 Meat Pizza in the Fridge. I love cold Pizza, Oh yeah...Beer in the Fridge as well.🍕 🍺
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    Concrete block wall. I'd rather not drill into it.
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    For truly superior performance, the drive head of the screws must also be considered. Slotted screws are NOT to be used. Phillips head may be used on non-Klipsch speakers. Square drive are to be used on non-Heritage speakers. Heritage speakers require Torx drive screws. The lobes diffuse unwanted resonances and boost many to the ultrasound band, where they can pop corn for your enjoyment. There are many schools of thought on materials used for the screws, with stainless steel and brass being touted by opposing camps. For true audiophile uses I prefer a stainless/molybdenum blend, doped with a hint of magnesium in a high density plasma reactor. Then implanted with cobalt, and finished with a nice titanium nitride deposition. Of course these must be heat treated to properly diffuse the various additives and then quenched in oil refined and blended at the following proportions: -10% sperm whale -10% walrus -10% Newfoundland baby seal -70% Extra Virgin Olive oil, grown on the slopes of Vesuvius, crushed by donkey driven granite wheels and pressed before the rains. Olives grown on Mt Aetna may be used in a pinch. Avoid olives from Corleone. These are controlled by the GenCo operation, and come with strings attached.
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    In Canada, the city to see late-model exotic cars is said to be Calgary, which has lots of oil money. Calgary is one of the two big cities in Alberta, which is sometimes called the Texas of Canada, for more than one reason. As for Vipers, the side pipes supposedly sound disappointing, because of something about the firing order of the five cylinders on each side. Does that sound familiar to anyone?
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    Atmosphere for days . I use it as the warmup in a new stationary bike/treadmill play list . The brooding nature of the song sets my mind up for getting after it when the up tempo stuff hits . I use another new K/DA song More as my cool down on that playlist .
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    I had a reply typed up, but it disappeared. So this is Take 2. So, I agree that switchable or variable intake manifold routing could be it, along with the variable valve timing, operated by actuators on the ends of the cams. And then there’s the old-fashioned “coming on the cam”, when everything comes together and the volumetric efficiency of the engine reaches its peak. The powerband on that engine reminds me of an old 2-stroke street bike, at lower revs, of course. It has typical amounts of low-end and mid-range power, what you’d expect from a minivan, then it suddenly wakes up and takes off when it reaches 4400 rpm, and keeps pulling hard until it reaches the full throttle shift points, 6200-6400 rpm, depending on the gear it’s in. One magazine tester described the engine as “over-eager”, which made me laugh. “Willing accomplice” is more like how the engine feels to me. The 103 hp increase in power over the earlier 3.8 engine makes the van a lot more fun to drive, and the peaky nature of it spices up the experience. It also means that timid or conservative drivers may never find that power and be intimidated by it. I realize that most new cars and bikes have quite a lot more power than older models have, so the Grand Caravan is no Mustang or Camaro beater, as I discovered in the first few months I drove it. Those older Mustangs and Camaros might be very surprised to see my tail lights, though.
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    I'm like Steve when it comes to automotive stuff. I was wondering how the engine lifespan is on these new, high tech, smaller motors the 3.8 V-6 in my Olds is still running good. It doesn't have a lot of miles for its age... 250k It's not a hot rod, by any measure The rest of the car is kinda rotting away from the sun.
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    I was really eager to read that chap's review of his Q-Pies and was rather disappointed. His build looks reasonably well done, I don't know about his choice of driver, but it definitely wasn't any of the ones that Claude recommends. All I can say that mine are well braced and carefully executed and I never noticed any out of control vibrations, let alone any that I can hear from my listening position. Still very satisfied and looking forward to the day I include a subwoofer or two.
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    I have had mine for 8 years and have found nothing that tops them yet ! I have tried Jubilee's twice and both times I sold the Jubilee's and went back to the 904/402's .
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    Schiit Vidar power amp. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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