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    Admins delete if you feel the need but I thought I'd share a few pics. Those of you who follow me elsewhere have seen this stuff but many on the forum have not. So anyway, long story short is that I have been overwhelmed for awhile and had to hire a full time personal assistant. Problem is, I've been operating out of my house for a long time. That's cool and all when it's just you or family working on the business but otherwise that's not a great situation for anybody when you have employees all up in your personal business at home. Also we have a soft spot for abandoned pets, have found several starving to death in the woods near our house plus we adopted a shelter dog who is getting old and is having health issues, and my business is at the level where these things are not compatible with a nice showroom. So, the hunt was on to find a place, quickly. I have a friend who had a nice place, basically it's four office spaces beside each other. One was my wife's old attorney office which used to be a recording studio, so I thought about it, but it was just too small. One next to it is a photography studio which is huge and beautiful and the business owner wanted to share the space due to it being expensive for her budget, but once I toured it I realized I needed my own space, there was literally no room except for one desk sized spot. On the other end of the building though there was a supposedly 2,200 square foot spot, retail in the front, small warehouse with an overhead door in the back, figured it would work great. Only problem is that there was a tenant in there already, who was having health problems, weird situation. Also there was questionable building maintenance practices, basic things like driveway maintenance and recurring major HVAC problems, which made me leery. I decided to risk it anyway due to this mostly being a base of operations for my online gig and said I would take it if he moved out. He was supposed to be on his way out so I kept checking, and checking, and checking, all to no avail. In the meantime, this other place opened up. I just liked it and I took it almost immediately. The good things are that it is extremely efficient in terms of heating and cooling, it is isolated so there's no neighbors to tick off, it's halfway affordable, it's beautiful as far as rented office space goes, and it was a total turn-key solution. The bad things are that 1/3 of it is upstairs, it's not huge at only maybe 1,700 square feet of retail and office space, and some of the rooms have funny shapes. Like I said tho, this is mainly to serve as a base of operations for my online business, plus to take pictures. If I can get enough local business to pay the rent that's great, otherwise that's not really the goal. Strange thing is that after I was done moving, I realized that this probably has more current Klipsch related stuff in it than anywhere else, plus my warehouse with nearly 7 digits worth of stuff is nearby, I could literally have most anything you want set up within a couple hours. If somebody has more current items on hand and on display I'd like to know who but that would be a little hard. Current speaker list: Jubilees with walnut beauty panels and Xilica DSP Klipschorn AK6 in walnut La Scala AL5 in walnut Cornwall IV, cherry Heresy IV, black Forte III, distressed oak HP3 headphones Theater room with: RF-7III, black RC-64III, back RP-502S side RP-500M rear random setups in cubby holes including custom KI-396-SMA-II pro cinema surrounds various bookshelves every Reference Premier tower and bookshelf almost have every residential standalone subwoofer, need to add the little 8" one and the C series Cary SLI-80HS with the matching side panels that Klipsch makes ToolShed PWK edition Euphoria amp most major Parasound Halo amps including the JC5 Klipsch KDA-1000 amp ridiculous amount of fairly high end Norstone racks and stands every subwoofer from that "other" 3 lettered company who shall not be named AudioQuest wiring will be used throughout EAT turntables, main one right now is a C-major Sony TV's several Cyrus amps such as the One Cast, One HD, streamers, etc., they are a British company who just got a new US distributor, I was the first dealer for them under this new setup multiple styles of the nicer Octane seating offerings en route Anyway, here's a few pics. Yeah I know I need acoustic panels. Yeah I'm still moving and rearranging and seeing what fits. Yeah I know it's a little packed... so is most every other showroom out there. A few have plenty of room, but to pull that off especially with this kind of equipment list you're looking at easily being into the 7 digit price tag range for something nice looking and I just can't pull that off right now. Let me know if you want to donate to the cause. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy, feel free to stop by sometime.
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    These are one of a kind! A very special custom finish using only top quality products. I enjoy doing this kind of work, and want to share this set with you. Dyed in layers using Yellow, Amber, Orange, Cinnamon. Multiple shellac wash coats were applied at various stages. Java stain provided the depth needed to make the grain really express itself. Top coated with 3 coats of satin lacquer. The grills have been washed clean. The backs and fronts have been cleaned. You will not find this level of quality anywhere in a used speaker. If you like I could even include my signature on them, but that is not necessary. More photos down in the thread below. Any forum members (post count >10) who want the original hi-rez photos sent via email, send me a PM. Link to Klipsch Epic series brochure Serial # 342598164 Serial # 342598165 Born on Friday December 8, 1995 V3 All stock, except for the custom finish, and in 99% perfect condition. One owner before me. If you want to mod these in any way, I can provide assistance, or just mod them for you If you just want some Dynamat, I have enough on hand to do that. Details on the sale are as follows: Exclusive sale to the Klipsch Community. Forum members only with a minimum of 10 posts at the time of offer please. I will deliver the pair myself directly to the address of your choosing once the sale is finalized.* *Locations where I will deliver to are as follows Alabama Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Missouri (Northern) Nebraska (Eastern) North Carolina (Western) North Dakota South Dakota Ohio South Carolina (Western) Tennessee Virginia (Western) West Virginia Wisconsin I put over a week of work into these and all you have to do is sit in your chair and smile when they show up. No Trades. No discounts. No haggle. ** Terms will apply until June 1st, 2020 or later. Don't forget to hit the like button😁
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    Thank you all! Greatly appreciate the thoughts.
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    A new pair from MetropolisLakeOutfitters! I started with "Caballo Diablo" and finished "Fire On The Mountain" and now I'm up to "The Allman Brothers Band" and "Dreams". D C A D C A D C A ....... pickin' and grinnin' in 3/4 time! Yummy. I think the woofer is waking up!
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    Steve Guttenberg posted this interview of Roy Delgado of Klipsch this morning. It’s a great watch.
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    I didn't get candy for Halloween this year, but I did get something slightly better....
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    Msde it back home. It's a mess but nothing broken or damaged.
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    Silly, I know... first wife passed away from malignant melanoma. Second wife is a wonderful Filipina. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Enjoying weekend away in a cheap motel and having fun. It doesn't matter much what goes right or wrong, we are together. Blessings to all!
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    Dad's virus came back negative. Out of critical care unit and feeling better, hopefully the doc comes in tomorrow with the all clear to head back home. Dodged a bullet but it came close.
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    Miss talking to you.
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    So I have a set of Walnut Heresy IV here and have been listening to them non stop. I used to own the III and also had the Cornwall III here for a while. I reviewed both of the "III's" last year. While I have the new Cornwall IV coming first week of March for review, I can already say that these Heresy IV's are astonishing. Yes they are ported, yes they are slightly taller and narrower but WOW they are so much more detailed, they image like crazy and they are extremely transparent. Compared to my Dynaudio Special 40's, the Heresy IV's offer a much larger sound, are equal on imaging and have a more detailed treble (but in a good way, the S40 is a tad soft in comparison). I am shocked by these IV's actually as they are, for me, a huge improvement on the III's. No longer a sealed design, the bass presence is bigger but never ever bloated, loose or flabby. It's just as tight as sealed and I can not even tell they have a port. Two feet from the back wall, about 1 1/2 ft from the sides and 8 ft from the listening spot in my 12X13 room the sound is heavenly. Low volume or high, they never lose composure. As for the price increase to $3k per pair, these are beating my Special 40's and those are $3k without stands. If I did not know anything about the Heresy IV I would assume they were $5k after listening to them. With that said, they are now absolutely perfect in my room. No sub needed whatsoever and the vocals/mids are mind blowing good. I now hear texture in voices and artists seem larger than before, and more into the room. These do the 3D thing, soundstage thing and sound to me like a superb audiophile speaker that can rock, boogie and seduce with some warm jazz late at night. Quite different from the III as with these, the transparency is so great I can see through the music rather than having it thrown at me. I am shocked, surprised yet 100% happy with the way Klipsch went about changing up this design and with the Heresy IV. I will have a long form review and video here soon and also one on the Cornwall IV's. To those wondering about these being ported now..do not! They are amazing and that extra but of bass truly makes these shine, as does the tweeter and new mid horn. So lifelike...human...tangible. Loved the III's but adore these even more. Have to be heard to be believed. Now, I am using them with some nice gear. A Vinnie Rossi L2iSE integrated w/L2 Dac, Zen Mini MKIII, Swisscables Diamond for speaker cables. USB is an Audioquest Diamond.
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    Well, I didn’t get all of this today but all within the past week. This is my first ever 2-channel system. It’s not even close the best out there, but I am sitting here grinning ear to ear. With trading, driving long distances, negotiating, pleading and being nice, I was able to assemble this system on a pretty tight budget I also bought the first couple CD’s in like 20 years and the delivery guy knocked on my door, literally right when I was putting everything into place, otherwise I would have had to wait as I don’t have any CDs. Ever just have one of those days? I am truly a happy camper! Still some wire management left but that will need to wait:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The first time I heard Klipsch was the fall of 1971, I was 16 and went to my boyfriends house. His Dad has Klipschorns and I was literally blown away! We put on Led Zeppelin’s LP and played Stairway to Heaven. My prior listening experience had been a transistor radio, so you can imagine the Jolt my ears heard! I wound up marrying my boyfriend and the first year we were married, we built our own set of speakers with the help of my Dad. They were built from the Speakerlab Klipschorns plans, man they sounded great. In 1987, we were finally able to afford the real deal, Klipschorns!! We even contacted Klipsch engineer Gary Gillum to help us design the perfect room. We closed in part of our 3 car garage and built our music room. It sounded fantastic! Fast forward to 2001. We decided to move to the Nashville area and began looking at houses. We literally looked at dozens of houses, (always tape measure in hand)! One Sunday afternoon we were out looking at homes and passed by a brand new subdivision and decided to check it out. There were only about half a dozen homes in it ,but the views were gorgeous. We topped this hill and there was this home, not finished yet, but a big sign in the yard that said, come on in and see the difference. We went in and every turn we took made us love this home even more. When we climbed the steps to the room over the garage, our jaws dropped. There it was, the room that our Klipschorns would fit in! Out comes the tape measure and YES, they would work perfect! Fast forward almost 20 years later and we still have the Klipschorns (and a second pair) and basically a whole home filled with Klipsch LOVE! I personally have no clue why so many ladies out there don’t like music, but dang, I’m sure not one of them! I will post pics soon! Happy listening friends!
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    Almost a year without a dog. So hard to put them down and say goodbye. Today is pretty exciting. First non-greyhound in 20 years
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    Mine is stained glass....
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    Finished tonight except for screwing down back board - waiting for black screws to come in Wednesday. Bass is much better than Heresy 1 even in my garage. Need to get them in the house to hook up on the floor near a wall. Sound really good. Thanks for your help Claude.
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    Long time lurker, thought I'd post my HT 2.0 inspired by @Youthman's 3 La Scala and movable screen. : ) I was going to build the custom screen but ended up getting an Elite Screen BF deal and made the frame move like what @Diver_Ron at avsforum had. All worked out. The recent update: Sound: 3 La Scala (had RF42ii and RC64 iii), and jumped to 9.1.4 by adding the 2 RP-600m as front wides. Screen: Moved to Elite Screens 120" 16:9 (from 106") and build out the larger screen - so I could fit the La Scalas behind - talk about an excuse for update! Equipment: AVR: Denon x8500H Projector: BenQ: HT3550 Screen: Elite Screens acoustically transparent 1080P3 120" 16:9 LCR: Klipsch La Scala (with Crites 4500 crossover and CT120) Front Wides: Klipsch RP-600m Surrounds (side and rear): Yamaha NW-IW470 Heights (front and rear): Yamaha NS-IW280C Subwoofer: Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1510DF What's next? Perhaps update the surround in walls to 5800... and adding another PSA subwoofer.
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    Well, I finally finished them, and they sound amazing.
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    Hello Forum Members, I haven't been very active in this or any other audio forums for quite a while, but I thought I would share this. I just bought a pair of cherry Cornwall IV's from "Ronco21" on Ebay. They are B-stock but the only "flaw" listed is minor scuffs on the outer shipping box. They should be delivered sometime the middle of next week. I'm looking forward to getting back in the Klipsch Heritage fold after a 12-yr. absence. Here's hoping for smooth sailing ahead!🥂 ...and here's another one (or two) to everyone staying healthy, happy and covid-free! 🥂🥂
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    This section is NOT for your controversial BS, it is NOT the old BS section. Find somewhere else online to do your thing if controversy is your thing. The lounge is for subjects that do not fit in audio sections but not to argue/ debate in. The BS section does not exist anymore, it's not the lounge. If this is a problem you are on the wrong forum, this forum is not for your political or current social views. No your not smarter than everyone else here and can sneak it through, anything seen as not fitting will be erased. Starting new threads with the same function will also be erased, if someone continues to try to keep starting subjects like this they will not be allowed to post. You have NO idea how many complaints threads like this get, the majority of people here do not like the subjects or the arguing.
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    This section is NOT for your controversial BS, it is NOT the old BS section. Find somewhere else online to do your thing if controversy is your thing. The lounge is for subjects that do not fit in audio sections but not to argue/ debate in. The BS section does not exist anymore, it's not the lounge. If this is a problem you are on the wrong forum, this forum is not for your political or current social views. No your not smarter than everyone else here and can sneak it through, anything seen as not fitting will be erased. Starting new threads with the same function will also be erased, if someone continues to try to keep starting subjects like this they will not be allowed to post. You have NO idea how many complaints threads like this get, the majority of people here do not like the subjects or the arguing.
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    Yeah, we done it again. Grilled out some hamburgers, hotdogs, had various deserts .... Watched the Heist with Gene Hackman. You can sort of see my house in the background of at least one of the pictures.... so the field you see is sort of my front yard. Oh, and had to use my brother in laws powered EV's and a sub for the sound.
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    Hi ! I wanted to show you some pictures from my environment where I live with my family.We live in the third largest metropolitan area in Europe, the " Rhein -Ruhr " area, is after London and Paris the most densely populated region in Europe with about 6 million people. We live on the edge of this region in a beautiful natural landscape and environment. In the Second World War the Rhine-Ruhr area was the war armoury of Adolf Hitler.Here were also the famous "KRUPP factories " where all the tanks and aircraft parts were produced. After the war, these areas of North Rhine and Westphalia were occupied by the Allies, in this case the British.Today this is a federal state and is called North Rhein-Westphalia with a population of 18 million people. It lies in the west of Germany. Only less than 2 miles away from our house we have a beautiful lake In the immediate vicinity of the lake we have a fortress and a water castle Every year there are recreational festivals and concerts on the lake, except this year
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    Amid Covid19 my family has reason to celebrate today This morning we are blessed with the arrival of our first grandchild To celebrate this occasion I am spinning this album Predominantly for this track - Roundabout Artist - Yes Title - Fragile
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    I checked in with Rudy this morning and shared this thread with him. No idea if/when he'll have the energy to check in, but it sounds like he's actually doing ok still. No respirator to this point.
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    To my fellow klipsch brother and sisters in the U.S, Here in New Zealand we are now on a 4 week lockdown to try and battle the covid19 virus that's sweeping the entire planet, from reading the news, I can see that you guys in the U.S are starting to see the huge impact of the virus and I just wanted to say that our thoughts and prayers are with the members and their family's who are struggling with the impact of this situation Please be kind to each other and please be safe and take all the precautions you must to stay well, Deano
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    Audio is a journey. It evolves over time. Here is my stereo system turned home theater staring in 2002 and ending in 2020.
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    Changed up some of the electronics in the home theater today. Now running a Diva Seduction 2A3 on the horns and a Behringer NU6000 on the bass bins. TV is now a 75" Samsung.
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    Thought I would join in. Here is my 300B/2A3 SET amplifier. Powers a pair of Heresy III (but can also be used as a headphone amp). High voltage and filament voltage is adjustable for either 300B or 2A3 with switches. Bias is adjustable for the power tubes and 6V6 driver tubes. Separate power supplies for output stage and input/driver stage. And separate filament supplies for each of the power tubes. Hybrid rectification. Each chassis weighs a ton. Signal chassis: Power Supply:
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    Things have seemed to finally start sounding really amazing! I'm just listening... doesn't matter daytime, nighttime, anytime... its just good... really really good! Full room treatment has been complete for a while now. 50TB’s of High resolution files up to 512 DSD through modified Teac 501 with Time Machine X10 external clock, idler drive, belt drive, and direct drive turntables, Otari, Studer, and Teac reel to reel machines for 15ips master and safety copies-Radu Tarta preamp with 101d tubes selected-James Burgess 45, 46, 2a3, and 6bq5 type amplifiers -Custom built speakers with 2” Eliptrac 400 wooden horns, tweeters, Townshend super tweeters, Crites cast woofers, and custom ALK crossovers.
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    We're at my daughters house now which is just north of Houston. Well head home tomorrow as soon as we're able.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back at the end of 2018 I took a flyer on a pair of very beat up La Scalas that I came across on CAM that were somewhat local to me. When I first saw them I really was not sure if I wanted to tackle them, even at the price. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649485658-klipsch-la-scala-speakers/ I didn't even check to see if they played, the drivers and Xovers were the least of the worries for this ugly ducklings! Once I got them home, I fired them up in the garage and after fiddling with the Xover connections, I got them to play and they didn't sound all that bad. They still looked awful so I then went to scrapping off all the crappy vinyl peel and stick that some genius decided to apply to them. This revealed a very poor exterior, major chips and missing part of the top layer the Birch. That's how they sat in my basement TV room, playing fine until a few month ago when I dragged them out to the garage to do a refurbish job. Fortunately this February I scored a pair of all original, minty Type AAs on Cam for $150cnd. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649590390-klipsch-type-aa-crossovers/ I do have a pair of Jupiters and a quad of Blue Cactus caps sitting here with plans of a pair of Full Monty networks, but have not followed up on that yet. Rather than try to fill all the numerous blemishes I decided to do similar that I did with my Peavey FH-1 bins and laminate the exterior with 1/2 BB via screws and PL. Unlike the FH-1s, I decided to give them more of an Industrial look, even got some handles and then replica badges from Burton on FleaBay. And, here they are...
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    Great interview with Roy. Roy I truly believe PWK would be so proud of the direction and dedication you have given to horn development and the Heritage Line in particular...!!! I wish PWK could have been around to see and hear your development of the KPT-1802-HLS and KPT-1502-HLS which still continues to amaze me especially when combined with the Jubilee system... miketn 👍🙂
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    Earlier this week I spent the day in the Hospital. The reason is not important, but the experience has been profound for me. Atlanta's Emory Hospital is a highly rated care facility. They have provided care for the indigent and Presidents. (in fact last fall I spent time there with President Carter and Roselyn when he was receiving brain cancer treatment, an amazing human being) Today was different though. In a room with 8 very sick people, I realized I was looking into the eyes of the dying, yet they hold tight to the hope that this treatment will save them. In them I saw my moms heroic losing battle with cancer. I saw my Dad, nearing his 95 birthday, alone in a nursing home, isolated from his family by COVID 19. We talk, but I can't put my arms around him, and tell him I love him. I saw a caring and compassionate group of caregivers that did not judge anyone by skin color, only their needs. A very gaunt Black man was helped into the room by his caring daughter and was seated next to me. We made eye contact and he greeted me with "Happy Father's Day". A special type of man! It is not a perfect world. Hateful people of all races continue to shoot, kill and loot on the streets of Atlanta, Chicago, New York, LA, Houston.............. But most of us have not lost our humanity. It's just that the ones that have seem to scream the loudest. Please engage with those around you. You may never know the difference you can make in one persons life.. Jerry I am not a country music fan, but in the 70's a College friend introduced me to John Prine. I remain a fan. This song has always been special, but is more meaningful today than ever.
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    Other than just the gallery, I don't see a dedicated area for members systems and such, as well as no area for new members meet & greet or anything like that, so here's this instead... I just wanted to make a quick post of my system and just lightly touch on my history with Klipsch. I was 4 years old when I was first exposed to Klipsch, in a pair of Cornwall's back in 1979. Not that I actually remember that, but still. I grew up with those speakers in my father's system. Move ahead 20 years and I was able to have said Cornwall's in my own system for around 7 years. In that amount of time, I replaced all of the original motor-run caps with new ones from Bob Crites. Shortly after that and hearing the stock tweeters come back to life, but still a little too rolled off for my liking at the time, I contacted Bob again and purchased a pair of his drop-in tweeters. I also modded the stock crossovers slightly to make the midrange into a true bandpass filter instead of the squawker blasting all the way out to its limits, creating that honk and shrill all of the older Klipsch were known for (unfortunately). Spending very little money for those upgrades and mods really transformed those old Cornwall's. The other unfortunate thing is, he wanted them back so he could sell them, so I removed the Crites tweeters, put the stockers back in and left the crossovers modded, and he sold them a couple weeks later. Really sucks because I really liked those speakers, but didn't make the big bucks back then to buy them off of him. Oh well. Move ahead another 14 years or so and I now have a pair of Klipsch that I can call my very own, a pair of mint Heresy III's, purchased second hand from a gentleman up in Georgia a few months back. He bought them new and barely used them for the year that he owned them. Anyway, here's a list of the gear and a pic just taken moments ago... With a kitty! Preamp | Amplifiers: Schiit Freya + | Schiit Mani | Schiit Aegir x 2 Analog Sources: Music Hall MMF-7.3 w/ Ortofon 2M Bronze DAC | Digital Sources: Schiit Bifrost 2 Multibit | Bluesound Node 2 | Roku Ultra Speakers: Klipsch Heresy III | Polk Audio PSW505 x 2 Power Conditioning: Blue Circle Audio | APC Cables: Audioquest | Wireworld | Pangea Audio | Mojo Audio
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    Off to the headphones with my shot of EC. Way I'm feeling about these ELPs think I'll clean up some Moody Blues tomorrow. It all sounds so much better on my recent incarnation of a stereo!
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    Amazing how this thread is an accurate slice of our society. GTFO your political views and meaningless opinions and try to focus on how you as a human, can help others in need. I'm strongly conservative and disagree with many of you on political views, but I'm not putting that out here as it benefits nobody. Please, pull up your panties, set your political views aside, and just be a good person. Ask yourself, what can I do to help someone affected by the situation, instead of trying to state that you, or your party, would have done something better.
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    Finally picked up a nice pair of Cornwalls. I think they're 1's, as the serial numbers are stamped into the wood. The factory stickers are in poor shape. 23U132 and 23U130. Oiled Walnut with new Bob Crites tweeters. They have also recently been recapped though I have no knowledge of what went in. I have all the original parts. The grills need new cloth. They each have some minor tears and marks but nothing heinous. The cabinets are in fair to good condition. They each have a few nicks in the veneer but they look great from across the room. Blasted them for two days an old Sansui 5700 so I could A/B them with my CF-3s. Every time I compare my CFs (my first Klipsch) to new speaks I wonder why I ever kept buying speakers. I love the CFs and they still make me smile. But these Cornwalls are a marked improvement. So far, not as much Bass response but the mids are scary bright and FULL. It sounds like I put four speakers in the room and not just two. I just wired them to my Fisher 500B. So far, great. I think the thing holding them back is the room is too small. Guess I need a new house. 700 Bucks. - Happiest guy in the hood!
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    On Dec 10th 2019 I was medically terminated from Glad Mfg after 28 years of company service. 401k!! My dream of having a pair of Klipsch Heritage Speakers is right there! The Cornwall’s IV! Every one thinks I’m crazy even some of my all knowing music lover friends. People I share my dream with poo poo it so fast! I’m here seeking shelter from the dream killers!
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    Forgot this waaaaay back there!
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    I bid on these and won. My winning bid was $400.00. With premium fee and tax, atotal of $513.00 A great freaking deal. I am heading out in a couple of hours to go pickup. Woohoo!
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