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    My JUBE ROOM ! Fully treated with Theater Curtains, all 4 corner Bass Traps, and Curved-Diffusers for the side walls ! My Left/Center/Right Klipsch Jubilees are set in a 2.1 setup right now. Using my Xilica xp-4080 (4 ch IN / 8 ch OUT) the center Jubilee is just a MONO MIX , combining both L+R input signals. ...since each of the Jubilees are Bi-amped it takes 6 channels for the L/C/R's here, plus add another output channel for my Danley TH-50 sub , So for this 2.1 setup I am using 7 OUTPUT channels ! BUT this coming 2019, ...I am moving into a 5.1 setup. If all goes as imagined, all I will need is another Xilica and 2 more Jubilee K-402 Horns, ...which I will just place on top of my Klipsch KHorn from downstairs. I will be using a Marantz AV7703 Processor for all the audio duties, ...10 Carver Pro ZR1600 Mono Blocks ( a Phoenix Gold product, not Bob Carver) for the Bi-Amped Jubilees, ...and a Crown Macro-Tech MA3600vz Bridged in Mono, for the Danley TH-50 SUB. So, as you can see in the attached picture ...3 Jubilees down, 2 Jublees to go...for a 5.1 Jubilee setup ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While Im here, I'd like to give a huge shout-out to @Chris A for all he does for our Klipsch Community here, ...and especially for his incredible Bessel-Crossover tuning he did personally for these 2018 Klipsch Jubilees ! I could not have reached AUDIO NIRVANA with out you CHRIS ! You certainly ROCKED MY WORLD ! ~Thank You, a million-times-over ! ~Craig LeMay (1) 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
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    Thank You so much Delicious2 , ...for the kind words ! Both of my main MUSIC systems (Theater Surround + the JUBILEE Rooms) are 18ft x 15ft rooms. But, the Jubilee Room has 11 foot ceilings with 6 Clouds (10ft x 18"...4" thick) , ...filled with Rockwool 'SAFE 'n SOUND' Acoustical Soundproofing Insulation. https://www.rockwool.com/products/safensound/ The CLOUDS are pictured above, in my downstairs RF7-iii Surround System, before they were wrapped with FLEECE Fabric. Again, The Jube room upstairs is the exact size and directly above this pictured downstairs living room ! The 6 CLOUDs are hung upstairs by hooks and chain ! The 11ft ceiling is angled, as seen in this OLD foto of the room, pictured below ! The reflective Couch and Metal table were the first thing I removed from the room ! All ' 5 milliseconds ' reflective surfaces, were addressed and label'd as ' PRIORITY ' in getting this room acoustically treated ! The acoustic Stage Curtains were purchased from the ROSE BRAND ( www.RoseBrand.com ), a professional Theater supply company in the New York City area ! After I removed that long reflective couch, I acquired a LOW SHOULDER Fabric 'CLUB' seat for my listening position. (pictured below) My Danley TH-50 SUB Woofer cabinet is barely seen in the right side of the picture above. ...a massive 24” Tall x 34” Wide x 25.5” Deep flawless speaker, true down to 21hz. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/tapped-horns/th50/ Since that pic was taken, it has been moved directly behind my listening seat, within inches of the back of that new fabric Club Seat ! Also, i must mention that moving the seating position off the Back of the Wall , was a game changer sonic'ly. *A serious recommendation to anyone sitting directly next to a WALL : Move your listening position at least 4-5 feet off the Wall, if your closest wall is acoustically treated ! Or, move at least 6 feet off the wall, ... if it is NOT acoustically treated ! (The golden '5 millisecond Reflection rule' is around the 6 feet mark, ...which I truly now believe) Our brotha ChrisA, can verify for us, if I am not close to that estimation. Trust me, THAT made a HUGE difference in the systems fidelity. -Tightening everything ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My room's SIDE 15ft walls, are my 'SHORT WALLS' ! I built 4 Curved-Diffussors, for the 1st and 2nd order side-wall reflection points ! They cost me about $10 each, to make . (If anyone is curious how to build those, just ask) Below are some pics of the side walls ! So to conclude, ...this is my 2-Channel listening Jube L/C/R system, for 2018 . All equipment used in of all my Klipsch systems are listed below, in my signature ! For 2019 , I want to expand to 5.1 Audio. In 2020, I will add a 125" screen + Projector ! Thanx for lookin' , Any questions ...? HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ~ Craig LeMay 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
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    Local business closing doors after 35 years, Owners kids want nothing to do with it they set stuff out front with a sign. I went in with the wife for the hell of it and she spies approx 1000 Vinyl albums........I ask the sellers how much he says pick out what you want, I said no you misunderstand, How much for all of them..................... A few minutes later all loaded in the van 100.00.....................Much of the Vinyl is stuff I will never listen to but there are a few decent lp...............Most are in VG+ shape except of course the 1 crate with my preferred vinyl they got wet and the covers are all stuck together moldy. I pull out the vinyl and toss the covers and so far approx 50 great classic rock, Motown, funk, from the 60's, 70's & a very Few 80's the vinyl is all cleaning up great and are near mint. Going to buy some plain covers a sleeves keep as players Van Morrison Moondance Played superbly, Crosby Stills & Nash needs another go on the VPI but was still absolutely listenable Got my 100 worth of vinyl out of the wet molded covers, everything else is a bonus, Keep an eye out I will likely be offering up gift packs for shipping costs
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    Yes, I have used KnuKonceptz and think its a good value. 8 gauge? Serious overkill IMO.
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    Not true about tube amps. He preferred solid state. I was in PWK's home in 1985 and he had long switched to a BGW 100 and half of a Crown D-75 (for his Belle Center). He played several of his tapes for me, all symphonies with some jazz guest artists. Great sound, but not a single Tube anywhere except in the Museum by the Factory.
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    Nice music for cool soggy weather Mike.
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    … o O (still drink 2 cups of Folgers from a mr coffee machine every morning)
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    After about 15 hours of total play time, this amplifier is starting to settle in. The bass notes are more complete with detail, depth and sustenance. The soundstage is still growing in all three dimensions, separation and space are coming into better focus, and the dynamic range has also increased with greater slam and transient response. This is a very solid amplifier and I can certainly understand why many would prefer this amp over a tube amp. In fact, it bears some resemblance to my McIntosh MC240 6L6 push-pull stereo amp with that holographic presentation, warmth and body. Even though my Forte II's are in storage, my KEF LS50's are doing a respectable job of creating room-filling sound. I can understand where many Klipsch Heritage or classic Altec horn-based speaker owners would be very pleased with an amplifier of this calibre generating 15 high quality watts into 8 ohms. I have posted on these forums about my push-pull tube amps and some really good Texas Instruments Class D amps, and this Nelson Pass designed amp is one of the best in my amplifier collection. It really has the soul of a tube amp, but it also has the desirable hallmarks of a solid state amplifier. It is an incredibly musical amplifier that allows me to get lost in the music. I really cannot rank my amps, because some are in storage or just don't work well with my KEF LS50's for a fresh comparison, but what I can say is that I will be keeping this Pas DIY amp in my system for a while.
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    When the La Scala II was being designed, two prototype pairs were built, one pair of plywood and one pair of MDF. After listening tests, the MDF LaScala IIs were found to sound better than the plywood ones, so that’s the material the company went with.
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    In addition to being from Cincy, Budman is one of the forum's best assets. He gave me a set of Klipsch copper badges to use on the Heresys I presented to my son as his graduation (George Washington) and thanks for service (Army Afghanistan) gift. When that ingreat (my son) decided he preferred a faux-pro look for the Hereseys, I sent the badges back to Budman, but still attached to the Heresy grills.
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    I was right. He does like old speakers, as do most of us here. @Chasrock
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    Reheating pizza is like trying to go back in time. JJK
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    What power cord are you using. Cable lives matter!
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    No affiliation... https://nmi.craigslist.org/ele/d/petoskey-klipsch-klf-30-speakers/6776920657.html
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    The time has come to start thinning the museum collection, and to create some room in the basement targeting a much simpler retirement setup a few years away. Many of the amps have been fully restored, either by Craig, or by Mike Missel or Jeff Jackson here in St. Louis. All of the gear that I represent as working/restored is available for inspection and listening here in St. Louis, and local pickup/pony express is preferred. I actively dislike shipping tube gear and I will not ship speakers. While I like talking on my cell at 314-651-9396, I do not like endless rounds of emails and texts. I do find texting photos to a cell to be convenient, though...these eyes are not what they used to be 🙂 Prices and paticulars will be added as time permits. I will be finalizing prices over the next two days; it takes a little time to peek under the hood of everything. Getting a handle on the size of the collection will also help us get a nice classic car for our high school son, as well. Speakers Klipsch Cornwalls $475, birch, serial #s 10P274,10P275 with face quarter rounds added, tops rough SOLD Klipsch RF7s, black, with DeanG crossovers, $850 Altec 604Es , $1700, with N1500 crossovers, Barzilay cabinetsSOLD Large Advents, $25, utility cabinets with vinyl veneer, need refoaming SOLD Thiel CS1.2, $250 JBL LE85 mids with Martinelli lipstick horns in black, $700 Heil ESS AMT tweeters, $250 SOLD Fulton Music Industry FMI E towers, $600 Preamps Ming Da MC2A3 tube pre, $750, line stage SOLD Anthem Pre1L tube pre, $400, line stage McIntosh MC40 x 2, tube amps, restored, $2600 SOLD McIntosh MC1700 receiver w tube tuner section, $700 McIntosh MC1900 receiver with slant leg case , $850 Accuphase E202, 125 wpc SS integrated with case, PF caps replaced eight years ago, $950 HH Scott 272 tube integrated with walnut case, unrestored, Mullard EL34 output tubes, $1600 Pilot 602 MA tube receiver, unrestored, $250 NOS Valves VRDs, Craig's very first ones with Triode Electronics front end, Mullard 5AR4 rectiifiers, alder wood, $1600 SOLD Sun Audio SV2A3 tube amp with attenuator controls, NOS JAN 2A3s, $2100 Eico HF87 tube pwr amp, restored, $1050 Acrosound UltraLinear MKII tube amps, in custom vertical aluminum frames for a rack mount, restored, Mullard EL34s, $1700 Acrosound ULMKII tube amp, unrestored project, wonderful Acrosound transformers test good, $275 Dynaco ST70 tube amp with cage, fully restored(Will Vincent), stuffed with Hovland Musicaps, $825SOLD Dynaco ST35 tube amp with Mullards, unrestored, $275SOLD Sherwood S5000II tube integrated, fantastic original, $450 Sherwood S5500 tube integrated, project, $300 Eico HF 81 tube integrated, fully restored(Craig,) all Mullard tubes, $725 SOLD Eico HF81, fully restored(Mike), $550 EICO 2536 tube receiver, push/pull EL84s, $230 Eico ST70 tube integrated, unrestored, $300 BEING RESTORED Eico ST70 tube integrated, unrestored, $300 SOLD Harman Kardon A700 tube integrated, fully restored(Mike), $550 SOLD Fisher 400, $300 Fisher 500C tube receiver, unrestored, $400 SOLD Fisher 500C tube receiver, with walnut case, primo condition unrestored original, $650 Please feel free to call with any questions...Dave 314-651-9396
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    After Christmas savings on Ebay. Take 15% off everything today with code POPUPSAVINGS at check out!
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    Used this in 16ga to re-wire my klf-30 & c7 speakers from the xovers to the drivers and 14ga from both sets of binding posts to the xover. The jackets are very soft so take care if you do any soldering with this stuff.
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    I have a set of 8 gauge jumper cables, they work great.
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    Here you go... K-105-K 1" (2.54cm) Titanium dome compression driver https://web.archive.org/web/20131203061514/http://www.klipsch.com:80/rb-5-bookshelf-speaker/details#specs
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    Wow, if I were closer I would love to scoop those Cornwalls, if even for the garage.
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    Again, it's not clear that is the case. MDF is considerably heavier than birch ply. ..So it's predictable the the speakers will be more expensive to ship. Still, even if it was a bean counter victory, is that a bad thing?? The list of speaker companies that folded over the years is almost endless. Thank goodness bean counters have helped Klipsch to survive a very competitive industry.
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    Let's just call it...done.
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    Crisper is a good word for it. The hi hats, cymbals, and some piano frequencies all do sound a bit sizzle-y and crispy. Interested in hearing your experience going from the factory tweets to the CT120s. I also had some other upgrades in the time being since I was tweeter-less... added a Luxman DA-06 DAC to swap out with my Hegel HD30 and also a new Innuos Zen MK III music server. So all the system changes make it kind of hard to bird-dog where the changes I'm hearing are coming from.
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    I blew 1 of my LSII tweeters about a week before you did yours in. I've had a factory replacement in for about 3weeks now. When first installed I found the new one brighter,crisper? than the old one. It took about 2 weeks for them to lvl out, but I still think the new one sounds just a lil..well newer? lol Any how I received a set of Crites CT120'sjust waiting on the z brackets that I didn't order with the tweets 😳 doh! Hoping they will be in by Monday. Back to original question, yes I do think thers a burn in time, give it another week
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    @Tizman I'm sure they will sound terrific. My own amps are a pair of Welborne Labs Moondogs with 2a3 tubes. The new Western Electric plant is only a couple of miles from my house. They have been running tests on all the installation of the manufacturing equipment over the past couple of months and are taking pre-orders for the new run. The guy here who bought the rights to the Western Electric name also got all the orginal equipment ad supplies that were left. They've also got a new 300B stereo amp in the works (single pc board with ss rectification). It sounds pretty good. I am hoping to get a tour when I get back from vacation. Bruce
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    I agree; it would be as big as the next Keurig. Butter must be refrigerated, so the machine has to take pads which are thin enough for single serving use. It has to melt while the bagel/bread toasts, and close to the end, it needs to spray a mist without too much mess. Perhaps an easy-to-clean stainless drip-catcher. You can sell your own branded custom sliced butter chips at a high mark-up, just the same as they do with those K-cups.
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    MDF, but I still want a pair. They are mighty pretty. My 76 La Scalas are breathtakingly dynamic and real sounding. Especially with nice SET amp. Something that has to be heard to be understood.
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    It's all about the source material. You can't fix crap.
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    Looking for support from others for your own experiences, opinions and (sizeable) investments is human nature. ODS123 has his, and I have mine. When I put my opinions online, I do so as a reflection of my own actual real life experiences, and the preferences that have come about as a result of those experiences. I wish I was wrong, and that all amps do in fact sound the same, DR speakers sound the same as horn speakers, etc. That would be so much simpler and cheaper. Picking an amp by choosing the one with the lowest THD figure is a recipe for disaster. I ‘ve heard many amps that have vanishingly small THD figures and that sound like crap (that was pretty much most of the 1980s). This again is my experience. ODS123 is not speaking from experience. He has too much money invested in his Mac, and doesn’t want to try anything new based on hearing from others with different experiences. He has said as much. He wants to find things online and refer to them here to support his sizeable investment. He wants to give advice that supports his choices, not from experience, but from a need to support these choices. Don’t take his word for it, he hasn’t experienced it, and he doesn’t want to. Don’t take my word for it either. I have heard many different systems, and tried different amps with different speakers, but my end choices are my own personal and therefore biased ones. Try different things and make up your mind for yourself. Just make sure one of the things you try is a pair of Klipsch horn speakers on a SET amp. Then make your own choice. If you haven’t heard it, do everyone a favour and shut up about the things you know nothing about.
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    Well, really should be fine with the AVR only. New X4500H is acting up so I enacted a return label, and went ahead and called for the upgrade X6500H japan made model. It has a larger and more robust amp section, so it should be fine. Hopefully it comes working 100%...
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    Let's leave the discussion about Ohio for another time......
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    === that’s an oxymoron at best. It can’t be both. Toasters have a launch mode, toaster ovens have a door. Apples to oranges - toasters to ovens.
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    Sounds like me. I might get up to ring it in, maybe not. I get up about the time the parties are breaking up. Playing with these Scalas. I spose this is a case of , when all else fails, read the instructions. Moved as far apart as possible and toed them in to "focus" in front of the MLP. The angle of toe in is crazy... 45`+, prolly closer to 60`, due the room being shallow. Opens them up. If you were sitting opposite one... it was in your face. Prob now, is the corners sticking out. One of us, prolly me, will run into one. Just 'cause I don't got no meat to buffer the blow. sound really nice from a lot of different seating positions.
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    Someone got a very special surprise for Christmas. I hope to hear it soon. SSH
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    Here's my favorite Christmas song
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    Just for fun 😄 Note: Tap on picture for best resolution of Meter readings. Note: Schiit Vidar driven in mono mode for prototype KPT-1502-HLS but I had it muted since I just wanted to show the watts driving Jubs only. My McIntosh MHA100 Headphone Amps Vertical Bi-amping Jubs/K402/TAD4002 playing a Norah Jones Track At a pretty loud level. Not to bad for a little over .5 w on the LF and less than 5mw on the HF for a 99.5db reading on the old RatShack Meter...😄 miketn
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    If it really IS the Heresys, then it is probably gonna be an easy fix since they are brand new. Unfortunately, NOWADAYS, you have to pull the woofer to check anything out inside the cabinets. It could be as simple as a loose connection to the terminals from the crossover...or vice-versa...but it would be HIGHLY unlikely that BOTH the speakers had the same exact issue. It could also be something wrong with the crossover networks themselves...and finally it could be the connections FROM the crossover TO the drivers. But I highly doubt the drivers, themselves would have an issue, since they DID have to pass a sweep test after mounting in the cabinets in order to be ready to ship! THE very LAST thing I would check is the logos on the grilles...just a little humor there!
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