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What does your login name mean?


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I have already responded but like with a joke [:$] - but everyone has been so honest and open I feel guilty now and would like to post again and be honest.

DownUnder73 - I think this really needs no explanation - Born and live in Australia. 73 is the year that I was born.

I named myself DownUnder on this forum as I know members, probably a good 80% is from USA I thought I would take this opportunity to distinguish myself from the vast majority. As I like to be a little bit different.

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HiFi is a term that I love for the hobby we all share. I've always used hifi jim as a handle on most forums and even Xbox Live. Hi Fi, is of course short for High Fidelity and I'm constantly surprised how few people know that or even what it relates too, especially anyone born after 1980. Kids these days... Oh and my name is Jim.

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This is always an interesting thread. What I find most interesting is how "off" I am in interpreting some of those usernames and thier meanings. An example is "merkin", which I always took as shorthand for "American", such as "Klipsch are as merkin as hot dogs and apple pie".

As for mine, it captures/conveys my purpose in being here. I had another username for my first few months here, but since no one ever remembered it/it didn't seem to "stick", I changed it to Audible Nectar, which seemed better suited as a descriptive username.

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Interested in ....

SET amps.

SETI@home which used computers to crunch data for the Search for Extraterestial Inteligence project. I had 20 computers running the client at the time. It was like a screensaver that used spare computer cycles to compute small chunks of data for research.

Egyptology SETI was a ruler and father of Ramses II.

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