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    I'm posting this with a heavy heart... As much as I love my Home Theater, it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cleaning and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I will be re-homing my collection. Please don't ask any questions, as I can't handle talking about it. Below is a list of what's available. All FREE of charge, but to good homes only. Serious inquiries only please. Thanks for reading and understanding... 1. Dustpan and brush 2. Sponges 3. Dusters 4. Mop and bucket 5. Window cleaner 6. Vaccuum 7. Dishwashing liquid 8. Laundry detergent 9. Fabric softener 10. Laundry baskets 11. Toilet brush 12. Cleaning sprays 13. Scrubbing brushes Borrowed from Facebook. Hope it gives you a chuckle.
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    I'll take the vacuum! My wife has a birthday coming up.
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    I'll take the toilet brush. I will give to my neighbor so he can clean his Bose.
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    @WakeJunkie and I have been best friends for the past 17 years. Last weekend we took a family vacation and while I was there, I decided to make a Home Theater Tour of his room. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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    Note to self:"Read everything first" Well now that is joyous news then! yeah I see now what I missed. Where is Leroy Gibbs when I need a head smack!?
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    More from our neighborhood suburban sanctuary. Neighbor knocked on the door earlier and asked if I wanted to see this. Another neighbor that is challenged by physical labor is paying him to clean up storm damage from weeks ago, and look what was under this limb. With it's long spindly legs and running like Bambi on ice I wonder if it was born today. Saw the doe earlier when saying goodbye to a friend leaving after lunch, but where did the doe go after playing with the other neighbors rodents (3lb incessantly barking bugs)?
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    Q - How do you get an elephant out of an elevator? A - You take the "P" out of elephant and the "F' out of way. Punchline - There's no F in way.
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    I may be interested in the mop and bucket......for a friend.
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    Reminds me of a story. Grandpa was asking what to get Grandma for a wedding anniversary. “Get her a watch”, I said. He thought a while and said, “No, she has a clock on the stove”.
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    Think it was Ousley and not Ausley, and not Leary...😍 Nevermind..
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    If you really need more bass and want to keep the La Scala's i suggest using your money on a parametric equalizer (PEQ), porting the cabinet will also help.
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    Goodwill store in Brooklyn Park, MN https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/71845384 (no affiliation)
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    === oh, I’m sorry. Coffee, Cables, Cocktails, Caterpillars’, C4 —
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    === Coffee, Cables, Cocktails & Caterpillars’ —
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    Out here in the west anyone thinking of digging needs a jackhammer at a minmum, a backhoe attachment on a tractor or a backhoe itself would be better. Oh and some coffee a'course.
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    They work great. I have been trying some different components here and there, but no complaints from me.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remember to apex those turns at warp 3 in that thing! Hammer down and GO!
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    Thank you for the laugh. It made my day.
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    I would think her biggest asset was on the other side of a camera, well when speaking of photography anyway.
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    I agree with this. I think Bill recommends it because people (like me) who can’t cut absolutely perfect joints can still successfully build an air-tight THT. If you have CNC cut stuff, Titebond is going to result in tighter joints and is fantastically strong.
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    The problem with PL Premium is that people (not you) talk about it as if there were only one. There are several PL Premiums, I don't know which one to use. I have used it before. I suppose the advantage is you buy it in a tube and need a caulking gun so there is the cool factor, but it is overkill to the overkill most of us do anyway. It comes out with the consistency of toothpaste, very thick. It is NOT good for the precision CNC cut flatpacks exactly because it is so thick. Titebond III is the right stuff. I like Titebond much each better, either the white or yellow version. The Titebonds are very strong for the cabs we are building, relatively inexpensive and easy to work with.
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    I did that @Dave1290 somehow I feel deprived of "the quest" I did save a ton of $$$ .... never mind a 5 month wait, from time of purchase, and a 4000 mile r/t to fetch them. LaScalas are da kine
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    I use Klipschorns, a Belle Klipsch center, with a subwoofer (Klipsh RSW15) with movies and music. The Klipschorns alone, with the bass drum, timpani, and tam-tam in Fanfare for the Common Man will flap my pants legs at 13 feet away (in a 4,000 + cu. ft. room) and throw my work table out of square for just a moment (not kidding). That is at an expenditure of about 25 watts per channel and about 112 dB SPL (just on the beats) at the listening position. The Klipschorns alone (with Audyssey Flat), measured with REW and a calibrated mic, cross the 0 line at 33 Hz, then roll off to - 8dB at 23 Hz, below which the trace disappears. Crossing over the Khorns to the subwoofer can add considerable deep bass volume, but not much range. The subwoofer curve is very much like the Khorn curve, except the sub extends (weakly) to 16 Hz, instead of 23 Hz. I use the sub for movies because I don't want to risk the Khorns under the barrage of extreme movie LFE. I also use the sub for music, most of the time, but there is a trade off. The Khorns are more precise, tight and clean down to, maybe, 30 -35 Hz. If you get smooth response down to that point with your Khorns, I'd recommend crossing over to the sub at about 40 Hz, but , for movies, set the LPF for LFE at the usual 120 Hz, or 80 Hz.
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    Very cool Matt. I always enjoy your videos.
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    Well get married. Sorry couldn't help it.
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    Wait, what??? Leary??? Isn't that the dude who wrote, "Psychedelic Shack, That's Where It's At?" "It'll be okay billybob. Just put the paper w/the star on it on your tongue and take a couple drinks of your beer. I KNOW you'll have a good time!" THAT guy??? 😂 😎
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    I was playing around today with adding some low end to my LS quads. (I use these outside or in my warehouse) These two subs were yanked out of my basement. They are the 12" HF versions of what you are looking at from Dayton. (I actually swapped one out with a 12" Titanic driver I had just for kicks) Anyway they hold their own but don't keep up with the LSs after a point. I would guess that if you are talking near field (not sure how near) it is a fairly small room and they should do just fine for you. I agree w Jason, port them and don't put the amp in the cabinet. I am by no means an expert, just know what has worked for me (and not worked). Still plan to build a good horn sub someday. Good luck, have fun with it!
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    @Man in the Box & @wvu80 This may say it all: Or, nearly all. (wvu80, it's nice to have agreement, isn't it?) In this case, my thinking, or lack of it, was heavily influenced by Man in the Box having only $1,000 to spend. Either the Yamaha or the subwoofer could be set so the subwoofer could come in as high as 120 Hz -- I hope -- if his 6.5" woofers act like 6.5" woofers (i.e., severe roll off under 120 or 100 Hz). Klipsch may have been able to work some minor magic with the rear porting etc. As you know, if he could put the speakers very near a wall, without blocking the port, the bass extension and amplitude could be increased. But, I can see going the other way, too, getting some good floor standers, and no sub, or saving up and getting both. Most orchestral music (my favorite) tends to roll off as high as 35 Hz (unless there is an organ), but bass power from about 120 down is needed badly, for fullness and balance. Pop is much easier to build a relatively inexpensive sound system for. Rock/metal needs more in the basement because of bass guitar, etc, but the orchestra is king! Paul W. Klipsch said that to get the "blood stirring" level of a full symphony orchestra, you need very brief peaks of 115 dB at your ears (much of that in brass and percussion, and percussion, including piano, needs lots of bass, as Yamaha well knows, since they own ). Think of a Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff piano concerto, or the drums in Fanfare for the Common Man or The Firebird). Here is a portrait of a kick drum. Notice the 31 Hz part of the boom lasts the longest and goes as loud as any of them. A big bass drum like in an orchestra (like the Telarc bass drum), since it is bigger, would be deeper. Tympani are all over the place. Paul's 115 dB figure probably came out of his measurement of such orchestras while recording them. As someone on the forum pointed out to me recently, we have a lot more information about simulating those high levels than was available in Paul's day. THX now says that in a smallish room (a big home room) we can get along with 5 to 10 dB less, due to the nearfield reflections of nearby walls, ceiling and floor, even when we try to control them. The 4" thick professional Sonex anechoic wedge foam pad I used to have did a good job with the upper frequencies, but had a cut-off at 400 Hz, which is 2 to 4 octaves above serious bass. I assume the Yamaha has a subwoofer output. The sub should have its owm amp, built in. The one Yamaha power spec that counts is the 80 watts per channel at low distortion, 20 to 20,000Hz. The other power specs (at least on the page I saw) are pretty meaningless (e.g., looking at the power available at 1K Hz). Virtually all AVR, car, and inexpensive home stereo manufacturers have adopted this basic dishonesty. The same manufacturers are far more objective in rating their separate power amps and preamps. But I think we can trust the 20 to 20K figure of 80 w.p.c. when running 2 channels. That will give you, conservatively, the 105 dB peak power the music & movie industries bank on, at any conceivable listening position in your small room. With speakers less sensitive than Klipsch, you might not get near that. If you get a subwoofer, and you plan to run the occasional movie, it will need to be able to put out 110 dB peaks, or so, at listening position. Lots of good luck!
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    I almost bought these! They were a little too far for me to swing with my current schedule but I was really tempted by how beautiful they are. Love the finish.
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    Though I wish I could be sitting by, or floating on a lake hearing the call of the Loon, I have to content myself to the fountain I have. It has several audio tracks to choose from, one being that of the Loon. A brief snippet just taken.
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    Does anyone make an outdoor yagi FM antenna anymore? All the big names, Winegard, Channel Master, etc., no longer sell them. Should I just buy a VHF TV antenna?
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    Looks like walnut? Seems motivated, no affiliation... https://annarbor.craigslist.org/ele/d/ypsilanti-klipsch-reference-series-rf7/6927367839.html
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    Haha....every year people get killed, fingers blown off, eyes hit, and that's by the regular fireworks. Can you imagine if it was legal to have real explosives?
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    Cool, pretty happy over here too. I finished up my Chorus project (build thread in Mod forum) loving them too & glad my "firstborns" went to a good home 😃
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    Take a job with any fortune 500 company and find out how little free speech you have.
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    I can tell you that Bill Fitzmaurice recommends Loctite PL construction adhesive for the THT build precisely because it expands to fill cracks. Oh, I agree on the Titebond (III, anyway). I had to get a joint undone once and ended up destroying the wood, the joint was way stronger than the wood.
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    I respect that GaryC and between you and JohnA would take it to meaning. . thanks We shall see possibly later what the OP considers...
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    Good advise. I know you know. 👍 I cant do it right in my current room. Its one of the big reasons my budget is what it is. I don't want to invest very much doing it wrong.
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    Can't stop: & cartoon catfish are just funny to me! * that fish doesn't have whiskers! could use some of that sweet flaky salt and pepper fried catfish tonight!
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    Loons are a favorite of mine. They have a beautiful call. They look so different up north than they do down south as they change their colors. Here is one from up in Wisconsin this weekend.
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    Welcome to the Forum! Just buy a pair of La Scala's and be done with it! Ha! Great group of people in here. Enjoy!
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    Nice, I see it appears they are putting some sort of foam in the bass bin. If so, I wonder why? I am sucker for a good build thread or in this case video. Thanks for sharing.
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