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    If one was raised in a barn...
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    Being a bad solderer is not his problem. Being an arrogant, insulting, vulgar know it all who also can’t solder is his problem.
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    i know of a person in Canada that bought an old chapel and renovated it into her home. I love the place in the video. I’d live there --if it wasn’t in Ohio. Now, if it was on a West Coast beach ... i’m interested.
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    My brother used to tell me he heard that... and also "The kind of music that disturbs the soul" from Seger! found a goofy video of the one that was in "The Warriors"
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    We threw up in the middle of the night Just to hear them say...
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    Haven't heard this in a long while, the airwaves almost literally reeked of this band four decades ago. *Four decades ago everything around me literally reeked of something too! Excellent LP!
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    I find myself listening to more RAP lately . . . . . . mostly at intersections.
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    ....and ordered Jubilee bass bins to sit my 402's on.... Now the four month wait begins.... All the research and looking at plans for DIY and in the end, I just couldn't shake the thought that other designs would have been a compromise. So, Jubilees it is. I have the Xilica working, will try and get ahold of the PEQ settings for the combo I have. Selling my Prima Luna amp. The big Crowns are just rockin out, and so clear. My brother is taking the Altec 19's. Relieved that I will still be able to visit them. Anyway, I feel pretty Zen about it all, despite the outlay.. and just maybe I will do a DIY sub if required, to scratch THAT itch.
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    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this. I just completed a pair of La Scalas from the plans provided on this website. A sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible, including Dave Harris for his amazing Eliptracs. Although I am not completely satisfied with the finish I chose, the La Scalas do sound AMAZING, and that is what counts. For those interested in the particulars: Eliptrac 400 and Eliptract HF - I modified the motorboard and the sides 5" to accomodate the Eliptrac 400. The openings in the motorboards were cut with a CNC router for exact fits. I left the horns natural MDF and then stained them. I deliberately left traces of the rings in the Eliptract 400 as I like the look. The construction is all 3/4" Baltic Birch. I may go back and include the braces if the resonance issue I have read about becomes a problem. The drives and crossovers are all Bob Crites. Tweeter is the CT 120. Mid-range is the A-55G. Woofer is the CW 1526 (Stamped frame). The crossover is the AL3. I am presently using an Yamaha RX A3070 with the pre-outs for the La Scalas routed through a completely restored and refurbished Phase Linear 400 Series Two. The system has to do double duty between an Audio/Video system and a stereo. Anyway, thanks again! ..
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    I was going to just tack this impression onto my Jube thread but when my first draft got erased I realized @Md5150 system deserves its own topic. My honest thanks to Mike for demoing his system a week ago. I'll let him detail exactly what he has going on but basically I experienced his K402/Faital driver/MWM system with dual THTLP subs in his purpose built dedicated basement room. We listened mostly to a live Joe Satriani recording at moderate and loud levels. While admittedly a short session and limited variety of music, let me say upfront that I have never in 45 years of musicphile/audiophile life heard a system with such a combination of power, clarity and ability to convey the emotional intent of the music! In my experience most systems fall apart when turned up and the distortion tells my brain that it must be loud. Really what's happening is the system itself is compressing and otherwise distorting and/or overloading the room. Not Mike's system! His purpose built dedicated basement room is solid! It has a much higher than normal ability to handle really LOUD. Combine that with this level of horn loaded Klipsch Pro goodness and you get real power, explosive dynamics, and enormous head room akin to the best live music. At first as Mike turned it up in several steps I expected the usual cringe worthy reaction to turn it back down, but, just the opposite, the louder it got the clearer the illusion of being at the gig became. The drums in particular had that very unusual hit through my gut and chest that says LIVE! When Satch was shredding those tasty licks of Surfing With The Alien I found myself shouting for glee. Then I asked Mike to put on my Satriani fav Always With Me Always With You. This tune has long had a spiritual meaning and joy for me. One of my barometers of good sound is a system's ability to communicate the emotional intent of the artists. One reliable indicator of this ability is the "goosebump" test. Mike's system has it BIG time! Thanks Mike for a peak audio experience!
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    My opinion is thus.....if you buy season tickets based on a single player, you are a fool. That player, or any player, can go down in practice, in exhibition or kicking a soccer ball with his kids. Asking for a refund because a player retires is ridiculous. I applaud Andrew Luck for making a smart decision.
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    Hell. I work nights and if I've got a bottle, it gets swigged-from before I change out of my work clothes. Any day of the week. That's what it's for.
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    My God fellas. How in the hell are you able to hold onto this stuff. After frustrating weeks at work,..... come friday night.......those bottles would be callin' my name. Only ones that last here are the ones I don't particularly care for but save them for guests that may like them. If I like or love them....THEY WILL BE GONE!
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    Audio grade is mil spec and silver leads.
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    That’s good. More money for speakers
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    They hit the jackpot with that release Not bad for country rock
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    It's sadder when no one pays attention.
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    To reiterate something said a page or two back, "audio" has nothing whatsoever to do with these caps. They are merely providing a local reserve of DC power. Perhaps offering some further ripple smoothing as well. I'd go with the most capacitance available at the next heat capacity level, that fits the space. If the capacitance is some less the worst result, IMO, would be the amps' power levels might be degraded a few percent when operating simultaneously. You'll want something in that spot, but you could always supplement them with capacitors the size of 5-gallon buckets connected with heavy-gauge jumpers. I know a guy who could make up the jumpers for you if you're anywhere near Kansas City. Might as well start stocking up on rolls of electrical tape and golf balls for taking things to the next level after the amps are repaired. :^)
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    Birch takes stain oddly. It needs a conditioner first. One more reason I had my done professionally, in addition to the large chips and putty work they needed.
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    Congrats. On both speakers and wife. Both keepers. Welcome to the forum. In your picture is the tophat not sitting correctly? On mine the collar sits over and in front of the bass bin front panel. And yes it looks to be walnut and if 1976 probably oiled finish.
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    I like it in this role because it does no wrong - primarily because it's very quiet. In a biamped system like this gain of the bass amp relative to the gain of the treble amp is important to match. I admit I haven't gotten technical enough about this i.e I haven't learned how to measure the actual output voltage of my amps for better gain matching. This combination of VTL tubes on the bass and SIT-2 above happen to be in the ballpark with each other. I swept them in REW and let ChrisA tell me if my gains were off. We dialed them in with the Xilica for EQ, phase, and gain. Now, how will another amp step into this role on the TADs/K402? I'll find out very soon with a pair of Welborne Labs Laurel IIs rebuilt/refurbished by Erik2A3. They should arrive tomorrow. I will also try the Laurels vs. other amps full range with my Khorns and a pair of Quad ESLs I keep stored in the bedroom just for fun. I may have to get out the multimeter and try some measuring again 'cause as Mike D recently pointed out different amps can sound different especially in active multiamped systems not only because of total gain differences but because of "gain tracking" differences. More to come...
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    Very nice stack. I am all about "matching" gear. Bill
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    I'm ten mins away - but fighting hard to not make any more audio purchases. This is very tempting.
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    I used one channel of one of those when I had my T18 horn sub. Worked great.
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    You can put plywood between the mattress and box spring also.
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    Anytime you were in someone else's house and you went outside you could leave the door open..........................
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    Tragedy into triumph. Was able to transform these Frankensmurfs into DIY Super Heresys following Claude’s @ClaudeJ1 recipe.
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    I went to every web site and read mattress specs until my eyeballs fell out from boredom. Because of reading about double-sided mattress I learned I could flip mine over, which I did. Sagging problem solved, I never did get a new mattress.
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    Finally had time over the weekend to replace 8 main power supply capacitors on my Sunfire 12" sub and hooked it up with my Belle clones. It had developed a constant buzz and I emailed Bob (Carver) about it and he had let me know which ones were suspect to change out. I had emailed him January of last year and already ordered, and received, the capacitors. But, with the new house build, that got put on hold and things were in storage. Ok, I can live with this for a good while now. Having no low end to speak of was making these speakers less enjoyable to listen to and I had preferred listening to the CV VS-150's and Infinity Quantum 3's which had bass. So at least now I have "something"...albeit not perfect, it's way better. I have it crossed over around 60hz so far which seems to blend pretty well.
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    Relax Skelt, he'll be heading down this way in a couple weeks to load up on brats. I set the hook and now just reeling him in slowly... hahahaha
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    I don't even think about bicycles... except how I might be able to use those nice bearings and drive for something... like a little wind turbine
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    This is my jam right here..
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    Yes; love it The wife and I actually looked for years to find a church we could convert into a home. But ... not much around in Florida and did not want to move to the MidWest
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    Thanks folks! Yes, they dominate, but I live alone so no one to push-back. Initial gut reaction? They have more guts 😁.
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    I know it's not....but when I see that yellow covered wire, I can't help to think it's identical to the 250 foot spool of 12-2 WG wire I have in my garage.
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    Ties are on opposite ends of the capacitors to cancel out dielectric wave phase irregularities. The round thing is a combatistrator. Patent Pending.
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    Just imagine what P.T. Barnum could've accomplished with an Internet!
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    Couldn't remember if I had posted this pic in a different thread or not but this was my main system for watching TV and movies at my home I sold last November. Unfortunately, with work, moving and projects at the new house, I haven't had time to setup the system in the new house. Hopefully soon though... Here's the "old" setup. New setup is going to have some gear changes/updates but the CF3 v1's will definitely remain part of the system.
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    Looks like they've been moved a few times (or partied with). For a real speaker, cosmetic issues are unimportant and can be readily addressed. Congrats!
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    Can you place them upside down in the corners at the ceiling? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nothing in this thread can top the dumb shit in that rewiring thread.
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    It was nice meeting you and your son yesterday. I'm glad to hear your wife is on the mend. Having danced with the big C myself 9 years ago, I know how scary it can be.
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    I know, but after reading again if you didn’t know it might have looked bad so I wanted to say something. Good luck to Mrs V and Picky, it’s going to be fine.
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    All the best to You, Your wife, your family! Prayers also.
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    But it’s Mrs Verna, and he know’s what I mean. Been knowing them for a long time now and he knows he has nothing to worry about with me, it’s only good things for them from me. Anyway I meant from the shoulders up, he’s like a brother from another mother, nothing to worry about.
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    Glen, I wish I would have seen this earlier today before we met @ Neil's. I would have enjoyed sitting down praying with you! Both you and your wife will be in my prayers. I heard you mention your knee surgery and saw the scar, which looked great, on your right knee and never knew you just had your left one done. That moon walk at Claude's you did was ahhhmazing! Was that really you or just the good vibrations from that kick butt system??? 😂 😎 Your son is a great guy too! The pleasure was mine! Truly enjoyed the day with everyone!
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    That’s better than No F Way....
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    Thanks for the kind welcome to all! Mossy bottom, I just stumbled onto this TEAC S-4300SX tape deck almost by accident. I posted on the NextDoor app to my local 7000 population “neighborhood” asking if anyone had a reel to reel deck that I could borrow or possibly buy to use to digitize a few tapes I had of my recitals from college. Long story short, this ended up being one of those rare $50 deals. I also posted a request on the NextDoor for woodworking help to make a few grill blanks for the Heresy speakers and a couple of neighbors with woodworking experience stepped forward to help out. Both also turned out to be Klipsch owners and fans.
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