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    Finally picked up a nice pair of Cornwalls. I think they're 1's, as the serial numbers are stamped into the wood. The factory stickers are in poor shape. 23U132 and 23U130. Oiled Walnut with new Bob Crites tweeters. They have also recently been recapped though I have no knowledge of what went in. I have all the original parts. The grills need new cloth. They each have some minor tears and marks but nothing heinous. The cabinets are in fair to good condition. They each have a few nicks in the veneer but they look great from across the room. Blasted them for two days an old Sansui 5700 so I could A/B them with my CF-3s. Every time I compare my CFs (my first Klipsch) to new speaks I wonder why I ever kept buying speakers. I love the CFs and they still make me smile. But these Cornwalls are a marked improvement. So far, not as much Bass response but the mids are scary bright and FULL. It sounds like I put four speakers in the room and not just two. I just wired them to my Fisher 500B. So far, great. I think the thing holding them back is the room is too small. Guess I need a new house. 700 Bucks. - Happiest guy in the hood!
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    View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa. Somewhere along these shores Jonah took a boat to run away from God. There are three major biblical events in Jaffa and two of them relate to salvation for the gentiles. I hadn't made that connection until after visiting the sites and rereading the related sections of the bible.
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    Ein Avdat. Near the Ben Gurion burial site. The caves found in this area used to be home to monks and scribes.
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    So... the wife is gone for a month, so I am playing with what I have in our family room (21x23x10). At the moment, I don't have room to place the MWMs in their proper orientation, and I have been using them with the LaScalas tops for the mids and tweets, even though they are squeezed in the middle. I decided to lay the LS on their side and just use them as boxes, while I hooked up some BMD750 2 inch drivers with some Selenium horns, and some APT150s for tweeters on top. The APT150s are Eminence APT50 drivers on a 100x50 horn flare. Using the DHA2 crossovers from the LS with no changes. It shouldn't sound very good, really, although the tweeters are physically aligned with the mids. Should probably be about a 5 ms delay on those from the MWMs. Still, they sound unbelievable. Need to get an active crossover so I can really do these right. Showed the pic to my older son and his older daughter (oops... 9 or 10... I should know), said, "We need speakers that big."
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    I had an appointment last Thursday morning and as I pulled out of a side street I noticed on my left a box like structure with metal grills sitting on the curb between the side walk and street. This is not the console, just an internet photo from https://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=234002 which is pretty much what I saw as I drove by except there were no feet. I thought I was running behind schedule so I just glanced at it briefly one more time as I was driving by and thought "I'll stop on the way back and have a look". So two hours later I was heading back pulled up to said "box" and I still was not sure what I was looking at and stopped, got out, walked around the back of the box and saw a 5U4 tube and a pair of smaller octal (6v6's) tubes. I dropped the tailgate on the pickup and went back and dragged it over to load, it was not very tall (about half a foot below the tailgate) so I picked up one end and angled it at about 45 degrees and the back corner of the HiFi just reached the tailgate and slid the unit into the bed. I got home and unloaded the console and read the label on the back, which read Silvertone 7061 (in Mahogany), the top was deeply plant stained and it had sat outside for sometime as the sides had the finish lifting, the cabinet most like could have been brought back but it would have been a lot of work and I didn't have the room. https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/sears_roeb_silvertone_7061_52846200_mahogany.html so I ended up with this The 5U4 and 6v6's are Realistic branded made in Japan but the rest are the original (from 1957) Silvertone labeled tubes. It is supposed to be about 10 watts, it will make a nice guitar amp even with that big honking power transformer... Gary As brought home, not that ugly really but not the project I wanted to get involved with.
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    Thank you very much for replying and helping me out. I am amazed by all the members on this site who really seem to be very friendly and always willing to help a fellow member. You have made my day!
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    Perhaps some more esplainin' will help... First, the pic. Second, I am in Virginia Beach and found them on Norfolk Craigslist. I find it a bit difficult to accurately compare them to the CFs for a few reasons - 1. The room is probably far too small, maybe 12 X 14. It's a FROG or, furnished room over garage and has a peaked roof. The dudes carpet really ties the room together, however. 2. The shit eating grin on my face is pushing my ears into an unnatural and awkward position to accurately hear what the hell is going on. 3. I'm RFO and have been listening to The Who and others for a LONG time. 4. I fly noisy airplanes for a living and have for 33 years. 5. My bottom feeder gear and heavy duty lamp cord wires are probably sucking sound out and shooting it off into the stratosphere. 6. There are two other reasons evident why my hearing sucks in the pic. . What can I say? The Bass on the CFs is far punchier, but it seems like the mids are better. With the tone pots at FLAT, I found that I needed to wind the bass up more on the Cornwalls. Less tight thump, but still plenty of Bass. When I got the Bass right and selected the CFs, it was too much. Alcohol was involved. If I jammed a sub between the amp and the Cornwalls I could probably rule the world.
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    Congrats. Not a bad place to start at all and not too shabby on the price. Enjoy.
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    Got to thinking the other day about how to squeeze more out of the envelope and Claude's Quarter Pie idea and came up with this. Basically the same travel as the S-MWM but consistent expansion whereas the S-MWM does choke that off at the end. Have to get Claude to validate this reasoning and if it will do what I think it will should work very well. Simpler to build and will be at SWAG next year if the concept is valid. It would be cool to go down to 20hz with a single fold horn. This would also lend itself better to standing up on one edge and taking up less floor space. My understanding of deeper bass is that it is kind of omni-directional and that hard floor surfaces right in front of bass bins can cause problems. So my reasoning is that if I lay the plenum side on the floor it will then be aimed away from the floor eliminating some of the floor reflections and saving space. Another thing I am thinking of here is a comment by Roy where he said he kind of thinks about sound travel like water if I remember right. This variation would allow me to use a curved deflector on the back side although to maintain constant expansion it might require shortening the plenum. Personally I am leaning towards maximum plenum length and leaving it like it is right now unless I am told otherwise. @ClaudeJ1
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    Here's a tip for future repairs. Only do one speaker at a time. Leave one side stock while you work on the other one so that you can see the correct way everything is oriented. Same for brake shoes, LOL.
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    I never realized those were that tall. Bullwinkle always seemed bigger than Rocky. Just sayin'
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    Let me tell you I flat DO NOT trust our government to protect us. Straight up. Our government is a cluster f**k in so many ways! My niece is a Phd in biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, had her own lab @ Sloan Kettering in Manhatten for ~ 8 years cancer research and cellular development. Emily is a brilliant scientist....so what does she do? She is now working for the federal government in DC. Emily had several universities actively pursuing her when she graduated from HS. Full scholarship to Harvard plus $30k stipend annually. She was attending HS and college in NM before Harvard.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions and help, I really appreciate it. I think I'm gonna go with a Yamaha, but I think the 1080 might be just a little too much. I'm gonna look for a good deal on an 880 instead.
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    I was the opposite I guess. Had the CF-3's and found a pair of 78 Cornwalls, put a new pair of tweeters in and changed caps. CF-3's still walked all over them. Same thing happened when I came across KLF-30's...the 30's were sold. Built a set of Belle clones with all new parts and sold the CF-3's and still regret that.
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    There is only one way to ship a Mac amp, buy a shipping box from Mac, or one from Audio Classics. The ones from AC are actually better, no MAC on outside. Some of them have wood pallets on bottom that the amp is bolted to, and they arenall double boxed. The boxes cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the amp. Anybody who has a Mac amp shipped without one of these boxes is just asking for trouble.
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    Sorry that happened I too have felt the pain. I would demand complete refund! I don't know how many times I have posted on the internet forums that 1) never ship a McIntosh without factory crating (available from McIntosh and Audio Classics) 2) Always pull the knobs off prior to shipping (in the factory crate) 3) Pack and ship the wood case separately surrounded by soft cloth, surrounded by pink foam (not peanuts) and double boxed. Yes it costs more but look at what you received.
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    He acquired a $100,000 test rig, and the first speaker he tested was one of the least expensive models from a hugely popular speaker company. Then I noticed that one of his ASR forum cheerleaders/major contributor/donor appears to be a dealer of some high priced esoteric loudspeakers. I think I see where that is going (on the ASR forum).
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    Thank you W27. The speaker project is complete.........almost. While putting the three pieces of foam back in each cabinet, I wasn't exactly sure where the foam was supposed to go. When I purchased the speakers all of the foam in each cabinet was laying in the bottom and blocking the two bass ports. Plus, when installing the HF horn I I was not sure which way to align the throat since there are two ways to do that. Anyway, I just completed putting new cloth on the grille frames and it is looking good. I'm still waiting for my wife of 40 years to come home from her shopping excursion and then I will put up the photos. Have a great day!!
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    This is way out in the boondocks. Nobody around for miles. You have to turn up the music to drown out the banjos.
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    She eventually contacted me last night and said the current offer was $250. I know others from here are interested. I have no interest in getting in a bidding war with fellow members. I hope someone gets them at a reasonable price.
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    Sounds more like a case of amp clipping and driver playing outside of its range at the same time
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    I have a mint condition Lexus LS400 and will drive it another 5 or 10 years, then get an electric car. Love that car.
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    The seller subtracted his eBay sellers cost and shipping charges (so I lost about 20% of my total purchase cost). I figured I could come out ok since I was keeping the amplifier. Below is another picture that shows the force applied (dropped) to the front of the amplifier:
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    No time to take a screenshot, so here's the link to the article on page 32: https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Audio/Archive-Audiocraft/Audiocraft-1957-11.pdf#page=32&zoom=100,-105,503 I'm posting this to highlight the fact that it is impossible to make an out of context (i.e. in a system other than your own) judgment about how a component may sound in your system. Jeffrey's view that listening at RMAF conveys a different (unique?) perspective is one with which I disagree totally. Anyone who has auditioned the same speakers, amps, or anything else at different audio dealers understands the point that I am making. This is why some dealers, or online sellers, offer a return option for the equipment that they sell. Even The Cable Company has a "lending library" of cables for you to try in your own system (https://www.thecableco.com/lending-library)! It's unfortunate that the same doesn't exist for tubes! Maynard
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    Nearing my second toaster; less than twenty posts to go. Better free up some counter space.
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    Would not having a rectangular back chamber for the driver be so bad a detriment that it makes the angle cut on the front absolutely necessary?
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    Yes, Jason is right. There’s no way a 12” would fit. Initially I was going with the 8” driver, because I remembered how much of a pita the 8” was to install in the T18. I figured the 8” would be easier in the Table Tuba. Then I thought, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” 10” it is. It will just take patience.
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    The MWMs have two K43s in each. Simply amazing, articulate bass. They had been donated to the college where I previously worked, by JWC. The school decided after four years, to give them to me as they didn't think they would like them or be able to use them. Their loss is my gain.
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    Based on my experience with this same amp and my assumption based on the photos that not only is there cosmetic damage to the glass, knobs, buttons and case but also rheostat issues due to shaft movement my personal opinion is that this is a parts donor.
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    To REALLY get the full impact of the timpani and brass in the Berlioz Requiem, please focus down specifically in the previous Youtube excerpt to minutes 20:22 to 27:00! This is a much shorter segment than what I gave everyone before, and gives a fuller impact. The excerpt below repeats the link, but lets you go right to the desired passage; Just skip to min. 20:22. I'm very much a believer in live performance passages you can see as well as hear. Some other links in this thread are just static pictures which don't tell as good a story. That's why I give you the more live links such as the following. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! -- Larry
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    Sorry to say, but parts. Professionally packaged with bubble wrap? I think not. You never, ever, ever ship something like this when it is still within a wood case. Hope there was insurance, and everyone took good pics both before and after shipping.
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    Other odds and ends: Behringer EP2500 amplifier 500W stereo at 8ohms. $100 Atlas Sound Strategy Series SM 52W outdoor speakers (pair) $80 Pair of Heresy III crossovers I got at the pilgrimage a few years ago. Untested. Free to a good home. PM me with interest and pictures. Thanks
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    Which amps, your DIY amps at the firehouse? Or are these some amps that someone is selling? Please knock off this constant personal stuff. If you have something to say other than what your personal opinion is do it. Maynard is simply pointing out, politely and diplomatically that the mainstream audio engineering community does not share your views. From what I can gather that is certainly true. Speaking for myself only, I'm to the point where I skip to the end of any post you make to see if there is anything of substance. Something more than your experience, your ears, your preference. I can go buy Stereophile if I want that, and at least they are going to provide what rhey perceive to be different, and why it sounds better to them. Maynard is pointing out to people that you are in the fringe, you can either come back with something to substantiate your assertions or not. Your personal experience based upon your ears doesn't cut it. As I told you before, we don't need you to save us from what we are missing by not having heard these amps. It's clearly our loss, oh well.
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    It doesn't make his statement any less true.
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    Bump for a nice set of Karlsons in the NY area....
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    I run a 4.1 setup (cornwall mains) with a Yamaha rx-v685 I picked up on sale @ $450 from an authorized vendor. I'd say pick up a Denon or Yamaha AVR, whatever you can find at the best deal new. Be careful and make sure whomever you purchase from is an authorized dealer. Sometimes you can find a cheaper price (especially on ebay) but not an authorized dealer, and any warranty claims could very well be denied by manufacturer. Many guys here on the forum like Marantz units too. Very pleased with my Yamaha, 90 wpc @ .06% thd two channels driven, can play digital files from a usb flash drive and not have to have the tv on for file navigation, YPAO sets up your speakers automaticly like Audessey in the Denon units. Ridiculous ability for settings, and the 685 allows for 8 "scene" settings in memory, diff input, tone settings, speaker settings, and on and on. Whatever you purchase, I would advise to print out owner's manual @ a local store as most of these AVRs do not come with printed manuals from the factory any longer. For example my 685 manual is 189 pages printed. It cost me $15 to print @ my local UPS store. But great being to read and reference the manual while listening or tweaking settings. Just depends on what features you value. Being able to play FLAC album/music files from a large usb drive and being able to negotiate the folders/files without my tv on (via the AVR display) is a huge asset to me. One scene button and its powered up and the music is playing. One asset of buying at Crutchfield on line is you can purchase an AVR, try it out for 50 days and if you are not pleased or want to try out a diff unit, you can return it for a total out of pocket cost of $10. I tried out an open box Denon unit from them then returned it. Return process was a piece of cake. PS...i had the RP-280s just before the corns. 280s for the price are hard to beat, was very pleased with them. Many days I questioned my choice of returning them and spending much more $.
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    I sent a message within an hour of them getting posted on CL, I never heard back.
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    Klipsch is apparently gathering an increasing following, especially lately with the redesigned Heritage series (KHorn, La Scala, Cornwall, Heresy), the bookshelf series (but not really the least expensive R41M), and the Reference Premier home theater series. Those that like them REALLY like them. The main difference is directivity control above 1-2 kHz (horn loaded), and higher overall sensitivity than competing brands. That means lower modulation distortion (i.e., PWK's law of higher efficiency = lower distortion). It always seems odd to me that the "audiophile reviewers" don't realize this, and fail to recognize what it means: Klipsch is designing to a different set of requirements. They don't get it. Toole's "requirements" aren't gospel, it seems. There are apparently other approaches to loudspeaker requirements that generate high buyer satisfaction. Chris
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    Well, I don't believe he measured "it" wrong, but I do think that he's overwhelmed with what he did measure, and lacks the experience of a journeyman loudspeaker design engineer to make choices from among the "zits" that he measured. I believe that even he (amirm) would agree that is a major factor in his audio measurement journey. He apparently uses relative standards (i.e., how well did "x" do against all the other widgets I've measured in a particular chosen measurement type--which is not a very good way to do business), and lacks judgment in the basic areas of audibility of the measured differences and the tradeoffs that must be made in order to get to a certain price point ($150 per pair of loudspeakers WITH PROFIT MARGIN INCLUDED is below my personal threshold for doing much of anything in terms of loudspeaker design). I think that the author of that thread over at ASR consistently loses track of what he's doing, but that's just my opinion... Chris
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    They sound cool. Share some pictures with us when they’re finished!
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    "Bubble boats" like these really test the boundaries of physics with their top notch aerodynamics & speed capabilities. The enclosed cockpit on this one is a plus as it can incorporate heat, music, and even GPS for the larger lakes. Like anything else, how fast do you want to go & how deep are your pockets?!
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