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    don't need fat Tuesday to be called fat... that's every day of the week
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    Van Morrison is always good. That's a great album because, at that point in time with it being his second album, he went HIS direction. His first lp "Brown Eyed Girl" hit HARD and resonated with millions in 1967. The public craved more so he went HIS direction with the "Astral Weeks" album in 1968. People didn't comprehend the message he was sending, which caused slow sales. Today, after he went back in that direction on tours, they discovered how good he really was. Couple days at the Hollywood Bowl proved that with the release of those shows as a "live" album. It's got him all over it. Nice score @MeloManiac! Thanks for the share! Memories brother, memories!
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    Bought this one today. Astral Weeks, Van Morrison
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    The best match is what you find most pleasing! You are the only person who can answer that question. Maynard
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    There is some crazy stuff on YouTube
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    Think I could have got past those infamous bouncers back then if I had flashed `em!
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    Cool...was listening to Cricklewood and Space In Time when I posted...lol. Really have liked Van of course. If anyone can find the band Them with Van...Here Comes The Night, why grab it quickly. And send it to me...lol !!! Cheers and let us know George...
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    Wait... What??? WHY am I having a visual of you @ Studio54 @JohnJ? Lawd have mercy! Just say NO! OR don't tell anyone! 😂 😎
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    I'll agree with you two on that. Wish I had ALL of Van's stuff but at least it was playing a lot in the background in the 80s for me (Carlos too) with the crowd I hung out with! @billybob When my brother stopped bringing 5 or 10 pounds of vinyl at a time and hit me with over a hundred I was overwhelmed! As I categorized, alphabetized, cleaned and played for the months I was trying to help my mother stay comfortable I had to make decisions. That Racsals sounded good to me music wise but it wasn't the Who, the Stones or J Geils from the 60s either! It popped up when we were "talking". Alvin Lee wasn't it... with the beefy torso on the cover? Think it was his first solo. Not doing his normal blues shredding, weeping guitar stuff it was like he maybe tried to emulate Jeff Beck. But Beck leaned towards jazz. That record that I only listened to parts of a couple tracks reminded me of Studio54. Like an early high tech rave dance music of the 90s. Might have been hasty. Glad you like that other LP!
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    the Hash Bash in AnnArbor Oktoberfest might be fun... ----------------------------- Mornin' all Everyone doin' OK? Not having electricity during the summer is an inconvenience... during the winter....dangerous
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    Ive never been to Mardi Gras, always wanted to. It's on my list of things most Americans should do once in their life.....visit Mardi Gras, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby....what would you add to the list?
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    Never realized the pictures were not here.
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    I love the sound of 15" drivers personally. If i sell the CF-3 now that i have the CF-4, it'd probably be a trade for Chorus II just to have best of both worlds. Admittedly, i never gave the Chorus II's big McIntosh power when i had a pair like i'm giving the CF-4s and the CF-3s and really wish i could recap a set of Chorus II and feed them big, clean power. Right now i'm playing with an integrated from Pathos, with a tube pre. It's a fully tube pre for multi channel purposes, but with a primary focus on 2ch, the center turns off and the Pathos auto bridges the left/right channels to 450wpc and it's heavenly on these CF-4s. This combo blows away the Mac gear i have. It's on borrow and demo, and the only thing i think about is reliability. Mac lasts a lifetime. This Pathos unit has already needed repair. I got lots to mull over! Power just came on and the first thing i want to do is write this and now listen to my CF-4s and relax in the warmth
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    Speakers are Sold. I am almost done crying. I was the original and only owner of this pair of speakers. I had them for 30 years and loved them. A little too much base for me, I had to back off the base often. I need something lighter and smaller that can make frequent moves with me. Best regards to all! Vicki
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    @MicroMara man, hope all is well. Found a 707... @JohnJ ...man what was you thinking sending me that Rascals lp? You mentioned it was something, even think used Disco to describe. No, not abit. First song had heard before somewheres but, yes, do not know what to make of it either but, like it quite well. Not Young Rascals but, even better... thanks!
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    Dennis Had is building me an Fire bottle SET with 300B tubes. It's almost done, awaiting the face plate only. He says he is amazed with the sound of it so far. Wondering Which of my Klipsch speakers would BEST match with it ? K-horns 70th, or CWII's, La Scalla's II, Heresy's III's, or Forte's III's ?
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    I have two RSW-15 s and one RSW-12 for sale. Located in El Paso, TX honestly looking for $700 for both 15s or $850 for all three. Reason for sale. I bought three 21" full Marty's.
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    Woof, woof! Robert Plant said no? Just let her tell moi one time! 😂
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    Ok I will keep a eye out for a 90X60 Tractix Horn for you, Any other members out there, Lets help this guy out.
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    I would expect that from Neil... Good one Doin' some yard work. not shoveling snow - yard work. Cleaning up after what I did yesterday. Found a bottle. Dr RH McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. Bottle is old/ish. Screw top. Been in a fire or spent a long time in the sun. Its shape is distorted. I know glass will sag in time. For instance ... I found a drinking/water glass, at an old dump site, that's open end was near flat together... honest
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    Daytona Bike Week mid 90s. Beachside shook and vibrated for about ten days or longer each year! Made new friends on my back porch leaving at 5am several times -n-- retentive huns ruined it harassing good folks, then it spread out from New Smyrna to St. Augustine. Wasn't the same through when I left in `03.
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    Khorns and LS II. That's a beauty.
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    As much as this makes for great reading there are large areas where I do not have comprehensive knowledge. I kind of appreciate it but at the same time know my limits and they are there. I am a serious tinkerer but not a guru by any stretch. Thanks for the vote of confidence though.
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    Mardi Gras was shut down, no parades and you can't even go to Bourbon St. The are hundreds of houses decorated all around town if people wanted to take a driving parade to see decorations. This was Bourbon St today.
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    I have mine set for 12 seconds. It just came back on as we hit another rolling blackout.
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    Worst storm I’ve been in... -51 wind chill and about 3 feet of packed snow. High centered a Yukon SUV, had to dig it out in the wind, not fun. Same storm my wimpy Buick Rendezvous completely gave up... dash said, Take vehicle to dealer. Driving on ice is different than snow. Worst is snow over ice. No fast motions. If you slide, get feet off the pedals. Stay calm. I’ve done a few 180 deg unintentionally... never flipped myself! Went off-roading in a Trans AM once. Stay safe and check on your neighbours!
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    Congrats, I love the walnut Choruses! Those look like keepers for sure.
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    The benefit is that you don't have to string extension cords everywhere, can flip on lights as needed, etc. It's enabled us to run a heat lamp in the barn and heaters in the house 100yds away, all from the same generator.
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    In 1999, I bought a 2500W Honda portable generator that saved my butt (and my neighbors') several times over the years. A few years ago, I went all-in with a 20Kw Generac whole-house unit that runs on natural gas. The transfer switch cuts over in less than 20 seconds when the ComEd service fails. It's been fantastic.
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    SOLD (to me) Upon inspection, they were in better shape than the pictures even showed. One original owner, sequential serial #'s, beautiful grain, ZERO defects that I could find, (not even any scratches) & have been babied their entire life! No upgrades ever done but I'm fine with that... As some of you may remember, I already have a set of Chorus 1's that I installed titanum diaphragms in, did the 7" port mods, & braced internally. Btw, Chorus 1's are my own personal "reasonable" (cost/sound/size/appearance) favorite. I sold my original owner black La Scalas to buy my first pair & have NO regrets 2 years later. I actually think my modded 1's sound better overall than my La Scalas did with a sub. The tradeoff of slighly diminshed (vs La Scala) imaging & soundstage is offset by addition of the Pro 15' "chest thumper" of the Chorus 😃 In case anyone is wondering "Why buy another pair?" My current ones are Oak, & these are FLAWLESS Walnut
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    it's Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) OR Carni Val(Goodbye to meat)
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    Wiring up another rack for two stacks. For poolside to go next to the hot tub being installed.
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    Adding a couple pictures of my MX110 and MC240 (both restored by Audio Classics). Sounds nice paired with my Forte III's (not pictured).
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    Yes, lets dream some, and look forward to this event! Can't wait to see all of you!
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    Loved the sound of 300Bs on my Klipschorns!
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    Fur Rondy is lot of fun. If they are holding it... Should be coming up very soon. Last 2 weekends of Feb...in Anchorage
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    Chris, Again, thanks for the effort and write-up which was no mean feet. With some frequency, I am at a loss for the correct descriptive audio terminology, so thanks for going easy on me in advance. Years ago (20+) an article estimate the DSP performance of the Human Brain for graphics processing as equal to 26 Cray Supercomputers. Might have been self driving robots. For simplicity, lets say the Human audio processing is similar. A motorcycle article Super Bike Shoot Out had ten professional drivers ride all of the top Super Bikes, and rate them on scales and various criteria. Acceleration, top speed, braking etc. Suzuki (if I recall correctly IIRC) was the winner. Last question was subjective, "Which bike would you like take home", all of them chose the Ducati F1 (IIRC), which finished like 4th place. Conclusion, either they were measuring the wrong thing-s, or there is a quality I will call summation. The whole is better than the parts. The motorcycle Shoot Out was measuring the wrong thing....... Je ne sais quoi I had such a girlfriend, from Montreal, if you put her in a room with other women, the guys would gravitate towards her. The other girls noticed it too. Why ? How do you measure Wiles ? but it exists..... Another example I was speaking with an x-mil friend with lots of all kinds of experience. I told him when I am traveling, lots outside CONUS, that sometimes I would intuitively not want to enter a street, and for no apparent reason go around, backtrack or hop a cab even for a few blocks. I asked my friends "Should I pay attention to these feelings or an I being Paranoid" ? Response, "if you don't listen to your instincts, in war zones you die quickly". I asked for clarification, "your brain recorded something dangerous or out of place and signaled you, don't go". "there was some kind of danger on the street" I think that we need to accept that the brain is tremendously powerful, especially with the DSP aspects and background processing. An example of perception, I think it was TIM that took some time and effort to identify the source, characterize and solve. Another example from JBL 4340 IIRC the designer of the 4340 Studio monitors, loved by musicians for their studio work The designer was asked "How did you do it " Answer Did all of the design and component homework and chose an assistant with great ears, voiced and equalized the design using the assistant's ears as my guide. When they sounded great, the design was released. People gravitate towards these speakers........ The article, if you can find it, the design, components and complex equalizer combination are worth a look. Trial and error with alignment and positioning and equalization, should not be dismissed just because it is difficult to characterize before the experimentation. Life Like Sound Reproduction like Wiles is difficult to define but you know it when you see it or in the case of audio hear it. https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/wiles
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    That's a 5 channel integrated. You would not have to connect your Mcintosh 120 to this, it already is a pre-amp. Unless you wanted the Mcintosh sound but only using this as an amp. But this unit has a tube pre and a ss amp section. You can easily connect any source to the aux 5, 6, or 7. Switching it from 5 channel to 2 channel puts it in mono block mode.
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    Every system I've ever seen ran off of natural gas (if available) or propane delivered to it's own tank.
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    Do your research sports fans. Yngwie Malmsteen has been around for a long time and just flat cooks that lead.
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    That's funny! I remember going to Tim's in St Louis and getting 4 sets of KPT-456's, a three way stack of MCM-1900's, two EV-440 sub's, and four John Allen single MWM bins. The van was completely full and the 20' trailer had little to spare. Stopped off at Cory's on the way home and he had to have a picture of it all to post on his forum group. Those 942's are great speakers but there is just no substitute for a single fold bass horn. The 904 and 415 bass bins sound really good and make great theater speakers. Single fold horns though impact you like you are there in person. It's why every one who stops in here has to hear Japanese Fireworks on the Super MWM. The percussion wave both audible and physical hits you just like it would if you were there in person and there is no other way to do this I know of.
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    I pulled the trigger on the P-39's yesterday. Made a 900 mile RT road trip from Memphis to New Orleans before the winter storm hit here today. Now the speakers are tucked away in the 'hood. These suckers are big. The boxes make me think I have 2 refrigerators in the garage instead of speakers. I will get them upstairs when I can find a buddy to help me move them. They will be replacing a very nice pair of Belles I really don't want to get rid of. I will list the Belles in the Garage Sale in a bit. Will not have a place for them. I'm wondering if a McIntosh MC 275 VI will be a good fit for the P-39's. I have Mac SS amps I can use. Any advice will be appreciated.
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