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ZZ Top's Dusty Hill passed away


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Oh Man😢

Rest in Peace Dusty & thank you for "bringing it" to Charlotte for those half dozen times I saw y'all there at the Chrome Dome. To the BIG FANDANGO!


& Don't ever think that time in Orlando that we did not love y'all too, but it was Skynyrd's home turf and Billy was cordial enough to acknowledge it.


If my mother wags her finger at you up there, it just `cause I was on Yamaha & Klipsch, Jack & lumbo.

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A Tribute to Dusty Hill
I “Just Got Paid Today” and decide to join the “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers”. But first I bought me some “Cheap Sunglasses” and a fine Set of threads making me a “Sharp Dressed Man”.
I was ” Waitin' for the Bus” but it was late because “Jesus Just Left Chicago” and was bound for New Orleans. So I called my “Manic Mechanic” for a new “Thunderbird” to pick up my girl “Francine” with those “Blue Jean Blues” and a “Pearl Necklace”. “She Loves My Automobile” and is my “Hi Fi Mama” while she “Heard It on the X”.
I told her I was “A Fool for Your Stockings” with those “Legs” and Gimme All Your Lovin'” cause “It's Only Love”. But “She's a Heartbreaker” and wouldn’t go. “I Thank You”.
I was ”Under Pressure”, and needed some “Tush” and dance that “Tube Snake Boogie”. So I headed to “La Grange” maybe the “Balinese” or Acuna for a “Mexican Blackbird” and a “Backdoor Love Affair”.
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide” and “ Lowdown in the Street” but wouldn’t ya know it, I was “Arrested for Driving While Blind”.
Rest in Peace Dusty, thanks for the music.
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7 hours ago, TasDom said:

Best $14.00 I ever spent..... RIP Dusty





I've still got my tickets for the ZZ Top/Cheap Trick concert scheduled for last summer, the one that, along with many others, was cancelled because of COVID.  I'll never see Dusty perform now, but it would be pretty heartless to whine about it.  After all, I'm still alive.  

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First time I seen them live was in Tad Gormly stadium in city park, it was an outdoor show.  It was the ZZ Tops Fandango tour and Aerosmith's Toys in the attic tour, both put on a great show.

The other two bands were lesser known, Fleetwood Mac, and Jeff Beck, Love to see that show again. 


I remember it mostly, but had to look up the date, July 26 1975 



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