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    Ok sorry people for no comments on anything, been gone since Thursday, had a great time at a forum members down in Lafayette LA.
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    Pictures dtel? We want to see what she looks like Don't let Christy see this. Tuckered out this morning. Spent yesterday removing carpet and pad from several rooms at LF's new place. Had to cut it up for pick up by sanitation guys. More to do today. Later met my bud from LA at Captain Bill's.....a bar with 9 volleyball courts. We had a couple of beers and watched college girls play a few matches Concerned about Steve. Have sent him two PMs and no response. Not like him. Well worker bees.....go out there and make us proud. Where is Luther? Miss his photos. Gary..... !
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    Today was garage cleanup day Yea RIGHT. I'll never get my truck in there anyway and I have a path to walk thru so.......but I can't find Schitt. Instead I'll have a touch o'rum.
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    We had a chinchilla, Max, that loved live trombone music. Being nocturnal, the only sure-fire way to entice Max from his hiding place during the day was playing our son's trombone. It had to be live; recorded trombone music had no effect. Live saxophone got no response. Eventually, just the sound of opening the case would get Max's attention. FYI, it takes 300 chinchillas to make a coat. Pause . That's because their hands are so tiny. Nancy cringed each of the many times I told that joke, but it always worked.
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    MKP/Boss here is the first pic of 3 cats of Outlander(billiebobtail) a 2 year old female as of last year. Around 3 now and heavier. Vet gave it rabies shot. Advert for missing cat never responded to. She sports a pink collar now that will come off if needed. An inside/outside cat.:
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    The wife has the two car garage but she can't park or drive in / out in any manner where I can park there as well Gives me a place to put the three roll aways, table saw, etc.
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    Thank you for your response. I read that thread and I do not believe that I have the same issue. My sub is two pronged electrical. I've tried connecting it to several different circuits within the home, including circuits where other subs in the house are working fine. I've got 4 other working subs without any buzzing noises. The problem happens with and without a signal being passed into the sub. The sub's other functions work properly and are totally independent on the noise. The noise happens regardless of any position of any dial and does not change amplitude or sound in any manner regardless if you have a source hooked up or how loud you have the gain. Your amp is in need of repair then.
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    Unfortunately, this isn't a bad idea. Later on though, I'd slip some education in as to what you want. My experience has been when you see a cut of meat with those lines in it, those lines are typically tough. In a NY strip, as I understand, it means they come from the ends of the loin (or whatever they come from) and are some of the connective tissue holding it to whatever it attaches to. Irrespective of what they do, the I 100% always avoid those lines. You can rub your finger across them (perpendicular) and feel the ridge. I was at a butcher shop once and the butcher smiled, pointing at a NY strip with these lines in them....saying they were a great cut of meat. I said no thank you. (I spent 5 years cooking at a steak house in high school / college)
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    For that size room the TT's will be a welcome addition. Consider an I Nuke 1000 or 3000 DSP amp. They don't get hot like my SA 230 did and offer some DSP which can really feel out the TT's low end.
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    You are corrects,I had a flashback. Been sniffing too many gas fumes.
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    I have installed GFCI outlets in lieu of grounded outlets in old houses with no easy way to ground, like the metal shielding, in order to provide 3 prongs and some protection. GFCI outlets contain decals that must be adhered to every outlet that does not have a common ground in order to meet code. The label says "NO EQUIPMENT GROUND". Lots of people don't know about that. Thanks for bringing it up.
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    Great deal on a nice L/C/R set up with boxes https://cleveland.craigslist.org/ele/5555076609.html
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    I have, never owned, my perfernce is for a modified heritage speaker also.
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    Downgrading ? To my ears it didn't sound like a downgrade dont worry you aren't the only person who has heard them and thought they were nicer sounding. the guy i sold my palladiums to has khorns and he says the horns win hands down in the fullness of the bass. but clarity of midrange and highs went to the palladiums to his ears.
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    I've never heard the Palladium, so i won't pretend to know how they are. All I know is that after all of the series (Reference, Epic, Legend, KG through the Chorus2, etc) the Heritage Series is still being made and sold. Though they need tweaked, they're still benchmarks. GLWS
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    Looks like a cheap "country ribs" cut, without the bone. Dry rub and smoke for two hours. Lot's of waste from the fat, but not bad tasting. Get a bunch more if you are going through the trouble of firing up the smoker. Vinegar-based sauce if you are a city slicker and need the extra moisture and haven't learned to enjoy smoked meat without a sauce, which I somehow doubt applies to you.
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    THTLP can be built with a smaller footprint than your Klipsch subwoofer, of course it will be taller. I suggest you keep the LSII's just in case.
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    Correction. The La Scalas are THE best speakers I have ever owned
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    Yeah reads as an upgrade to me as well. Well you'll have a cool set of hdmi inputs to put up by your speakers. Can tell people you own krell gear lol
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    A couple of beers and I might ask it out.
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    Cook it like you would a beef blade steak. Marinade 1st. Than low and slow. Tougher cuts can taste better than prime cuts when prepared properly.
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    That looks like a 2 beer pork steak. Open beer one put pork steak on grill. Drink beer, when finished with first beer flip over the pork steak. Open second beer and drink. When done drinking second beer the pork steak is finished.
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    I assume you haven't gotten it yet. Did it come with a digital copy so you could listen while you wait? I'm about to play it myself..
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    Come on guys, thats a PORK steak. Season to taste and throw that thing on the grill high heat for about 10 minutes each side. It will be delicious!
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    Downgrading ? To my ears it didn't sound like a downgrade
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    Like most of our computers, SMART phones, and TV's? Bill If people avoided buying imported stuff in the first place we would have more manufacturing and more available jobs here in the United states. Not trying to be political but its common sense, keep Americans working. I am just playing. It is obvious that we can't completely buy all American all of the time. I also try when I can. Bill
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    How is it each time I see the fellas' I hear banjos playin' and gulp, pigs a squelin'!
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    3.1 is fine OP... rears really add spatial qualities and movement, but is NOT a necessity. You need a sub to produce low frequency effects and a center channel will really broaden the front stage and make pin point the action and dialog. 2.1 is also a really great option and if you can add a receiver that has multiple surround settings, that professing will help out spatially and with down mixing. I thought I wouod never go above 3.1 myself, but now that I have a 5.1 system I am very happy I made the change. I personally love 5.1 music also, though selection is a bit skimpy.
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    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have a tonearm that the is a natural match to the 103 than the body probably won't have much effect. If you have an arm that is a little light for the 103 then a rebody may help if the body adds mass.
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    Gotta admit these are some picking MoFo's
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    You could use a Heresy for the center speaker, and smaller Klipsch for the surrounds. http://s56.photobucket.com/user/dkleitsch/media/passivesurroundandcenter.gif.html?sort=3&o=175 It's not perfect, but it is very good. Some of the car stereos I set up this way won best-of-show in big IASCA competitions (International Auto Sound Challenge Association).
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    I'd suggest you trade it in on a Chevy
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    I think having a speaker that is also interesting to look at from a design perspective would be very cool... la scala, either the home version or the commercial version would be an extremely nice additional to your facility. They dont really cost an arm and a leg either... 25x40 is about the size of my listening space at home...
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    I am guessing he is talking about a loud THUMP when the amp comes on through the 12v trigger.
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    Making another note to self: Never buy a motorized vehicle, or hammer, from jason str.
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    BTW, the reason your mechanic didn't want to do a tune up is because the spark plugs almost always break when removing. You need a special repair kit to extract them and even then, they're a PITA. Absolute worst case scenario is pulling the heads to repair them but someone who's done a few can normally extract them without pulling the heads. It's extremely common for them to come apart even if the tech does everything right.
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    Do you think that would be the best thing to do youthman? take all the front speakers off of the Yamaha? wouldn't I need a 5 channel? or would you just leave the front atmos speakers on my towers playing on my Yamaha, but have the rest of the tower playing on the other amp? Though I am not Youthman, a 3-channel amp would work fine. The majority of the load is on the L-C-R so a 3-channel amp "might" be a cheaper alternative to a 5-channel. The Yamaha is plenty potent enough to drive the rest of the channels. Bill
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    I'm sorry, I didn't see where you said "and my front atmos tower speakers). I thought you were looking for a 3ch amp. Parasound HCA2205a (220x5), B&K 200.5 (200x5), or Emotiva XPA-5 would be great. I've owned the Parasound and the B&K 200.7 and they are rock solid.
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    hey Richie hopefully United package smashers were more careful with your speakers than they ever were with any of mine. LOL, yeah they were perfect, shrink wrapped together and upright on a pallet. Not a scratch on the box or on the speakers. The sub's coming Monday, same method. Hopefully it will have as easy of a trip. I think that pallet thing helps a lot.
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    Nice detour, but I can't overemphasize the phase coherent approach and new found micro detail and clarity of multiple entry horns, however and whoever creates them. They simply sound better than anything else I tried.
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    Kinda sorta mine, just not official yet, I'm in line to inherit it. 1929 Model A Ford. My grandfather bought it for $50 to transport potatoes. They would dig them up out of the ground and let them sit there, then put the top back on this and let it idle with no driver through the field, while people on both sides would throw potatoes in it. When full they would drive it to a barn where they would coat it with something white, maybe lime, and put them inside which would preserve them through the winter. He later restored it. If you are a movie fan, you can see it in "A League Of Their Own" with Madonna, Tom Hanks, and Geena Davis. When the ugly girl in the gym hits a home run out of the window, it pans to the parking lot and you can see it there. Also when Geena Davis is being driven to the dance, there is a 12 year old boy driving it, and he basically asks Geena to screw him in the back seat. My uncle was crouched down in the rear floor board ready to jump up if this boy lost control of it. He was supposedly in the crowd behind a fence as an extra as well. They paid him and his buddies $500 a day, each, for many days for the rights to use their cars. They were all members of the Evansville Old Tyme Auto Club.
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    That was not the answer I was expecting [] I can see it now Michael and P Thump standing behind the mixing board and the kid playing the guitar hits the first note and the whole audience falls back on there chairs and crawl for cover holding there ears and everyone in the first 3 rows lose most of the hair from there arms and face from the flames shooting from the speakers. Maby a slight exaggeration but you two sound dangerous together, really it's a good thing y'all don't have access to unlimited equipment and amps......birds would be falling dead out of the sky from shock.
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    Simple... You push all the knobs to 11...
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