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    • you can get them here: https://furniturewear.com/en/furniture-sliders-and-glides.html You could probably resell sets of 8 for a few bucks here 
    • Yea, you did that to me Dave. Now look where I’m at. Lol from 301ii to KPT 942-4-B
    • If it were me I would school to become a surveyor.  
    • Upgraded my Auralic Aries G2 with a Hoer-Wege PSU ordered from Germany.  “not as exciting as fresh raised turkeys”
    • It will look good on his resume, but more important are the connections that he will (or will not) make.  That will help him in his career more than anything.  Finding a job, partners to open a practice, etc.    As I understand it, medical is difficult with insurance and you have to really hustle to make money.  OK when you are young, not so good when you are old.   Here is something that he is likely not aware of.  As a skilled professional, he will be caught in the professional trap where he only makes money while he is working.  The money is good and will cause him to skip other opportunities and he will have to work to earn, as opposed to say, owning a few fast food restaurants and having passive income.    He can open a business, but success may depend on the skill of his employees and the good ones will always go open their own practice.  It also take a huge investment of time and money to cultivate talent and keep them.  I say 'may depend' because in medical, insurance companies are you actual client and doctors tend to treat their patients like crap (10 AM appoint and you actually see the doc at 11:30 - I'd lose all of my clients if treated then that way).    He should also read "The Millionaire Next Door"  and the two follow up books.  Doctors and lawyers are the worst with money and tend to live right up to their means because they must fit the image.  I saw that with lawyers where they tried to live like they were making twice what they earned because they felt that they need to project a certain image to the world.  Never fall for this BS or you will work until the day that you die.  Live way below your means!   Speaking of which, professionals tend to due young. I see 60s and 70s all of the time.  You have to take care of yourself and the stress is awful.    One last thing.  Doctors work crazy inhumane and dangerous hours during their residency because of a coked out doctor in the 1800s.  He snorted his way through dangerous hours and expected his residents to keep up.  Nice legacy.   I think he was William Halstead. 
    • Just my 2 cents. I graduated from The University of North Florida  BBA 3.79 One of my best friends continued his academic studies and is a tenured professor at Notre Dame. Based on his shared knowledge with me, the further you advance in academia the more important it is to embrace associations with influential contacts that can help you in your journey. Physics professors are right now “rock stars” on campus. Bottom line, it’s only a semester, he will make a little money and gain knowledge on a fascinating discipline. 
    • Hello, please tell me.  at the output of the power supply of the final stage is constantly 10V, is this normal voltage or is there a malfunction?  Klipsch RT12d subwoofer.
    • I've been told that I'm "too honest" in interview. I was once asked what interested the most about the job, and I blurted out "nothing.  This office is on the beach and I love the beach, so I'll be a happy employee."  Most of the interview board had a blank stare on their face and one lady leaned forward and said, "that's why I wanted to work here."  I explained that I'm going to be honest and not tell them what they want to hear which is what others applicants will say.  No, I didn't get the job; but was placed on the "A" list for future job vacancies in the county. Much like the time I interviewed with the sheriff's department and didn't realize that my fly was not only down, but wide open. I stood in front of four ladies who were seated, so I was at eye level, shook their hands and thanked them for the interview. That was the worst interview ever. I really had changed my mind about wanting the job; but decided to go to the interview since the recruiters had invested the time to select me. At one point, I was daydreaming so much that I forgot the question and had to ask them to repeat it. Then on the way to my truck I noticed that my fly was wide open.  I was placed on the "A" list.  One other time in an interview, I went on a rant about how Unimpressed I was with college graduates because they'd only proven that they could sit for 4 years in a classroom. What I failed to recognize were the two very large, framed pieces of paper that the interviewer had hanging on the wall.  I didn't get the job.  But, I'm the type that will follow up and ask why I didn't get the job. This person was one of the few that actually met with me to discuss why I wasn't chosen. She said that I appeared to be a "behind the scenes" sort of guy and this job required  me to be up front in a crowd giving presentations. I admit, being in the spotlight is not my forte, I can do it when necessary but it doesn't come naturally.  Had to give a presentation once and I was 95% unprepared. I knew what I was going to present; but they said that powerpoint or handouts were optional -- so I decided not to do one. I was the 17th presenter and EVERY one of those before me had powerpoint presentations and handouts.  I got nervous so when it was my turn, I decided that I needed to capture their attention some other way -- so I introduced myself and started lying -- I mean BIG FAT lies.  The audience was captivated, I know this because at one of the dinners someone came up to me and told what a bad *** I was. For the record, after five minutes of lying, I told them that nothing I had said was true -- but the purpose of the lies was to get the audiences attention, which I succeeded.  Last year, I considered going back to work so I applied for a position at the local fire department. Over 200 people applied and I made it into the top 12 -- didn't get the job; but with the Corona Virus on the horizon, that probably was a good thing. Would have paid very well; but I'm doing alright financially anyway. Miss the commeraderie of being part of a crew.
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