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  • Recent Posts

    • I grew up with the notion that a great amplifier should reproduce the audio signal faithfully, and that distortion including harmonic distortion should be reduced as much as possible . In this case the secret to amplifier perfection seems to be the addition of pleasant sounding second and third order harmonic distortions . I’m sure that a lot of the hard core audiophiles wouldn’t be interested in this type of signal manipulation , regardless of its perceived “improvement ” in sound quality. Two different schools of thought here, no right or wrong in my opinion .
    • I am almost positive there will no charge on caps after such a long time but to be sure check with meter or just short with screwdriver or resistor. If you can change the PS caps why not change the others as well. But a variac is not that expensive these days if reforming is what you want to try so why not do it yourself. Raise voltage slowly to 55v's then hold for a few minutes then slowly raise to line voltage. Personally I have am not a believer of reforming old caps when it does not cost that much to just replace them. In some of the older tube gear purist want to keep everything original. The only reason I see for reforming.    https://www.amazon.com/YaeCCC-Transformer-Variable-Voltage-Regulator/dp/B076Y2XHRS/ref=asc_df_B076Y2XHRS/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242168461154&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6460504378208762735&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9052440&hvtargid=pla-398896965993&psc=1   Cheaper than what a good tech is going to charge. 
    • For those that have never seen the Klein horn. Taking back loaded horns to the extreme. Just to show what a little speaker can do if horn loaded. A Nelson Pass creation from years ago.     
    • With a LaScala the bass is as quick and clear as the horn tweeter. You can only experience this with a bass horn system. Years ago I heard, read, of a Japanese guy that built a 32ft bass horn with concrete and steel for is house. What I would call a serious audiophile. PWK just folded the horn into 3 folds with the walls of the room being the extension of the horn. With the walls needed to create the last part of the horn I fail to see how a closed back K-horn can equal what PWK originally designed. But what do I know. I am sure the closed back K-horn will appeal to many more customers that do not have the proper room for the old K-horns. A marketing decision to create more sales? Do not get me wrong, I am sure the engineers at Klipsch have made an excellent sounding new K-horn but I fail to see how it would be better than what PWK originally made with improvements in components in driver and X-over. All things being equal. Just saying. 
    • I am planning a 3 weeks trip to Europe : Italy, Switzerland, Austria 
    • Used my Chorus with Tandberg 3006 power (late version) with great results. The preamp you use will determine the character of the sound of the system on the whole
    • Yeah, thats what i'll probably do with the ps caps. I can replace those myself, heck i built them so replacing should'nt be too bad, plus they haven'nt been powered up for 10 years so they should'nt be charged still, i hope. Afterwards i can bring it in for the reforming of the other caps.  They really are some sweet sounding amps.
    • English is great, no worries.   Do you listen to any particular type of music?
    • Hi Dave, nice to see all that analog stuff. Until covid I shoot mostly film, and after that the prices of film have gone mad. Cherish that Kodachrome64 in the fridge, nowadays it is worth a fortune. These days I mostly use digital (D750), but occasionally I put film in my oldies and go for a walk. Last week, and after one year of pause, I loaded F5 and enjoy every minute of it. Hard to explain why analog, it is comparable with turntables in audio. Just has its charm I guess.
    • Sorry for my bad english... I have had the Chorus 2 since 1996 and in these years I have tried everything. Now I play them with two absolutely different power amplifiers: a Audion Silver Night set with the 300b (10 + 10 w) and a ZeroZone irs2092, in class D (declared 1000w!) With both they sound wonderful. My opinion is that they are speakers that can sound great or very bad in unpredictable ways... very good with an old Sansui receiver very bad with Audio Research (classic 30 and 60). Bad with the Nad 310, very very good with a OTL Fourier Panthere (300+300)...
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