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Sad news today. Sancho Panza ( The Captain) has passed away

Sancho Panza

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This is sad news.  Kendal was well-liked and well-respected on the Forum, and I would expect that his family and offline friends felt the same way about him.  He will be missed.  Condolences to your family, Sancho Panza.

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My thoughts & prayers are with the entire Payne family.

Crossed paths with Ken infrequently here, he was level headed when talking about college football the past couple of years. We'll miss him also.

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Wow!  Insane hearing this.  Ms Payne you & the boys have my sincere condolences.  Kendall was a great guy and we had quite a few laffs together in here.  I only wish I could have met him to laff WITH him in Hope.  Again, I'm so sorry to hear this.  We ALL know he's in a better place and he will be missed here.  God Bless you and the boys.  

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