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    • I think xilica calls them GLOBAL.  Not that I am a proponent of globalization in any form.   With my mono xilicas I could daisy chain the other channel to get 16 of these if i need them.   I do not think I will, though.
    • To add - I think my speaker sounds best when i keep as much low frequency out of it as I can.  Of course, this could be due to the low power of the amplifier.   With the above setup I have the crossover set to 30 Hz high pass - first order of course - with a PEQ somewhere down there, too, that akes away as much low frequency energy as possible without messing with the frequencies i need to be untouched.
    • That's there is funny.   Those are beautiful, and that is a very fair price.
    • I have found in my installation in the corner at that - I do not doubt you can get 18 Hz response but it better not be too loud!   That 100 Hz PEQ is the weak point of my system.  Not sure if it just the amplifier running out of breath or the woofers getting angry.   I would like to hear if a 50 watts amplifier would eliminate the strange sound.  Of course, with two speakers I bet I will not need as much boost. And my 25 watts is plenty.  Interesting how one of the big advantages of stereo is simply having two speaker to load the room more evenly.  Which stands to reason why those who can afford four channel systems have less room problems.   Only when i play the system as loud as I would ever want to listen.  95 dB average at the chair.  The biggest offender is the kick drum on KING CRIMSON's - In the court of ... - there are (I never realized how loud) really loud kick drum phrases.  Could easily be the amps but I hate giving up the sound of them for more power rarely needed. 
    • Purchased these from Deang close to seven years ago. Hard to admit they've never been used. I received them without terminal cups so I attached unfinished Cherry.     $125 Shipped to CONUS. Paypal preferred but all other forms welcome. They'll be packed very well for the ride.   Here is Deang's thread where I purchased:       FYI, @Iteachstem has KLF-20 cabs:            
    • The answer to that is "no".  If you carefully read US8284976, it only patents the current design if you cross over to the lower frequency drivers (woofers, in this case) below the first notch frequency.  If you neglect to cross over, or you cross over at the notch frequency, there is no patent infringement.  I use PEQs to shape the output and effectively use no crossover filters, just trimming filters for overall SPL (and phase) flatness, so the acoustic crossover is at the notch frequency of the lower frequency drivers, and the electrical crossover of the higher frequency drivers is non-existent.   The controlling patent (US6411718) expired over 6 years ago due to non-payment of USPTO update fees.  The invention is free and clear, the way I read it.   Chris
    • Yes beautiful Cabinets---from back when Klipsch used birch ply that did not have knot holes filled with putty for speakers they knew would be sold raw. Current regime could learn something from the QA guys from back then. GLWYS
    • Now the unsmoothed plot.    I accidentally turned on Italics and cannot turn it off.   I will use the driver PEQ to level those peaks.   Listening last night told me the tweeter was 2 dB too loud.  Have yet to see how that affects things.  Will probably start all over (RAW) and then see if REW comes up with as good a set of filters as these.   this was not a night and day improvement but ut was an improvement over what I had been working on for the last week.  So far, so many fewer filters.   There is some unwanted junk from the woofer at about 2kHz that never showed up before.  It does not seem to be affecting the tweeter region - I will try eliminating it and listening for any difference, along with measuring - which always comes first.   There is some noise in the 50 hz region of the tweeter.  I figure that is best to eliminate but have not measured the effect of it being quelled.   Whether this is as good as it seems will have to be determined with time but it sure took me by surprise.  I think it is very interesting.   Of course, Mr. Danley knew about this twenty years ago ...
    • If you have enough PEQs to do the job, that certainly is a doable approach.  I'm assuming here that your term "Global" actually means "input channel PEQs".    With the Hypex FusionAmps, you've got 15 biquads (PEQs) per channel, so you can dial in using all output channels.  Or I suppose you could monoamp and use all "input channel" PEQs and essentially achieve the same thing.   Its the acoustic coupling of the drivers that is the key ingredient that most people are missing with MEHs.  This is new territory for almost all DIY loudspeaker tinkerers.   Chris
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