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Klipsch Sculpture Debuting at CES

Posted by Amy, 19 December 2013 · 337 views

ces sculpture las vegas
If you're going to CES in January, be sure to stop by our mammoth booth to check out the new offerings. And this one-of-a-kind handmade one ton sculpture built by our very own creative director. It's gonna be amazing.

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Far as I know only "special" people get in to CES. Don't want the commoners to be milling about.

Didn't CES have or has a day for us commoners to get in?  Or am I hallucinating.


Please tell me those drivers really work and the base when is actually the throat of a ginormous tractrix bass horm  (not really that big for a strait bass horn...).


The fun with the other exhibitors if it can be used to generate infra sonic bass below the frequency threashold of audibility but can be aimed and just, well, really mess with the others.  Imagine how much a good shot of 10hz bass would rattle some little cube "speakers"   



So best comment for the beast of a sculpture and y'all take us with for at least a day?  (And maybe pay for our missed work... I'm a sub-sub-sub-contractor now so don't get paid when I don't work) 


Roy's latest project... infrasonic bass horn to really piss off the neighbors that complain too much. 

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