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    • I have a pair of Heresy IV's in black, like new with boxes, manual, factory packing, etc.  $2000 + shipping if interested?
    • Our organization had ourannual Founders Day affair, celebrating 70 years of supporting folks with disabilities. We probably had around 500 folks here tonight. Many of our clients were here to celebrate...   We managed to get our pic with...    
    • Looking for replacement drivers for RB-75s.  I know I've seen information on this in years past, but cannot locate the thread. I want to get another 15 years out of them.  Any help is appreciated.  
    • So much for a cupcake schedule next year.    Georgia's 2024 football schedule revealed 8/31 Clemson (in Atlanta) 9/7 Tennessee Tech 9/14 @ Kentucky 9/21 Bye 9/28 @ Alabama 10/5 Auburn 1 0/12 Mississippi State 10/19 @ Texas 10/26 Bye 11/2 Florida 11/9 @ Ole Miss 11/16 Tennessee 11/23 UMass 11/30 Georgia Tech
    • I've been using Media Monkey and been happy.  On my PC, Laptop and andriod phone.   I paid the 60 bucks for life time gold and have 219 GB of music on it.  I've ripped almost all of my CD's on it.   Works well and can sync between devises.
    • This comment right here. After trying between three 2.0 USB sticks (1x 8G Cruzer, 1x 8G SanDisk, and 1x 128MB microsd in a USB adaptor for kicks and giggles) and between the windows formatting utility and the mac disk utility, nothing worked. Long search on the youtubes and reddit left empty handed but this comment. After formatting one last time with Rufus using Free Dos and MBR, not worrying with the default freeDOS files in the root and moving over the new firmware files. Safely removed, popped usb in the speakers and then applied power, and the lights finally did the dance. Thank you @insid4r  
    • Can’t get link to work? 
    • You are describing an old Crown IC 150 "ICY 150". 🙄
    • make sure , the KG-4 woofers are in good shape , since the parts are no longer manufactured by klipsch .  
    • Awwww why?  All of us ballers up this way been saying this for years.      Why ya think we calll it ESecPN up here?  We ALL knew ole Nickie was gonna get Bama in one way or another!   IF you can be honest with yourself you saw it coming too!     Silly Humans!    😂  😎   Corrigan Collusion: The Head Of The College Football Playoff Committee And The VP Of Production At ESPN Are Brothers John Rich12/08/2023 5:16 PM     BREAKING: Bombshell Evidence has come out linking the CFP Committee's Head Chair to ESPN... The Head of the College Football Playoff Committee is NC State Wolfpack AD Boo Corrigan. Corrigan's already been criticized for his bias against FSU as a fellow ACC Athletic Director.    0     Now here's where it gets even WEIRDER... Boo's brother is Tim Corrigan, the VP of Production at ESPN Given ESPN's close ties to the SEC, it would've benefitted the company to steal Florida State's Playoff spot & give it to Alabama... It's already troubling how closely intertwined the CFP Committee & ESPN are organizations... but we didn't know there were FAMILY TIES between the executives of the two organizations Was there 'Corrigan Collusion', or was this all just a coincidence?   Kinda funny.  I remember OSU winning a Natty one year with a third string QB.  So now there's one heck of a QB w/a broken leg who, along with his teammate's and Uni are deprived of a chance to play as one of the top 4 in the country? Ole Nicky has his team in there though.  THAT you can take to the bank.  
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