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    • Will do , thank you 
    • @Rudy81  I thought it would be nice to edit your photo so we could see more details of the speakers but if for any reason you would rather I didn’t just let me know and I will delete it.  
    • I wondered but it's your box.   
    • There are a lot of things going on between SS and tube gear.  Tube gear  can't have the accuracy of SS due to the tubes and design. Tube integrated amps usually will handle 4 an 8 ohm  loads.  That can and can't be the case with SS avr, and integrated amps.  Tube amps can operate with different tube and design factors that can affect the sound.  Impedance swings should not be a major factor unless the amp / speakers are grossly mismatched.  Impedance fluctuates widely.   Additional watts for the most part are about bragging about a big beast when only a fly swatter is needed.  I have class D, Class A/B and tubes, I have driven my RF 7 's, Forte, Mc Intosh speaker and other with 25-1000 watt amps.  No real diff with gain adjustment in my listening levels.  
    • Not one person noticed the cardboard...   🫣
    • Switching amps or power supply can result in a sonic difference.  For instance with a tube switching from triode mode to ultralinear will be perceived immediately due to the increase power. Bass control is easier with SS gear compared to tube gear.  This warmth or sterile terminology is not the best wording.  Some tube amps appear more warm due to distortion for the most part and suit high sensitivity speakers.  SS, better control of all frequencies for the most part.    I don't compare my SS gear to the tube gear.  I like class A, class A/B, Digital and tube gear.  One is not better than the other, it's the user's implementation toward their goals.
    • I think I've heard that tubes and Class D SS do a better job of handling impedance swings. I would like to know if that is correct and how that affects what we hear.
    • Good question. I loaned the Aiyima to my grandson a few months ago, so I haven't tried it for quite a while. And, I've been using the preamp section of the Marantz to feed the ACA, so that hasn't really been used as a full-on integrated for more than a year. My memory is, the sound of the Marantz and the Aiyima are not that far apart. The ACA provides more detail...just a very clear sound. I would describe the Marantz and Aiyima as more of a warm sound.   I've only been listening to the Fisher for a few hours. My initial impression is that it sounds very much like the ACA with a touch more warmth and a slightly more expansive sound stage. The big difference is in the bass. I described it to my brother-in-law as more controlled and powerful. Not any deeper, but definitely more robust. I have my listening space in the basement and for the first time ever, I could feel the bass coming through the floor when I went upstairs. I'm sure the Aiyima would do that, too, but I've never played it in this house so I can't compare them head to head.
    • Whoa, excitement in Duckburg this afternoon.  Power company txtd me and said they were ready for storms if need be.  Blah it was about 74 yet they said severe storms were moving thru.    So the more it looked like rain I thought I'd slip down to Wendy's and grab a salad.  Backed out and it started raining, by the time I went the mile to Wendy's it was pouring.  Two cars pulled in before me so I waited and it REALLY started pouring,  My turn at the lil box to order and it hit.  Power went out, pouring rain, and the winds were actually lifting both sides of the car up bouncing it.  Talk about a wtf moment?  Felt like I was on a coaster ride.   Saw the blue ball of an exploding transformer a couple blocks away and bypassed the two cars waiting for their food.  Traffic was at a standstill so slipped out safely, bypassing a big tree limb on the main drag heading home.   Got home and found out I rode out a tornado that cut a swath thru town.  Not too terrible but it was bad.  The worst part so far was some guys two story house was moved 10 yards off the foundation and took his truck along for the ride..  He was upstairs sleeping.  lol That would be his driveway running thru his house, which is relatively close to Wendy's downtown.      My hood on the South end of town is 100% fine.  No power pretty much everywhere along the route it took across town.  Trees down, roofs off and a patient engineer in his train sitting til he can move North again.  Prolly danced around for a couple miles the way I'm hearing it.  Don't know too much yet but it sounds nasty for a lot of people.    More spot news to follow if it's worth it.  Carry on! Jimmy Olsen Cub reporter 
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