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    • looks like front loader/bucket forks holding the fortes up....
    • I say enjoy what you have, there will always be something "better".  You have one serious kick butt system that I am sure is the envy of the neighborhood.  My family room system had evolved steadily in the first 8 of the last 11 years I have been doing this.  Only thing that has changed since 2015 is my newer Samsung 4K TV and Oppo 105 player.  Also, the only gear that wasn't purchased on the used market is my RC-64 and TV.   Bill
    • Don't know anything about the amp but in my experience, they were good to deal with.  Almost TOO good!!      
    •   The machine I witnessed clamped and  ground each line surface flat to .001" of an inch accuracy then heated and pressed them together to obtain a small bead on the outside. If the bead was not a certain size they would do it again. JJK
    • I will trade you , but you will need 8 men and 2 boys as well as a big a$$ truck to move it, Think how nice this would look in your garage   
    • Yes they are.....................But the wife is behind me with a rolling pin
    • They are calling your name....
    • A small town called Troy 27371  
    • Damn you tempting me AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG   Always wanted to play with these beasts, If cornscalas take up to much real estate and can get shouty I hate to think what these would do   GLWS (Sell these fast before temptation gets the better of me)
    • Sorry....would have responded sooner....but,  been unable.   I have an induction range, not just the top like I understand you want.   https://www.kitchenaid.com/shop/-[KSIB900ESS]-5792596/KSIB900ESS/   I don't have gas as an option and liked the idea of the induction, so got it.   With my comments restricted to this unit only...here are some quibbles I (or my wife) has.   1.  Don't really care for the location of the touch controls.  There have been times where something has been turned on, if only maybe the timer. 2.  You can lock the controls but that's another step you have to go through (and we now do it so our cat can't walk & mess it up) 3.  The stove portion has a heat sensor telling you when something hot is sitting on the stove (stove at this point would be turned off as you are done with it)  This sensor causes the stove to beep.....and beep.....and beep..... incessantly, never stopping until the heat goes down to a certain level.  It's VERY annoying as you can't seem to be able to defeat it (as best we can tell).  My way around it is if I set something hot on the stove (causing it to beep) I'll now just put a hot pad between said item and stove, problem solved. 4.  It will beep sometimes if you set something across the touch pad (as best I can tell, it's happened so infrequently that I haven't yet found a conclusive culprit)  So, if you lay something like a COLD piece of aluminum foil....  or maybe a COLD (cold meaning, room temperature) cookie sheet...  it seems SOMETHING in there knows "something" is sitting on the pad and again, will beep incessantly at you, driving you nuts. 5.  This specific unit has a stainless steel trim kit to "beautify" the edge where it meets the counter.  Our prior Kitchenaid had a built in flange on the unit itself....this decorative stainless steel is flimsy as hell and not worth the money spent....I took it back and refunded it.  I suspect (but admit I don't know) that it will be a problem in later years....only thing holding it on is a piece of adhesive strip. 6.  As I have a number of cast iron skillets (and received an entire line of Induction ready Kitchenaid cookware with my purchase) I DO really enjoy using it.  Works great.  If water is boiling and you turn burner off (or just down) the water will stop boiling "right NOW" as though you pulled it off the heat.   As an experiment when it first arrived, I took an approximate 10" skillet and filled it 25% with water.  Put on burner and put on high.  Little tiny bubbles started showing in moments.  Water was boiling before sides of skillet were even WARM, they were still room temperature cold to the touch.  Really showed how the induction system "grabbed" the bottom of the skillet and heated it up "right now".   In my case, the oven in this thing is the largest I've ever had.  Downside of the oven (which I realize you don't really care about) is it takes forever to heat up!!   This will sound stupid but something I really LIKE about the oven....well, two things....   First, it has two lights inside!  That's pretty nice since it lights things up more evenly.   The middle rack is on bearings and can be rolled in/out at a whim to put something on it, check something...without having to reach between two hot racks (to grab a potato for example)   While buying mine, the guy at the dealer said he thought induction stoves will start to be more common.  Seems they are more efficient with their energy use and I guess, they can charge more (??!)   Oh, did I say that I like that I have TWO lights inside my oven!!!    
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