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    • nothing wrong with shipping if you actually make an effort to pack properly and build a real shipping container or carton and or use a skid. the paper cardboard boxes that the factory sells its speakers in are NOT shipping containers and people love to believe or fool themselves into think they are when they are not. many folks have to have a speaker destroyed to discover the truth of this and many more don't learn this ever. Expecting that you can ship a loudspeaker across the country in the paper box you bought it in is a clever as thinking that you can ship a dozen eggs across country in the paper carton they were sold in at the grocery store. Only a fool would expect the eggs to arrive in good condition.
    • When tubes are made and the getter is fired up to draw the final vacuum there is always some residual chemical left in there unburned. As the tube ages little by little over the years that chemical is burned up and that results in the tube slowly pulling a slightly better and better vacuum. Finally the day a tube dies it is sounding the best it ever did because the vacuum is at its best.
    • 0 Edit: sorry, Tangent is not off topic around here , which you may or not know is a Speaker series by Klipsch. Actually yews OT is an oldtimer round here for sure. Have a modest 45 wpc made in japan that seriously plays vinyl good as some. Welcome to our humble abode...Billy
    • @billybob Honestly, I think it would be a blast to go to the Klipsch gathering with a bunch of forum members, such as yourself.  I can't afford to, but the conversations would be intriguing to say the least.  A few days with all of these knowledgeable, distinct personalities, would give lifetimes of reflection.  I just wish I lived closer to some of these folks to enjoy their company and listen to their setups.  I must sadly admit I've never even heard any of the Heritage lines.  Especially, with tubes and all of the nice stuff many folks have.  OK, I'm going off on another tangent..... 
    •   I'm curious Schu.  I presume the picture you posted is to the side of the listening area.  The curiosity is this, if you put a mic in that hall I wonder what your results would be?  Maybe putting the mic in a few places in the kitchen area and the hall could help to paint a picture as to what treatments you may need?  I don't know if this would mean anything at all.  I would think though that any significant reverb/reflection would show as a signal in those areas.  To me, if you deadened those reflections your listening area could be improved with timing and clarity.  My two cents, or one cent, anyway.  Poke holes in this thought as necessary.
    • Oh yeah, had to think for a sec or 2. Yes man, Oldtimer was here before I. Takes a bit and less for others to understand. Far as subject is concerned, think I could talk him out of a small sample of his "Real" stuff. No your good or even better  so welcome some more as I am being welcomed. At least not ejected. Barely know but would like...
    • She is as of an self imafg as anyone. Abstractions are more to game. Alison is bonafide, down home...epitome Why I would like her, but again, I like. Sorry Steve, going to take a chute...
    • @billybob  Like the profile pick of "The Scream".  It's probably what most of us would turn into reading oldtimer's past posts.  Throw some blonde hair and a couple of womanly curves on the poor soul in the painting and it would also be like my wife when I start talking about buying new gear. 
    • Would you mind transcribing  here you results as, at least one wants to know. OT has gone to bed so....  
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