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    • I was stumbled onto it and couldn't help myself 
    • Yep, and there is the Make Offer option too. 
    • They look nice. They look like Heresy 1, not H2
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    • As some have asked me. The sound of my Cornwall III :   I find them easy speakers to listen and very dynamic. The sound is smooth and slender. I am particularly surprised by the soundstage is wide and spacious, with plenty of depth. I was afraid a little titanium domes. Well no ! midrange speakers and acute compression are never aggressive and it's very nice. I listen to a lot of jazz and these speakers are fantastic on wind instruments, Miles Davis is with us in the listening room, I love.   Small defects : for me the serious lack a little punch, I had the speakers with 15-inch professional Audax who had a serious more powerful. Then I found that the acute lack a touch of finesse and zoomed up the spectrum, especially that I keep the tissues in caches for listening. Meanwhile I play a bit with EQ McIntosh C504. Acute is certainly something I will try to improve in the future, perhaps by changing the series capacitor on the tweeter, to see !  
    • If you're not experiencing noisy performance of miniDSP, consider yourself lucky.   If you search this forum's pages on the use of miniDSP active crossovers by members owning high efficiency horn-loaded loudspeakers, you will see many instances where their use was abandoned.  The only fix in those instances where noise is an issue seems to be external battery power for the miniDSP. If it's their $100-$200 lower price that's more important--and the risk is worth it--then some folks might be able to use miniDSP.    However, I know that the other crossovers I listed will work without risk.  It's that quality thing (in this case: power supply) yet again.  Most people on this forum are paying far more for their passive crossover from third parties, and their passive networks cannot be reused if anything changes on the loudspeaker (like horns or drivers) without significant modification and testing.   Active crossovers are meant to be used again and again with different loudspeakers for the life of their owners without physical modification, other than changing a few screen settings.   Chris
    • Some bars close to the stadium are charging $1000 to enter. 
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