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I guess he's growing on me.

Posted by Amy, 03 February 2014 · 312 views

Still not housebroken yet, but he's improving. Good thing he's cute.

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They are kinda cute if they aren't yapping. As long as he's not 'going' on you.

It might be the other way around.....

It might be the other way around.....

Done that to my daughters cat just before I tried to flush it down the toilet.  Dang cat sprayed the stereo!  BIG MISTAKE

Taz.   Don't piss off the kitty.   Nor the dog.  


My daughters dadburn chihuahua would crap behind my desk chair after I had just taken him out. Chihuahua pets aren't real dogs, more closely related to foxes then to wolves like a real dog. 


Rico Suave (I added the Suave maybe he didn't like it?  Thought it sounded more sophisticated?) Peed all over the "subwoofer" of my Cambridge Soundworks Model 12.  Thankfully didn't pee on my Heresies or Tannoys or LPs.  Would've probably wrung his little neck or grabbed him by his little broken tail and punted him into the next county.  


Didn't pee on any LPs that I know of as there are some LPs buried in a couple of corners or under the desk in our office / toss everything in here room.  


If they weren't cute they wouldn't last very long.  


Gotta agree with iRONic much better if he's not peeing on you.  But he may at some point in time.  And get him fixed if not already.  They don't pee on things quite as much.  The younger the better for "fixin'" 'em.  The older they are the longer they remember....

Had a Grand Dad who was a Timber Faller.  Every time they would go to Indiana to visit relatives, their dog would sneak up on him and Pee on his leg.  Grand Dad was the type that if he looked out the window he had to go wash his hands.  I'm sure he would have liked to have killed that dog.

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