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    • They are great for out here. Weather and traffic are rarely a problem. I know that they have saved me ton of money in speeding tickets.When I was in Indiana, there was never enough open road.  They don't do well in hills and turns. They are on the throttle at the wrong time/s.
    • Things have improved since they closed the debtor's prisons. That said, I would not want to be an inmate in any UK prison today either.   Wb
    • Never use your cruise control on ice, snow or heavy rain!    React could end up an understatement.   Wb
    • you can say the same about cruise control.  It never anticipates, only react.
    • It's also more fun to drive a slow small car fast than a fast car slow. Especially if it corners well.   An automatic C8 would make a good consistent quarter mile car for bracket racing. Based on the times I'm seeing for the C8, it would be a close race between that and my old (heavily modified) 1977 Trans AM that I used to bracket race 30 years ago. I often wonder if the guy who bought from me years ago survived driving it.    Wb
    • 4000 miles on my  trip to IN last year.  They take some getting used to.  They are not a high performance item, agreed.  Can't argue with 45mpg at highway speed. I wasn't the guy doing 55 in a 75.  This Nissan has simulated shifts, if that makes you feel better. It did all right thru Ruidoso/HondoValley. It did downshift. Kept up with traffic.   My real complaint about the car is a stupid one. The armrests are useless at best. The one in/on the door with bruise your elbow. Hard as... I had to put a towel on it. The other one.... in name only. 6inches long and an inch wide.     wish I still had my '71 Datsun510.  That was a fun car.
    • Queen size mattresses are perfect for couple sleeping. I personally use queen size memory foam mattress which I bought from Amazon. It still great for comfort and support. There are many popular mattress brands such as Casper, Tuft & Needle, Zinus, Olee Sleep, Tulo, Signature Sleep, Serta, Saatva, Restonic, Tempurpedic, etc. Big companies produces special mattresses for back pain, side sleeping, back sleeping, orthopedic bed, adjustable bed, etc. You can choose according to  your choice and budget.
    • Thanks JRH...I knew that the original driver was a Cetec, but had forgotten its diameter!   Shortly after we first started building the MSSM's,  I was tasked with replacing the drilling jig for the T-nut holes in the MSSM motor-board because the original drilling jig had gotten worn-out because it was just plain wood, with no steel drilling-guide inserts in it.        "Hey Andy, final assembly is complaining again.  Do you still have your drafting set under your work bench with the compass in it?"     "Yep"    "Well they can't get the machine screws that hold the driver to the MSSM motor-board to all go into the t-nuts easily, anymore.  We need a new drilling jig made up for that-- fast!  The one we have  is just wood with no steel drilling-guide inserts and its holes are all wallered-out!  So, take this driver and these steel inserts and let's make a new one, OK?"    "OK...so, just how fast do we need it?"    "REAL FAST!"   I kinda "cheated" on making it, though.  I made the "almost-new" router form for the motor-board compression slot do double-duty as a drilling template. It was fairly easy to do, too!   After all, he had said we needed it "REAL FAST"!  It was ready in about an hour!  Problem solved!😉  Then I went back to doing what I HAD BEEN doing., because I had no idea where he had gone!   Awhile later...in he came...    "Hey Andy!  Why aren't you working on that drilling jig we need?"    "Because it's already done!"    "Where is it?"    "Go over there and look at the MSSM motor-board routing form....it's doing double-duty, now!  You told me we needed it real fast and real fast is whatcha got!  I already checked it out, too...it works like a charm!"    "How didya get it done so fast?"    "Trade secret!"😁
    • The UK or more properly England does not have a written constitution.  The consequences are manifest.
    • But it's more than fast shifts, it is about control.  I have never seen an automatic that knows when to downshift at the right time in the right place.
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