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    • HIFI4EVER, You have way too many unknowns to answer your questions somewhat accurately. You said the woofers aren't made for the box.  Based on what you say the woofers are you can not expect significant bass as they appear to be more of a musical instrument woofer.  Only .9mm xmax and Fo of 50hz and response out to 2k (likely dropping like a rock at 1K -10db at 2k) Said the woofers in the box double in impedance.  How did you measure them?   Since everything is an unknown, you would need to start from scratch and measure the woofer and horn's output and impedance in the box of the woofer and impedance of the horn and start all over.  Likely not the way to go but perhaps if you are not looking for deep bass and tried to move the crossover up to 1.2k-1.5k, you might be happy.  The original driver would work much better in that box though. If you like the mids, keep your woofer for a midwoofer - put it in a smaller box, add a good woofer like Crites 1526 in that box (braced and ported appropriately), get your horn balanced and call it a day.  The crossover parts will not be cheap though.
    • Did you know Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle on their trek across the lands. It was a pretty amazing one with 20 shot Mag. and  PCP type power. Historians say that's the reason no one messed with them.
    •   that was my worry. i would ideally want heresy iii boxes from a retailer with hard foam for packing. bubble wrap + 50lbs with sharp edges is risky   so far 3 emails, if i'm getting that on day one i doubt i will have them at the end of next week
    •   E-5 grunt working the jungles of 'Nam, '70-'71. Carry weapon was an "over/under" M-16 with attached 40mm g-launcher, aka M-203.  HDBR: might interest you to know that from time to time we met up with friendlies from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who came into the country to help the cause - might even have been a British serviceman or two mixed in with them.   Nowadays I have more leisurely pursuits.  If not listening to my 'Scalas I sometimes jump on the Harley and hit the road.  
    • I don't think I'll be able to make it. This came up faster than I thought!

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • The Umax 15 kit is here!  The panels are out inside reaching ambient temp so that I can begin construction tomorrow.  I've ordered the 3000DSP and connectors, wire, which will be here soon.  I can't wait until it's done.  It will be a few weeks before complete, the temperatures outside are not favorable, and I will post a pic of the finished product.  I'm going to try an XLR to RCA cable between the 3000 and receiver for now.  It's an old, cheapy Yamaha unit that shows 3v on the LP out.  If the gain is too high on the 3000, or I get a hum, I'll move to a CLEANbox pro.   I'll need your help setting up the 3000.  I presume PEQ is the way to go?  I'm still studying.  Release and attack, peak limiter, etc.  I won't have a mic and software to run wavelength graphs.  So, I'll be relying on my trusty Radio Shack SPL meter and some test tones to, as best I can, identify the peaks and valleys.  I'll set dB increases/decreases in Hz gingerly.  What is a good SPL to run test tones?  Is 75 -80 dB a good starting point?   Anyway, I blame you guys for this trek.  I was just going to buy an in the box powered sub.  I did, tried it, and quickly sold it on ebay.  Mainly, because of the performance to cost factor you all keep alluding to.  I remeasured my room and it's just over 4900 cu. ft.  I'm thinking this should fit the bill.  Considering I was using a 22 year old Klipsch SW-10.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I'm going to have questions coming up.   The forum members here have been nothing but gracious and accommodating.  Thanks for sharing the knowledge.  And yes, you've sucked me in to the abyss of which I already wanted to go...     Talk to you soon.  Thanks, Aaron.
    • I have both. The 280s are not near as bright as the 82s. They're both great speakers but the 280s win for me. I'm currently using my 82s as side surrounds.
    • That looks like a mighty fine piece of gear. Looking forward to your impressions.....Congrats!
    • Usually the wording in their response throws a red flag, they don't talk good!   I always mess with them. I'll say "sure, sounds like a great deal". They will reply asking for PayPal address and my home address. I'll send them some fictitious info. This will go on for a few days then they'll move on. I'll send them a final response saying my item is all boxed up ready to go.  
    • After a long winter, any racing is welcomed. I could spend 3 months of late winter/early spring in Daytona. The Rolex 24, then all the Nascar stuff, then bike week with the Daytona 200. The F1 cars have been introduced all week, they do look a little better.
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