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    • Yes, it's annoying.   Thanks to some audiophiles gathering some data, the 2 channel spec may not be completely useless.  For 5.1 they found that 5 channels were each powered at about 70% to 80% of the 2 channel rating.  I haven't seen any results for 7.1 or 9.1.   In the old, old days (the late '50s and early '60s) the Federal Trade Commission forced manufacturers to be more fully disclosing.  I remember photographs of them weighting down turntable platters, and running amplifier tests.  Then the regs changed and the manufacturers went wild with exaggerated specs.  Gradually it got better, perhaps because audio critics shamed them, as did a few honest companies like McIntosh.  THEN, car audio became popular, and car audio standards were much lower.  
    • I’ve measured -3db at 20hz using only the xilica. And -3db at 18hz using ARC from my Anthem avm60 pre/pro. Blends with Jubilees just like you’d want. Beast of a sub. I just wish I had room for a second 1802. 
    • There is also a second group run by the same group called KO Classifieds. People looking to buy or sell are advertising in there. There are a lot of good guys in these two groups too.


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    • Appreciate the suggestion and  pointing me to the owners facebook page, Emotiva
    • thank you, put in one r115sw, in place of the r112sw will add another soon
    • Don't have any concern for derailing the sale. I have had big boxes, notably Klipsch heritage for basically the last thirty years. Nothing wrong with that and I have enjoyed all of them. When I bought the Belles it was a little bit of face-off between them and the Cornwalls as to what stayed downstairs, why they are for sale vs the Cornwalls.    After all these years I thought I owed myself a look. Started looking at options to see what I was missing. After a period of time and numerous options ran into someone who had the Harbeths minus the plus. Found them smooth, could listen to them for hours and loved the midrange. Play them both with SS and tubes. Find their tube sound as seductive if not more than the belles. Either way should I come back to the big boxes again it will be for Khorns not the Belles. In the end both speakers retain their value and thats probably what will happen next.   I still have the Cornwalls and Quartets in my office with tubes. Best of both worlds. 
    • Edit; Just because I don't trust or care for the way he went about starting his business here or running it later, and things he claimed and said here it's best if I edited what I first posted.  Sorry    
    • Accessories4less.com will have a few processors capable of what you need for a few hundred bucks. Take the rest and buy yourself a nice five or seven channel amp so you can make the most of those Klipsch. I know you can run them on flea watt amps but the RF-7 will really come alive with 200 or more watts on them. A fellow in the Klipsch Owners Facebook group has a sweet Gen 3 Emotiva XPA-7 for sale. There are also several XPA-5 around. Very capable amps. Next time the extras and gimmicks take a leap forward, your amps are ready, just need to swap in your processor for the next adventure. You won't regret it.
    • Buy refurbished and add another 15..   https://www.accessories4less.com/?type=&page=category&action=&id=avreceiver&skip_redirect_suffix=&mode=&search_query=&category=&thumb_sort=store_price.desc  
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