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    •      I feed my Civet Cat every day    MKP :-)
    • It's me again.i got everything hooked up and the calabration had my 260f crossed at 40.onkyo646.i went ahead and bumped it to 60 and it still sounds next ?  Is that I live in a double wide and my walls rumble some so I turns the lfe down to 90 and it's seems to be you think that's a bad idea?wife won't let me put sub anywhere else. 
    • "I looked at them before buying and asked him, he just built the sides with no panel.  The rest all looks the same, but maybe thicker wood. "   That's pretty crazy. I guess you could plan on replacing the woofers and use a router to cut the access. Then vacuum out all the chips and dust. Seal what you can get to and put new woofers in, adding the access door.    
    • Three counting an all-KLF 5.1 HT, a 2 ch Cornwall set up (Parasound pre- and power amp) and a Heresy II system in better half's studio. It would be four counting my B-3 and Leslie tone cabinet.
    • Has anyone tried civet coffee?  It's created by an "exhausting" process.
    • I agree, the band is really good.  
    • I'm thinking that a first goal is to fabricate at least two more horns and assemble into corner speakers.  (For those that are not aware of this design, see the following thread for more information...) The digital crossovers that I have on hand will be perfect for these home-fabricated units, although they need little delay--an all-pass filter is plenty since the physical unit is time aligned as-is. All that's needed is phase correction for the crossover network phase shift.  I found that the horn itself will resolve any phase mismatches internally, so you don't see the typical polar lobing outside the mouth due to woofer-HF phase mismatches.  This was a real surprise when I was playing with time delays. Only phase flattening across the woofer-HF pass band is needed via all-pass filtering, and even that isn't required, IMO.   The real need is for the parametric equalization filters and shelving EQ filters.   This is one instance that separating the woofer channel from the HF channel (bi-amping) is a smart thing to do since the effective sensitivity of the two channels are significantly different in order to achieve flat response.  [Danley uses gobs of attenuation on their HF drivers relative to the woofers for flat response, and that is why they're rated in the mid-90s (dB) in terms of sensitivity.]   So to answer your question: I think it would be an interesting exercise to design passives that approximate what Danley's passive crossovers do since time delay isn't needed for this horn configuration.   This work is definitely secondary on my list of things to do, however.    I suppose that someone else that likes to design passive balancing networks with passive PEQ and shelving filters might like the challenge themselves.  I wouldn't think it would be difficult to reverse engineer a Danley Synergy crossover (assuming access to a Danley Synergy loudspeaker is available) but this is one area where Tom Danley himself is quite evasive in design details--never actually describing them.  I think that he views his "trade secret" IP as the crossover design itself, which isn't described in the current Danley Sound Labs patent (US 8,284,976 B2).    A garden-variety active digital crossover with good PEQ/shelf filter capabilities is more than sufficient, however.  I plan to use the Yamaha SP2060 first for the corner horns, and a EV Dx38 for the surrounds.   Chris
    • Morning all...... and a good Saturday to all....   Opened a new bag of Hawaiian Kona coffee this morning.... Really like this blend..... We haven't drank any DD since The BOSS got me all of the different coffee blends a few months back. This and the Blue Mountain are my favorites....   Will be starting to stack some wood this weekend.... Got a big Oak tree taken down the beginning of summer, still got some wood left from last year.... I'm thinking this will be enough for this winter.... With just me and The BOSS at the house our energy use is way down..... Man before ya know it's gonna be cold out.....   Check in later..... a good day to all...   MKP :-)
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